WIMI Hologram AR Is Dedicated to Visual AI Cloud While MEGVII and SenseTime Are Working on Papers

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Almost everyone is still immersed in the winter of 2018, the technology companies in the AI field have already taken the lead in the battle in the new year. Then, can the year 2019 really become a year to realize the mass production and scale of artificial intelligence? AI chips seem to have become a topic that technology providers in this field cannot bypass.

Visual AI, which is now the most popular area in the deep learning, has already acquired the goal easy to achieve in computer vision. Whether it is image or video, you can see a lot of frameworks and libraries, which makes computer vision easy to accomplish.

In order to achieve the strategic landing of multi-modal AI chips, in addition to voice technology, WIMI Hologram AR has strong and industry-leading technical strength. WIMI holographic computer vision AI synthesis: image information acquisition precision is about 10 times higher than the industry level, and its computer holographic vision AI synthesis processing ability is about 80% better than the industry average level. WIMI holographic computer vision presentation: multiple parameter dimensions are set up to control the image precisely, and the simulation is far beyond the industry average level. WIMI holographic cloud software development: integrating multiple business and holographic technology functional modules to provide customers with one-stop solutions. With the help of multi-modal technology based on face information analysis, the face / object recognition, facial expression analysis, tagging, lip-moving status tracking and other functions can be realized, which can provide more playability and flexibility for product interaction and user experience.

At present, WIMI Hologram AR has become China's largest holographic comprehensive solution provider, and its holographic computer visual copyright, number of holographic technology related patents and software copyrights are the first in the industry. It capabilities cover various links from computer visual production, service platform construction to cloud software development and technical support. Compared with other companies in the same industry, it has a more comprehensive one-stop service capability.

Without a chip, it is difficult to combine with the algorithm. In this process, the boundary is blurred. With the continuous evolution of the technology, the scenario continues to deepen and puts forward more needs. At this stage, a key scenario will be selected for the Internet of Thing to better combine the computing power and application services.

WIMI Hologram AR covers many links of holographic AR technology, including the holographic computer vision AI synthesis, holographic visual presentation, holographic interactive software development, holographic AR online and offline advertising, holographic ARSDK payment, 5G holographic communication software development, holographic face recognition development, and holographic AI face changing development. With the one-stop service capabilities, it has grown into one of the largest providers of integrated holographic cloud technology solution providers in China.

WIMI Hologram AR has made major breakthroughs and leap-frog development in holographic application fields such as advertising, entertainment, education, and 5G communications. It aims at the in-depth research and development and market application of all links in the holographic 3D computer, including the vision collection, AI synthesis, transmission, presentation and application. It is also committed to constructing a scalable and open service platform, building a bridge between holographic technology application and holographic computer vision presentation, achieving the presentation of the application of holographic computer vision in different scenes, and promoting the leap-frog development of the industry, in order to realize the vision of WIMI Hologram AR, "to become the creator of China's holographic ecology".

The holographic computer vision data acquisition is a stereoscopic 3D computer vision with an extremely high degree of simulation that is formed by the complex image information acquisition thorough dozens of or more cameras and computer synthesis technology.

The holographic computer visual presentation is implemented through fixed or mobile projection devices that allow people to see the image integrating 3D computer vision and real world. It is a way to realize augmented reality.

The holographic computer vision and augmented reality-related technologies have broad application prospects. The application scenarios include but not limited holographic cinema, holographic theater, holographic education, holographic advertising, holographic entertainment, holographic exhibition, holographic new retail, holographic high-end home applications, holographic vehicle-mounted products, holographic social contact, holographic communication, etc.

Until now, the artificial intelligence industry has not formed a large market, and no company can achieve absolute market monopoly. New-rising enterprises are emerging in the fields of algorithms, frameworks, chips, modules and accelerators, etc.

Now the era of deep learning has come and technology is improving very quickly. It turned out that it is very remarkable to raise one point in a year. So after years of development, everyone has seen many products, including the huge investment of large enterprises. The first ones include Microsoft, Google and Facebook, and they all have their own patents.

