Geoffrey Girnun: Changing the Face of Healthcare

Geoffrey Girnun

WOODMERE, NY, USA, October 15, 2021 / — Geoffrey Girnun is a research scientist who has contributed a great deal to the fields of cancer and metabolism. He attended the University of Iowa College of Medicine for graduate school, ultimately earning an MS and a PhD in biochemistry and molecular biology. His graduate research discovered a novel way in which fish oils were protective to our blood vessels via a recently identified transcription factor. After graduate school, Girnun was a postdoc at Harvard Medical School and the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute. He started his own independent research lab at the University of Maryland where his innovative research focused on the emerging field of metabolism and cancer. He then became a tenured faculty member at Stony Brook University where he expanded his research until 2019.

Geoffrey Girnun has conducted and published fundamental discoveries in cancer, metabolism and metabolic disease and links between them. His research group was the first to directly demonstrate that metformin, a drug most well-known for its role in diabetes, is protective against liver cancer. Liver tumors were initiated in mice and then mice were administered either metformin or a control placebo. The mice taking metformin had significantly fewer and smaller tumors when compared to the ones in the control group. Researchers in Girnun’s group showed that metformin inhibited lipid synthesis in the livers of mice. Increased lipid synthesis is associated with increased tumor growth. Therefore, Girnun’s research suggests part of the mechanism responsible for the effect of metformin and as well as the use of metformin to prevent liver cancer in those at risk. Indeed, other studies show that patients taking metformin for diabetes have reduced incidence and mortality due to liver cancer.

Geoffrey Girnun’s research has discovered other fundamental connections between metabolism and cancer. Early work from Girnun’s lab showed that a gene that is a diabetes target, PPARgamma reduces colon tumor formation. Subsequent work showed that PGC1, a master regulator of mitochondrial function and muscle biology promotes liver tumor growth. More recently, Geoffrey Girnun’s group discovered that phosphoenolpyruvate carboxykinase (PEPCK), which is a target in type II diabetes, promotes colon cancer growth. PEPCK enabled cancer cells to override normal metabolism in order to increase biological building blocks, such as nucleic acids and lipids, for cancer cells. Subsequent work from Girnun’s group identified a drug and demonstrated they could inhibit PEPCK leading to reduced colon cancer cell growth.

Geoffrey Girnun’s research has not only been cutting edge and revolutionary but also highly relevant towards treating disease. As a result, Mr. Girnun has provided biomedical expertise to private and public organizations and consulted for small biotech and to large pharmaceutical companies.

When he is not working, Geoff Girnun enjoys spending time with his family and friends. He also enjoys hiking, canoeing, jogging, and reading. He enjoys non-fiction, historical fiction, and fictional thrillers. Beyond the biomedical sciences, Geoffrey Girnun is a lifelong learner, enjoying the study of quantum/unified field theory, Biblical and Talmudic texts, and personal development. He enjoys imparting his knowledge to help people understand and appreciate science and grow in who they are.

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Quality Nutrients Combat Vitamin Deficiency at Prime IV – The District (South Jordan, UT)

Overcome daytime fatigue, boost immune system

Prime IV Hydration and Wellness of The District offers intravenous nutrient drips to help overcome vitamin deficiencies.

Increasing these levels is usually a painstakingly long process, but with our top-of-the-line drips, you can be feeling better in under an hour.”

— Alex Cannon, owner of Prime IV The District

SOUTH JORDAN, UTAH, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — According to many studies, the vast majority (92%) of Americans have at least one vitamin deficiency. While oral supplements can help, most people do not realize that there is a much faster way to solve this problem. Prime IV Hydration and Wellness of St George offers intravenous nutrient drips to help overcome vitamin deficiencies.

“IV drips offer 100% absorption of essential vitamins and minerals,” said Alex Cannon, owner of Prime IV The District. “Increasing these levels is usually a painstakingly long process, but with Prime IV top-of-the-line drips, patients are feeling better in under an hour.”