Taking SenseTime as an example, its technology patent is the core strategy. In just a few years, dozens of papers have been published at home and abroad on putting the deep learning in the field of computer vision and solving visual recognition. On a global scale, SenseTime and Qualcomm have announced the cooperation of global artificial intelligence industry to combine. Qualcomm's chips with SenseTime's algorithm. In the AI field, the only partner of Qualcomm is SenseTime. The reason why SenseTime is recognized by Qualcomm is because SenseTime has patents, which are the main aspects that support the long-term development of SenseTime.

As a representative of the global artificial intelligence filed, MEGVII had a total of 10 papers that are received at the Computer Vision Academic Conference in Munich, Germany in 2018. From the content point of view, the paper covers many aspects of CV technology, ranging from the proposal of a new representation to the design of a new model, to the principle design of neural network, the formulation of new tasks and new methods, and even to the new exploration of weakly supervised learning and so on. The fundamental of technological innovation is talent. MEGVII has been vigorously cultivating China's own artificial intelligence professionals to create a high-level innovation team. It is reported that MEGVII has established a world-class intellectual property advantage and continuous talent training mechanism. MEGVII's core algorithm and technical applications have accumulated more than 700 domestic and foreign patents, maintaining China's first and world leading advantage in the same field.

The combination of 5G and artificial intelligence will really promote the landing and realization of All Internet of Things (AIoT), and the end side and center side need to respond and identify more quickly to achieve more complex functions the large-scale growth of the number of IoT devices, the lower cost of connection, the complex and variable data dimensions, the more vertical applications scenarios and many other challenges will further challenge the design of AI chips on the Internet of Things.

The past few years have been the happiest time for AI enthusiasts and machine learning professionals. Because these technologies have grown into mainstream and are affecting the lives of millions of people. The technology companies in the field such as WIMI Hologram AR, MEGVII, SenseTime and so forth have also made a figure to ensure that they will maintain their advantages in this game. The same is true for data science practitioners. There are many things happening in this field, and you have to run fast enough to keep up with the times.

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WIMI Hologram AR Provides AI Visual Bio-Simulation to Restore the Underwater World

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the animation "PSYCHO-PASS", the heroine can change the different decoration styles of the room according to her mood every day. Now it seems that these scenarios in the science fiction animation are becoming reality. The holographic cloud Ai system introduced by WIMI Hologram AR can restore the holographic underwater world, project the entire room to other worlds, and provide high simulation of Ai visual biology. Once the entire system is set up, the user can control the holographic cloud platform of the projection system through the smart phone application, and turn the entire room into a virtual space.

The so-called holographic projection technology is a three-dimensional image technology that uses interference and diffraction principles to record and reproduce objects. In other words, it is a technology that produces three-dimensional images in the air.

In this era of competing creativity, the application of holographic projection in the catering industry has brought new opportunities for the traditional catering industry. A good creative design can drive the popularity of the restaurant and thus promote consumption. Throughout the market, most restaurants has the same style of private rooms, lacking features and highlights, and resulting in poor customer experience, which is difficult to make an impression to customers. The holographic projection is flexible in expression, and novel and fashionable in pictures. The super screen formed by the stitching fusion can give people a shocking visual experience to effectively attract the audience's attention, better activate the atmosphere and improve the rate of second glance. Therefore, holographic projection has become the choice of some forward-looking creative restaurants. In order to make the ordinary consumers better feel the magical charm of seabed creatures, WIMI Hologram AR is now moving the underwater world into everyone's home by the popular holographic technology. Without leaving home, people can feel the charm of the underwater world like being there.

As a representative of domestic holographic enterprises, WIMI Hologram AR's business application scenarios are mainly concentrated in five major fields of home entertainment, light field cinema, performing system, business publishing system and advertising display system. The holographic restaurant is particularly prominent as the application of WIMI in the restaurant.

For the creation of private rooms by WIMI holographic technology, the creative and attractive theme private rooms are developed flexibly according to the operating characteristics of the restaurant to meet the different needs of guests. When guest enter the room and looks at the extremely beautiful projected image in front of him, he can quickly forget about the world outside the door, as if he is in the ocean, the starry sky and the mountains. The guest can wander about unhurriedly and comfortably while tasting healthy foods, thus being relax completely.