The following are a handful of nutrients that we offer to combat deficiencies:


Deficiency Symptoms:

– Weakness, Tiredness, Lightheadedness
– Constipation, Diarrhea, Loss of Appetite

Found in the following IV drips:

The Revitalizer, The Summit, The Jetsetter, The After Party, The Skinny Drip, The Weekend Warrior, The Myers’ Cocktail, The Glow, The Champion, The Resurrection, & The Immunity Armor


These essential vitamins are Vitamin B-1 (Thiamine), B-2 (Riboflavin), B-3 (Niacin), B-5 (Pantothenic Acid), B-6 (pyridoxine), Vitamin B-9 (Folate) and B-12 (Cobalamin).

Each element of the B-Complex vitamin has its own specific duty within the body, yet it is when they function as a whole that the B-Complex vitamin truly helps the body to remain healthy and balanced. Research study has shown that the B-Complex vitamin can be very helpful in reducing the signs of stress and anxiety. As B vitamins are water-soluble, it is important that a sufficient amount of these vitamins is taken each day.


Deficiency Symptoms:

– Numbness, Tingling Fingers, Muscle Cramps
– Mental Confusion, Lethargy, Loss of Appetite

Found in the following IV drips:

The Myers Cocktail Drip


Calcium is the most common mineral found in the body and is required for the formation of bones and for bodily functions like muscle contractions and blood clotting. Calcium also plays a role in cardiovascular function and muscle movement.

Calcium shortage can weaken the bones, especially in older individuals. The body stores more than 99% of its calcium in the bones and teeth to help keep them strong. In addition to building bones and keeping them healthy, calcium helps our nerves send messages for muscle contraction. Unfortunately, our bodies cannot produce new calcium. The exact amount of calcium you need depends on your age and other factors.


Deficiency Symptoms:

– Headaches, Dizziness, Lethargy
– Joint Pain, Rashes, Dry Skin
– Sleep Disorders, Depression

Found in the following IV drips:

The Glow Drip, The Immunity Armor & The Resurrection


Glutathione, also known as the “Mother of All Antioxidants”, is a substance that is made up of three amino acids existing in almost every cell in the body. Glutathione is a molecule made up of three protein building blocks, cysteine, glutamine, and glycine. The presence of glutathione helps maintain the normal function of the immune system, thus promoting the body’s overall health. Scientific evidence was found stating the significant role of glutathione in the multiplication of lymphocytes, the cells that mediate specific immunity.

The body manufactures glutathione in a variety of ways. In the event that these amino acids are depleted, the body can use foods like lean proteins such as chicken, fish, and nuts among others to boost your body’s reserves.

Call us for a free consultation today.

About Us
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – The District (located at 11516 District Main Dr, Suite 900 South Jordan, UT 84095) is staffed by people who are passionate about health and wellness. Based on the growing demand for better physical health, our infusion specialists deliver personal consultations as well as higher doses and better formulas than anywhere else. We provide top-of-the-line IV drip therapy, with IV vitamins, amino acids, cocktails unlike what others currently offer. Our spa-like experience gives customers the benefits of an IV hydration therapy and plays a role in helping them stay hydrated, boosting their immune systems, increasing energy levels, accelerating weight loss, and more. For those unable to visit our retail locations, our mobile service can deliver IV treatments to your home or office.

Contact us online at, via email at, or by calling 385.787.6868. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness now has four Utah locations with stores in St. George, Lehi, Riverwoods (Provo), and South Jordan.

Prime IV The District is a franchisee of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness based in Colorado Springs, CO. For details, visit


Prime IV Spokesperson (The District)
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness
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With Over 20 years Of Service, Atlas Total Health Chiropractic Looking to Expand In 2022

Largest chiropractic group in Chattanooga & Georgia region provides regional patients with access to family friendly staff & a state of the art practice

400 SOUTH MOORE ROAD, SUITE B, CHATTANOOGA, TN 37412, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — Atlas Total Health Chiropractic, Chattanooga and the North Georgia region’s largest chiropractic team, today announced they are looking to expand to three new locations in 2022 – two in the Chattanooga area and one in Georgia. The group currently boasts 17 locations throughout the region. The thriving practice aims to help patients reach optimal health by addressing underlying problems, educating, and informing them as well as offering optimal treatment options at an affordable cost.

A number of studies compiled by the American Chiropractic Association show the proven effectiveness of chiropractic treatment. Many patients report improvement of Acute and Chronic Pain leading to less reliance on medication. Chiropractic care also leads to the promotion of natural healing, increases flexibility and mobility to the joints, improves posture, decreases stress levels as well as blood pressure. Chattanooga Chiropractor (Atlas Total Health Chiropractic) provide expert non-surgical treatment to relieve pain, immobility, and other conditions that interfere with a full life. Among the causes of discomfort that our chiropractor and his staff treat are back pain, neck pain, and work injuries.

Atlas Total Health helps patients achieve better health, and ultimately, improved quality of life throughout one's life span. Services offered include Wellness, Dry Needling, Pain Management,
Personal Injury, and Chiropractic Adjustment.

“The mission of our team at Total Health Chiropractic is to address the cause of your pain,” said Dr. Dominick J. Tomasino, founder of Atlas Total Health Chiropractic. “Our goal is to educate, inform, and empower all of our patients. We will provide the highest quality of care at an affordable cost. “

Tomasino is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician and has a Certificate of Attainment from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners as well as a BS in Nutrition. Tomasino has also served on the Tennessee Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Conditions treated at Atlas include Auto Accident, Back Pain, Fibromyalgia, Headaches, Herniated Disc, Neck Pain and Sciatica.

New patients can take advantage of consultation, exam, Adjustment, and one set of X-Rays for $39. Other locations include three in the Chattanooga area as well as offices peppered throughout Georgia – including Atlanta and Alpharetta. The new locations will offer patients another 20 years or longer of personalized care for achieving optimal health and well-being.

For more information, please visit, email Susan Caulder at or call (866) 668-0108.

About Atlas Total Health Chiropractic
Atlas Total Health was founded in 1996 by Dr. Dominick J. Tomasino who is a Board-Certified Chiropractic Physician and has a Certificate of Attainment from the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners. Atlas Total Health Chiropractic is a family of full-service wellness & Chiropractic clinics in Chattanooga, Tennessee, and Georgia.

Media contact
Company: Atlas Total Health Chiropractic
Contact Name: Susan Caulder

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Atlas Total Health Chiropractic
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RAIDAQ LLC Is Taking Steps for a Public Listing

GILLETTE, WY, USA, October 15, 2021 / — RAIDAQ LLC dba RAIDAtech (the “Company”), developer of applications using the patented, post-blockchain RAIDA (Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents) system, is pleased to announce that it is in the process of submitting its application for listing to the OTCQB® Venture Market ("OTCQB").

The OTCQB Venture Market, operated by OTC Markets Group Inc., is designed for developing and entrepreneurial companies in the U.S. and abroad. Companies must be current in their financial reporting and undergo an annual verification and management certification process, including meeting a minimum bid price and other financial conditions. With more compliance and quality standards, the OTCQB provides investors improved visibility to enhance trading decisions. The OTCQB is recognized by the Securities and Exchange Commission as an established public market providing public information for analysis and value of securities.

Sean H. Worthington, CEO commented, "We are pleased to have initiated the process to list our ownership interest on the OTCQB as part of our growth strategy. It is also important to provide liquidity if needed to the investors that helped us early".

The listing of the Company's common shares on the OTCQB remains subject to the approval of the OTCQB and the satisfaction of applicable listing requirements. As more information becomes available, the company will keep its members up to date on the status of the application.

The Company is also "testing the waters” (1) to gauge investor interest in a potential upcoming offering under Regulation Crowdfunding. You may indicate an interest in the potential offering by emailing us at


RAIDAQ LLC, aka RAIDAtech. RAIDAtech is the pioneer in the use of the patented RAIDA technology. RAIDA stands for: Redundant Array of Independent Detection Agents RAIDA is considered to be more scalable, faster, more secure, more affordable and more eco-friendly than certain blockchain technology.

Learn more at:

Forward-looking Statements:

Certain matters discussed in this announcement contain statements, estimates and projections about the growth of RAIDAQ’s business, potential distribution partnerships and/or clients, and related business strategy. Such statements estimates and projections may constitute forward-looking statements within the meaning of the federal securities laws. Factors or events that could cause our actual results to differ may emerge from time-to-time. RAIDAQ’s undertakes no obligation to publicly update or revise any forward-looking statements, whether as a result of new information, future events or otherwise. The recipient of this information is cautioned not to place undue reliance on forward-looking statements.