Complying with the development trend of the catering industry, WIMI Hologram AR has independently developed a set of systematic solutions to help the bosses of major catering industry solve various problems. Taking the naked eye 3D visual feast presented by holographic technology as the core solution, it created the immersive experience to hit the biggest pain of the catering industry: attention, entering rate and repurchase rate.

It is precisely because WIMI Hologram AR can create ultra-high simulation effects under the holographic AI technology. More and more consumers are beginning to experience the technological experience brought by holographic AI. WIMI Hologram AR created a dreamlike naked eye 3D stereoscopic effect. No matter the starry sky, the Milky Way, vast sea or fairy tale castle, there is only what you can't image, nothing the technology can't do. If you are in that environment, the immersive effect will be very strong. The 3D holography can display a visual sense of enjoying an event movie in the cinema under the common effect of the giant screen visual display and sound lighting, resulting in a very shocking effect. The effect represented by the holographic AI technology achieves a high simulation experience. The fantasy sense of various stages and AI interaction experience are even stronger, bringing more immersion to multimedia technology.

WIMI Hologram AR has made outstanding achievements in holographic AR advertising and entertainment technology output, and is promoting the wide application of holographic technology in more industries and expanding its leading position in the industry. The company will also continue to expand its reserves of high-quality holographic computer vision, and will put more emphasis on the development and acquisition of computer vision in the field of entertainment and education in the near future. WIMI Hologram will continue to focus on technology research and development, including general holographic technology and client software, and enhance the ability of big data and artificial intelligence; WIMI Hologram AR will expand the foundation of customers and partners in various industries and deepen the cooperation; WIMI Hologram seeks strategic cooperation, acquisition and investment opportunities on a global scale. It has helped the rapid development and rise of the industry, and promoted the process of global holographic digitization.

Seeming more science fiction films, we feel that this is a natural thing to exist. At present, the hot development of high technologies such as AR holography, robots, AI (artificial intelligence) has enabled us to experience more or less what is the visual effect that makes the human eye completely feel the same as the actual environment. With the continuous development of holographic projection technology, it is believed that the future application will become more and more extensive and more perfect, and then we will really enter the science fiction era.

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MOUNT LAUREL, NJ, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ —

Currently there are over 6.5 million adults in the U.S. living with heart failure which affects the ability of the heart to pump blood to the body. Heart Failure is a debilitating and life-threatening condition and is the leading cause of hospitalization among Americans over the age of 65. Heart failure presents a major and growing health-economic burden that currently exceeds $30 billion in the United States, which accounts for both direct and indirect costs. When a patient receives the diagnosis of heart failure it has a profound emotional impact on patients and their families. This diagnosis is often frightening; however, there are many treatments and therapies that can help individuals live long and productive lives.

The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses discovered a void in the standard for educating the Heart Failure Patient, the public and medical community about Heart Failure. To address this need, the non-profit Heart Failure Patient Foundation was created. This is the first and only US based foundation dedicated specifically to the heart failure patient and caregiver. “The Heart Failure Patient Foundation is designed to empower patients, their families and caregivers with accurate timely educational information and resources regarding prevention, diagnosis, self-care and treatment options, to promote shared informed decisions and active participation in their care” Marilyn Prasun, PhD, CCNS-BC, CNL, CHFN, FAHA.

The Board of the Heart Failure Patient Foundation was created from HF clinicians, patients, caregivers and business professionals to provide awareness, educational resources networking opportunities for patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers.

The focus of the foundation is to raise awareness to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure. “As a caregiver myself, I learned that it is important to be the bridge between clinician and the patient. When a patient is diagnosed they are scared, confused, and sometimes have a difficult time sharing their concerns. This foundation will help both the patient and the caregiver become educated and able to identify and manage heart failure rick factors” Janice Tippett.