(1)No money or other consideration is being solicited. If sent, it will not be accepted. No offer to buy securities will be accepted. No part of the purchase price will be received until a Form C is filed and only through a regulated crowdfunding platforms.

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New Tools for the Neurosciences: Human Brain Project Presents Key Advances at Annual Summit

Human Brain Project Summit 2021

Partipants during a session on the past, present and future of brain research (from top left to right) Katrin Amunts, Wim Vanduffel, Roshan Cools, Gitte Knudsen Mavi Sanchez-Vives Maurizio Corbetta, Gustavo Deco and Karl Friston. (c) HBP EBRAINS / Photo M

Human Brain Atlas, Neuromorphic Chip, Robot

The EBRAINS Multilevel Brain Atlas, Neuromorphic Computer SpiNNaker, and a robot steered by brain-inspired networks

The HBP has opened its 8th Summit with presentations of scientific insights and technologies as well as a powerful infrastructure for brain research – EBRAINS

BRUSSELS, BELGIUM, October 15, 2021 / — The annual Human Brain Project (HBP) scientific conference is being held virtually for the first time on the 14 and 15 October 2021.

"The virtual format allows external participants to join much more easily, broadening the reach and sparking new collaboration," said Katrin Amunts, who opened the meeting. 130 external scientists among the total of 572 registered participants took the opportunity, including many students. In her welcome address, Amunts, who was elected HBP Scientific Director in 2016, after leading a subproject on human brain organisation, described the beginnings of the project:

“When the HBP started, it was a courageous step; the neuroscience field was highly fragmented, and collaboration between disciplines often difficult.” Progress in computing and digitalisation emerged as powerful factors to improve on that, and to address brain complexity. “It was clear that we needed advanced technological tools and data systems not just as a collection, but as a platform where they could be combined, to address multi-scale brain organisation.” This became EBRAINS, now both an infrastructure and an association based in Brussels.

Prof. Andre Syrota, Chairman of EBRAINS emphasised that the enduring infrastructure will serve generations of brain scientists. With its recent inclusion in the ESFRI roadmap, EBRAINS is now one of the top science facilities in Europe and on track to become a go-to platform for tackling research problems around the brain. “The pieces of this fascinating puzzle are falling into place,” Syrota said.

Open participation is key to ensuring that EBRAINS stays aligned with the changing needs of science. This is why the HBP invites the community in various ways to give feedback and reaches out to scientific organisations worldwide. The EBRAINS association is open to accepting new institutional members to take part in shaping its future.

Keynotes and additional sessions gave insights into the wide range of science supported by EBRAINS today. Theoretical neuroscientist Karl Friston described his plans to use EBRAINS to better understand pathologies like schizophrenia. The eminent scientist joined the HBP at the beginning of 2021 as a lead scientist.

Katrin Amunts introduced the 3D digital human brain atlas openly available on EBRAINS, which delivers unmatched data quality with regards to brain structure and variability, and is used to link data from very different types of experiments. “Atlases today go way beyond just visualisation of findings. They allow to scale up analyses and link data to other computational tools, e.g., for simulation.” The new high-resolution maps are relevant for a broad range of neuroscience topics, including neuroimaging and in future also neurosurgery.

Breakout sessions and a virtual science Market presented the EBRAINS services that are available to the scientific community. HBP scientists showcased ambitious research projects already made possible by EBRAINS – from areas like robotics, consciousness research, medicine and basic neuroscience. The first Summit day also saw the launch of the EBRAINS Community Tool, a means of onboarding new users and fostering interaction to create a vibrant collaborative ecosystem.

A panel discussion brought together leading scientists in European brain research: Wim Vanduffel, Karl Friston, Roshan Cools, Maurizio Corbetta, Gustavo Deco and Gitte Knudsen. Under the moderation of Katrin Amunts and Mavi Sanchez-Vives the panelists discussed the past, present and future of brain research. Participants emphasized the need for balance between agile smaller team science and large initiatives creating shared resources and platforms, as well as the importance of multi-disciplinarity in the training of young neuroscientists.

Innovation awards were presented for Prof. Viktor Jirsa for “The Virtual Epileptic Patient” and Prof. Marcello Massimini for PCI, a new method to measure consciousness levels in non-responsive patients. Both scientists are currently moving their HBP-enabled innovations towards broad clinical application and the market.

The general meeting of the largest European brain science project continues on Friday, with a packed programme on neurotechnologies like brain-inspired computing and robotics, poster sessions, and several panel discussions on “Brain Research in the European Landscape”, “The Concept of EBRAINS Services”, and the “HBP and EBRAINS Towards 2023 and Beyond”.

The scientific conference was preceded by the European Brain Summit and Brain Innovation Days held in Brussels 12-13 October.

Peter Zekert
Human Brain Project
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Graphene-X® Launches the Hoodie-X: Pushing the limits of impossible – on Kickstarter

The Hoodie-X by Graphene-X

The Hoodie-X (male)

The Hoodie-X (women)

The Hoodie-X by Graphene-X just launched on Kickstarter. Reversible, thermal management, and protection against the elements in a whole new level.

The Hoodie-X is the hoodie reinvented. We have developed a state-of-the-art product that takes a classic garment to a whole new dimension thanks to the integration of wonder material Graphene.”

— Jorge Barros, founder & CEO of Graphene-X

HONG KONG, October 15, 2021 / — GRAPHENE-X® – makers of the first graphene-integrated 3L jacket (the Alpha Series jacket) and Kickstarter titans, just launched their newest and most ambitious product on Kickstarter – The Hoodie-X.

The Hoodie-X pushes the limits of impossible to become the most advanced zip-up hoodie ever made. It's reversible with thermal management properties and protects you against the elements like no other hoodie thanks to a three-layered graphene-integrated fabric with a futuristic membrane.

**Unparalleled thermal management:**

The Hoodie-X is a reversible hoodie that if used on one side can keep you warm in the coldest settings while if used on the other side will keep you fresh when it's baking hot.

On one side they integrated wonder material, Graphene. Graphene excels at radiating heat, and its Far Infrared (FIR) radiation profile is almost identical to that of the human body. That means it is exceptionally efficient at accumulating and retaining heat. Also, due to the bacteriostatic properties of Graphene, the Hoodie-X will never smell.

On the other face, they integrated a state-of-the-art Nylon-based Ruco-therm fabric developed by the German manufacturer Rudolf. This fabric boosts long-term evaporative cooling with a depot effect. The fabric is incredibly soft to the touch and feels like nothing you have ever touched before.

**Protection against the elements:**

The Hoodie-X has a 3-layer fabrics construction that integrates an ultra-high performance membrane (which is sandwiched in between the other 2 fabrics). To achieve this, the fabrics undergo a heat process so they feel like one heavy-duty fabric. This membrane is not only hydrophobic (so rain and wind stay out) but also incredibly breathable as it allows moisture vapor to escape flawlessly.

**Built to last for the rest of your life with a lifetime guarantee:**

Less stuff, but better stuff. That is part of their mission. They offer a lifetime guarantee and asses that the best way to be a sustainable brand is to manufacture clothing that is built to last.


– It will keep you warm when cold and fresh when hot as it's reversible and both sides work as independent pieces of gear.
– It will protect you against the elements (come rain, wind, or snow). Check the campaign to see how it humiliated a Super Soaker Hydra water-gun.
– It stretches like no other 3-layer fabric product you've ever seen making it incredibly comfortable.
– It's empowered with the world's toughest and lightest material, Graphene.
– It's built to last a lifetime. Hail #slowfashion!
– Graphene-X is Climate Neutral Certified and a Corporate member of the Graphene Council (the biggest consortium of companies shaping the future with Graphene).

**Pricing and Availability**

Graphene-X® Launches the Hoodie-X: The most advanced hoodie ever built on Kickstarter. Super Early Bird backers can get the Hoodie-X for USD $174, 30% off MSRP of $249. The Hoodie-X is expected to start shipping in April 2022.

**About Graphene-X**

Graphene-X engineers some of the most advanced clothing in the world. They develop graphene-integrated proprietary fabrics to produce some of the most advanced clothing in the world. With over 10.000 clients coming from more than 100 countries, Graphene-X has a rating of 4.95 out of 5 in their product reviews.