The more we talk about Heart Failure and get the proper information to patients and caregivers, the more we can turn it into heart success

Key Takeaways:
The Heart Failure Foundation will:
• Promote awareness, prevention and treatment of heart failure.
• Provide access to information and educational resources to patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers.
• Facilitate networking opportunities for patients, families, caregivers and healthcare providers to share heart failure information.
• Increase heart failure awareness among influential groups and the public.
• Engage key stakeholders who will champion development and implementation of educational resources.
• Promote heart failure advances and research.

About The Heart Failure Patient Foundation

The mission of The Heart Failure Patient Foundation is to raise awareness to improve the quality of life for patients with heart failure, by providing patients and their families, caregivers, nurses and others with information, education, networking opportunities, and related resources.

Learn more at http://www.heartfailurePF.org


The AAHFN is a specialty organization dedicated to advancing nursing education, clinical practice and research to improve heart failure patient outcomes. Heart failure is our exclusive interest and passion. Our goal is to set the standards for heart failure nursing care.
The American Association of Heart Failure Nurses (AAHFN) unites professionals in the support and advancement of heart failure practice, education and research to promote optimal patient outcomes. AAHFN is dedicated to advancing nursing education, clinical practice and research with the goal of setting the standards for heart failure nursing care. Find more information about AAHFN by visiting http://www.aahfn.org and following the association on Twitter at @AAHFN or calling 888-45-AAHFN.


Karyn Lockshine, Executive Director
The Heart Failure Patient Foundation
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klockshine@aahfn.org, www.aahfn.org


Source: The Heart Failure Patient Foundation

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Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist, Weighs in on the Dangers of “Digital Distraction”

Dr. Reef Karim, Prominent Brain Scientist & Life Strategist

“Digital Distraction will be our next major health care crisis. These symptoms are subtle, emotional and slow building.” – Dr. Reef Karim

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In an age of over-stimulation, online profiles and social media, our digital use habits may be changing the way our brains operate, and the discovered effects are quite worrisome. An international team of researchers from Western Sydney University, Harvard University, Kings College, Oxford University and University of Manchester have found that the Internet can produce both acute and sustained alterations in specific areas of cognition, which may reflect changes in the brain. This can affect anything from attentional capacities and memory processes to social interactions.

Accomplished neuroscientist, speaker, and life strategist Dr. Reef Karim has more than a few words to say on the topic. Not only is he a leading expert in human behavior, but he’s also dedicated his life to educating, entertaining and helping people understand themselves better.

“Digital Distraction will be our next major health care crisis. The reason we haven't heard more about the health consequences of digital media is because these symptoms are subtle, emotional and slow building,” states Dr. Reef, “But the impact is life altering; loneliness, disconnection, boredom, fatigue, distractibility, impulsivity, emotional reactivity, self-worth issues, diminished creativity, diminished originality, diminished empathy, less emotional resilience. Each of these symptoms can originate and grow because of one's attentional challenges, over-stimulation and reliance on online feedback for self-esteem/validation.”

In a first-of-its-kind review, published in World Psychiatry – the world's leading psychiatric research journal, the group of researchers investigated leading hypotheses on how the Internet may alter cognitive processes. The extensive report, led by Dr. Joseph Firth, Senior Research Fellow at NICM Health Research Institute, Western Sydney University and Honorary Research Fellow at The University of Manchester, combined the evidence to produce revised models on how the Internet could affect the brain's structure, function and cognitive development.

“The key findings of this report are that high-levels of Internet use could indeed impact on many functions of the brain… the Internet encourages us towards constantly holding a divided attention – which then in turn may decrease our capacity for maintaining concentration on a single task,” said Dr. Firth, “Additionally, the online world now presents us with a uniquely large and constantly-accessible resource for facts and information, which is never more than a few taps and swipes away.”

“Recent research reveals reductions in grey matter of the brain in areas focused on impulse control and decision making when an individual is too focused on the digital world,” Dr. Reef adds, “and research on the overuse of social media reveals significant changes in mood, stress levels and the ability to manage that stress. All of these potential changes in one's emotional health have significant effects on how one leads a good life. You're leading a more challenging life because of your digital habit imprinting and you probably don't even know it."