**Press Quality Images & Videos:**


Jorge Barros
+852 5226 4138
email us here

The most advanced hoodie ever built

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SFA Therapeutics Ranked Most Fundable Company by Pepperdine Graziadio Business School

At SFA Therapeutics, our vision is to change Medicine, from the current approach of treating the symptoms of autoimmune disease with immunosuppressants, to treating the root cause of these diseases”

— Dr. Ira C. Spector

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, October 15, 2021 / — SFA Therapeutics is pleased to announce that it achieved a Gold recognition on the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s fourth annual Most Fundable Companies® List. SFA Therapeutics competed against over 3,300 early-stage US companies to be named one of 16 finalist companies, with the Gold designation placing SFA in the top 10. The Most Fundable Companies initiative aims to educate founders on the investor diligence process and recognize exceptional entrepreneurs who are solving today’s problems with inventive solutions and are also seeking investment capital to fuel their company's growth.

“We are a small company, with big ambitions. Recognition as an investable startup helps improve our funding prospects and brings us one step closer to achieving market leadership,” said Dr. Ira Spector, CEO and Co-founder. “The Most Fundable Companies initiative was a transformative experience providing us with a data-driven analysis and roadmap to secure private investment. Small business ingenuity is the life-blood of the US economy. We are excited that the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School is giving entrepreneurs a platform to showcase their business and set them up for success with investors.”

At SFA Therapeutics, our vision is to change Medicine, from the current approach of treating the symptoms of autoimmune disease with immunosuppressants, to treating the root cause of these diseases. We have 6 drugs in our pipeline, with our lead drug, SFA002, in the clinic for treating psoriasis.

As a winner on the Most Fundable Companies List, SFA Therapeutics will be profiled on and will be featured in the December print issue of the magazine. For a complete list of the winners, visit, where you can also vote for SFA Therapeutics as the “crowd favorite” through November 1.

About Most Fundable Companies

The Most Fundable Companies List is an annual program hosted by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School aimed to promote startup business development by providing pathways for startup funding and inspiring entrepreneurial spirit across the nation. More than 3,300 companies across all 50 states applied for the 2021 program. The Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s Most Fundable Companies Showcase presented by the Singleton Foundation for Financial Literacy and Entrepreneurship took place on October 14, 2021, virtually at Pepperdine University.

The Most Fundable Companies program was launched by the Pepperdine Graziadio Business School in 2018 as a free resource to help entrepreneurs assess their readiness for private investment. The initiative involves a multi-phase assessment that evaluates several company variables, including financial projections, market opportunity, intellectual property, and the strength of the management team, all of which are used to generate objective and customized feedback and scoring to improve readiness for funding. Pepperdine Graziadio Business School’s Most Fundable Companies is powered by The Venture Alliance.

To learn more about SFA Therapeutics, please visit
To learn more about the Most Fundable Companies initiative, visit the Pepperdine Graziadio website.

SFA Contact:
Dr. Ira C. Spector
SFA Therapeutics
610 Old York Rd.
Suite 410
Jenkintown, PA 19046
(267) 584-1080

Pepperdine Contact:
Jodi Hill
Executive Director of Marketing
Pepperdine Graziadio Business School
(310) 568-5585

Disclaimers: The Pepperdine Most Fundable Companies list does not represent an offer to sell securities. It does not constitute investment advice, nor is it an endorsement of any particular product or service. Pepperdine University is not a broker-dealer and does not perform services provided by a broker-dealer, including but not limited to any financial or investment advising.

Ira Spector, PhD
SFA Therapeutics, Inc.
+1 267-584-1080
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Jean Fallacara Unveils his Daily Routine as Biohacker

Biohacker Jean Fallacara Daily Routine

Jean Fallacara Daily Routine

With Goal to Offer Zero Cost Life Optimization, Jean Fallacara Unveiled his Daily Routine as Biohacker on Youtube

The Routine is accessible to ALL, the principle is very basic! Use light, diet principles & specific bodyweight exercises to achieve peak performance”

— Jean Fallacara

WESTMOUNT, QC, CANADA, October 15, 2021 / — Jean Fallacara Unveiled his Daily Routine as Biohacker on YouTube.

With the goal in Mind to Help people to achieve Peak Performance, optimize life and wellbeing, at ZERO COST, Jean Fallacara publicly published his daily routine on various social media channels, blogs and publications including on Youtube.

Using A unique science-based approach to sport performance & wellness called Neuroscience Calisthenics, the Routine explains the effects of Nutrition, sport, supplements, sleep, exercise that contribute to hijacking your body clock.

''Accessible to ALL, the principle is very basic! Use light, diet principles & specific bodyweight exercises to achieve peak performance."

Over the last 10 years I have following a unique diet, without excluding wine or weekend goodies, but mainly body weight exercise and supplementation regime to align with elite mental & physical performance. This routine is backed by science yet it uses ancient principles proven time and time again to bring out your best. says Jean Fallacara.

About Jean Fallacara:
Jean Fallacara: “ A strong mind is the only weapon you need by your side” Serial entrepreneur, Author, Biohacker, Scientist, Founder of few success stories multimillion dollar corporations and Creator innovator of Neuroscience Calisthenics ™ .

Jean was born in France of a disruptive spirit and imaginative mindset, he’s been helping people achieve their Mental, health & fitness goals in an innovative manner: utilizing the power of the mind towards accomplishing personal goals.

• Top 10 motivational influencers in Canada of 2020
• Top 10 Entrepreneur to Follow in 2021 by Los Angeles Weekly
• Top 10 Athletes Instagram Influencers in Montreal In 2020
• Top 20 Best Calisthenics Blog

Fallacara's company Z-Sciences was recently acquired by inTest Corporation (NYSE :INTT)- Mr. Fallacara and his staff will be joining inTEST and the business will be integrated into the Thermal segment. Mr. Fallacara would receive a multi-year restricted stock award with vesting provisions contingent upon achieving future performance milestones related to sales growth and profitability..

Fallacara also act as the COO of the Magazine Biohackers Update and is the CEO founder of CYBORGGAINZ, World’s 1st Human optimization Program based on Neurosciences-

Communications Manager
+1 514-240-1655
email us here
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Jean Fallacara Daily Routine as Biohacker

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SMi's 4th Annual Ophthalmic Drugs Conference – Chairman's Invitation Released

SMi Group reports: Chairman of the 4th Annual Ophthalmic Drugs conference has invited experts in the industry to join the discussion.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, October 15, 2021 / — As Chair of the 4th Annual Ophthalmic Drugs conference, I cordially invite you to attend this anticipated event taking place on the 22nd and 23rd of November 2021 in London, UK, including a new post conference workshop day – featuring an interactive half-day workshop, on the 24th November 2021 in London, UK.

With 50% of the global population predicted to have complications in their sight within the next few decades, ophthalmic medicine is set to become one of the biggest industries in pharmaceuticals. The global ophthalmic drug market is forecast to surpass $60 billion USD by 2025 with increasing focus from the industry on alternative delivery approaches and improving the effectiveness of the current repertoire of drugs in order to grow away from intravitreal injections and other surgical approaches to ocular therapy.

The Ophthalmic Drugs conference will bring together expertise from individuals in multiple disciplines of the field. The packed two-day agenda will offer a series of presentations, through which you will gain insight into new industry developments and clinical trials, innovations in the treatment of rare diseases, regulatory perspectives, and advances in gene therapy. Furthermore, the workshop day will explore the growing industry focus on the development of novel methods of ocular drug delivery, giving an unmissable insight into this emerging field of drug development.

Attendees stand to gain many valuable insights from this event, such as:

• Enhanced understanding of the newest techniques in ocular drug design and delivery
• Exploration of the impacts and applications of controlled release technologies
• Learning how advanced medical devices are changing the face of combined therapy
• Exposure to the latest developments in overcoming the challenges of treating such a complex organ

Big Pharma & Biotech Speakers:

• Aniz Girach, Chief Medical Officer, ProQR Therapeutics
• Victor Chong, Global Medical Head, Retinal Health, Boehringer Ingelheim
• Daniel Chung, Chief Medical Officer, SparingVision
• Jaya Chidambaram, Associate Clinical Director, Roche Genentech
• Kerrie Brady, Chief Executive Officer, Ocuterra Therapeutics
• Peter Morgan-Warren, Ophthalmology Specialist; Senior Medical Advisor, Bayer
• Gregoire Schwach, Leader Ocular and Drug Delivery, PTD Biologics Europe, Roche
• Francine Behar-Cohen, Chief Innovation Officer, Eyevensys
• Petra Kozma, Head of Clinical Development, Oxurion NV
• Magali Taiel, Chief Medical Officer, Gensight-Biologics
• Alan Franklin, CEO, ForwardVue Pharma
• Brian Levy, CEO, InflammX Therapeutics