The recent introduction and widespread adoption of social media is also of concern to some teachers and parents. The World Health Organization's 2018 guidelines recommended that young children (aged 2-5) should be exposed to one hour per day, or less, of screen time. However, the report also found that the vast majority of research examining the effects of the Internet on the brain has only been conducted on adults – and so more research is needed to determine the benefits and drawbacks of Internet use in young people.

To help with this struggle, a multitude of apps and software programs have emerged for restricting Internet usage and access on smartphones and computers – which parents and care givers can use to place some “family-friendly” rules around both the time spent on personal devices, and also the types of content engaged with. No matter the age, however, it’s clear that this “digital distraction” could become a disturbing trend as the internet becomes more and more prevalent in everyday lives over the next few decades.

Luckily, Dr. Reef may have a short-term solution before more research is completed on the subject. “As our technology grows, so should our focus on self care; it's imperative to not lose skills that help us feel connected and fulfilled. Solutions to combat a dependency on the internet and social media include any and all of the following: real life sociability (building emotional skills in person), experiencing the mental health effects of nature, experiential learning (retraining the brain to learn through experiences rather than a quick google search), novelty in one's life, mindfulness practice and creative growth and experiences (to generate collateral neuronal connections),” concludes Dr. Reef, “every one of us must realize the warning signs of becoming too dependent on the digital world as it is a primary and growing source of stress and can impact our psychological well-being and brain functioning. Our growing technology is necessary but it should come with a warning label.”

*Dr Reef Karim is a double board-certified psychiatrist, addiction medicine physician and relationship expert as well as a writer, host and media personality. He served as an Assistant Clinical Professor at the UCLA Semel Institute for Neuroscience, has published in prestigious medical journals on topics including self sabotage, mental health and addictions and is an international expert on the intersection of creativity, spirituality and neuroscience.

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Dr. Cletus Georges explains urologist role and when to see a specialist

Cletus Roy Georges, MD

Urologist Dr. Cletus Georges provides professional insight into the field and reveals when to see a urology specialist.

ORLANDO, FLORIDA, USA, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — A prominent Florida-based physician and urology specialist, Dr. Cletus Georges provides expert insight into the profession as he explains when it may be necessary to visit a urologist, including for conditions ranging from painful bladder syndrome and interstitial cystitis to kidney stones and prostate cancer.

Urologists primarily diagnose and treat conditions of the urinary tract. "In men, urologists may also treat conditions involving the reproductive tract," explains Dr. Georges.

Working in a wide array of settings, from private clinics to hospitals and dedicated urology centers, urology specialists may also perform surgeries, such as to relieve a blockage, or to remove cancerous growths.

Further to the urinary and reproductive tracts, urologists also deal with the kidneys, bladder, and adrenal glands. "When dealing with the reproductive tract in male patients, a urology specialist may address conditions tied to the penis, testicles, and prostate alike," adds Dr. Cletus Georges.

Areas of specialization within the field include urologic oncology, pediatric urology, neurourology, male infertility, and female urology, among others.

Urology education and training call for a four-year college degree, four years of medical school, and four or five years of resident medical training, according to Dr. Georges. "During their residency, new doctors work closely alongside experienced urologists to learn the necessary skills, such as in surgery, for example," he adds.

A further two-year fellowship, in a specialty area, such as those outlined above, is optional. All urologists in the United States are certified by the American Board of Urology.

Urologists such as Dr. Georges routinely treat conditions including bladder, kidney, and other cancers, infertility, painful bladder syndrome, kidney stones, diseases of the kidneys, and serious urinary tract infections. In men, specifically, they also treat conditions of the prostate, and, in women, bladder prolapse and interstitial cystitis, according to the expert.

"So, when should a patient see a urologist?" asks Dr. Georges, rhetorically. "While a primary care physician can treat conditions such as mild urinary tract infections, a referral to a urologist will typically be made if symptoms fail to improve, or if a patient is experiencing, for example, blood in their urine, trouble urinating, weak flow, or leakage, reduced sex drive, and, in men, erectile dysfunction or a lump in the testicles," he explains.