Ophthalmic Experts:

• Raj Singh Thakur, Chair for Ocular Delivery Focus Group, Controlled Release Society
• Laurence Fitzhenry, Lecturer; Project Coordinator: ORBITAL-ITN
• Virginia Calder, Professor of Ocular Immunology, UCL Institute of Ophthalmology
• Dr Ali Athab Al-Kinani, Senior Lecturer in Clinical Pharmaceutics, Kingston University London

Commercial Speakers:

• Damon Smith, CEO, TALLC Inc.
• Simon Kaja, CSO and VP Americas, Experimentica

To find out more and view the full agenda and register for the conference please visit

Mitchell de Long
Vice President, Chemistry
Aerie Pharmaceuticals
(Conference Chairman for Ophthalmic Drugs)
Proudly Sponsored by Experimentica & TALLC
For sponsorship enquiries contact Alia Malick, Director on +44 (0)20 7827 6164 or e-mail

For media queries please contact Richard Jones at or call +44 (0)20 7827 6088

Ophthalmic Drugs
22nd – 23rd November 2021
London, UK

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Cancer Patients (and Physicians): It’s Time to Consider Alternatives to Chemotherapy

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Alternative Cancer Therapies Are Being Studied So Cancer Patients Can Avoid the Devastating Side Effects of Conventional Medicine

A comprehensive approach to cancer management involves supporting the body’s natural defenses, and boosting antioxidant levels.”

— Dr. Nilda Abellera

MILPITAS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, October 14, 2021 / — A cancer diagnosis is usually seen as a devastating experience. Traditional toxic cancer therapies seemingly create more side effects than relief. More than 80% of chemotherapy patients report one or more side effects from their treatment. The good news is that cancer patients may not have to keep helplessly struggling with their symptoms.

A significant amount of research is being conducted on alternative cancer therapies that are less harsh and that take a more natural approach to healing. The results look promising.

How Alternative Cancer Therapies Differ

Conventional cancer treatments focus on killing cancer cells, while these alternative therapies focus on minimizing side effects by keeping the patient's body as healthy as possible throughout the process. By treating the human body as a whole and getting to the root cause of illness, cancer is targeted using an integrative approach that does not involve heavy medication with devastating side effects. “A comprehensive approach to cancer management involves supporting the body’s natural defenses, and boosting antioxidant levels.”, says Dr. Nilda Abellera of Infuze MD Cancer Center.

Targeted Non-Toxic Cancer Therapies
There are several targeted non-toxic cancer therapies being studied that help build the immune system so our bodies can naturally fight back against the side effects caused by chemotherapy. These therapies may be able to reduce the symptoms created by cancerous cells that are trying to take over.
For instance, recent research shows that Ozone Therapy has great potential in boosting your immunity against cancer cells. Another recent study published in the Journal Nature Review Cancer, indicates the effectiveness of high-dose Vitamin C at reducing cancer cell survival through targeting redox imbalance, epigenetic reprogramming, and oxygen-sensing regulation. Yet another study shows that Poly MVA has antitumor and cell-protective effects and could potentially be an effective cancer therapy.

Cancer treatment is important, but we also have to look at the quality of life, and what makes a cancer patient feel unwell. A study by the Saudi Pharmaceutical Journal notes that chemotherapy reduces levels of antioxidant vitamins and minerals due to oxidative damage and the production of free radicals. This causes a higher level of oxidative stress and leads to the overall feeling of being unwell that many cancer patients report.

Alternative cancer therapies may be able to help in the fight against cancer and may also be able to provide relief from chemotherapy-induced health complications. Infuze MD is one clinic that provides research-backed alternatives to patients struggling with the traditional medical model.

It’s Time for a Different Approach
The science is evolving, and the treatments should keep up. By considering all the factors that affect our health, we can better understand the actual cause of illness and develop comprehensive therapies. Cancer patients today have options, it’s time for health care providers to step up and offer them.

Learn more about these alternative cancer management practices by visiting the Infuze MD Cancer Center website and filling out the form to download the free guide, ‘The 8 Cornerstones of Effective Cancer Therapy’ right now.

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Source: EIN Presswire