"Where cancer, such as prostate, bladder, or kidney cancer, is diagnosed, patients will often be referred to both a cancer specialist, known as an oncologist, and a urologist, focused specifically on conditions in this area," Dr. Georges adds, wrapping up.

Dr. Cletus Georges attended Weill Cornell University Medical College in New York City, graduating in 1991 and completing his residency in urology at Chicago's Northwestern University McGaw Medical Center in 1997. Shortly after that, urology specialist Dr. Georges began his practice in Sebring, Florida, before relocating to the Orlando area where he remains settled today.

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Exclusive Interview with Stephen Murby of ASBM Released Ahead of Upcoming Biosimilars Conference

Biosimilars Conference 2019

SMi Reports: Interview with expert speaker from Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines (ASBM) released for the 2019 Biosimilars conference

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — The 10th annual Biosimilars conference will be returning to London on 25th and 26th September 2019, with a focus on highlighting the current challenges in the biosimilars market and discussing current developments to overcome these challenges.

Ahead of the conference, SMi caught up with speaker Mr Stephen Murby, Board Member, Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines (ASBM) to discuss current developments, priorities and the upcoming event.

Here is a snapshot of what was discussed:

What is your area of expertise within the industry and why are you supporting the Biosimilars conference for 2019?
“I come to the conference from the health consumer (patient) perspective with a special interest in prescriber (physician) and pharmacist (dispenser) points of view. I became involved with biosimilars some 15 years ago as the Chairman of Australia’s peak consumer health organization and the Australian representative on the International Alliance of Patients’ Organizations. Previously, as Vice President of Swinburne University of Technology, I had been instrumental in advancing Strategic Foresight and Planning in Australia. Today, as an international advisory board member of the Alliance for Safe Biologic Medicines, based in the USA, I have a more panoptic view of patient, prescriber and dispenser views of biosimilars”

What do you see as the greatest challenge to overcome in the Biosimilars field at the moment?
“Access is the key challenge for all concerned. My take on this is that the key to access is confidence not cost”

What current hot topic will you be addressing in your presentation and what would you say makes it relevant to 2019?
“Access and foresight as the keys to success for all concerned (including manufacturers, regulators, governments, patients, prescribers and pharmacists). There has been a tectonic shift in the way prescribers and patients receive, consider and use information. The general world of Science (in all its aspects) no longer enjoys the unquestioning confidence it did some 50 years ago. These are very early days for biosimilars and they are entering a more discerning and suspicious world. Savings for governments’ budgets is not the lever that evokes consumer confidence, let alone interest.”

The full interview and full conference agenda are available to download online at http://www.biosimilars-europe.com/einpr3

Mr Stephen Murphy will deliver an exclusive presentation on ‘Australia and the flow in payer-driven distribution’
• Just as biologics are not chemicals so there is a need for new business models for biosimilars
• Substitution of biosimilars is not the same as supervised clinical switching
• Biosimilar pharmas & payers underestimate Patients, Prescriber and Pharmacists at their risk
• The key to access is confidence not cost

For those interested in attending, there is an early bird saving of £200 for conference bookings placed before 28th June. Register online at http://www.biosimilars-europe.com/einpr3

For delegate enquiries, contact Fateja Begum on +44 (0) 207 827 6184 or fbegum@smi-online.co.uk

For sponsorship, speaker or exhibitor enquiries, contact Alia Malick on +44 (0) 207 827 6168 or amalick@smi-online.co.uk

Biosimilars 2019
25th – 26th September 2019
London, UK

—- END —-

About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at http://www.smi-online.co.uk

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Eclipse Solar Total el 2 de julio de 2019

Eclipse Solar Total del 2 de julio de 2019 w Times

Eclipse Solar Total del 2 de julio de 2019 w Times

Eclipse solar sobre las montañas

Eclipse solar sobre las montañas

Los hombres que miran el Eclipse solar

Los hombres que miran el Eclipse solar

El mejor lugar para con cielo despejado para ver el próximo Eclipse solar del 2 de julio es la ladera este de los Andes.

In Bella Vista, the chance of a wet day over the course of July is gradually decreasing, starting the month at 7% and ending it at 5%.”

— https://tinyurl.com/y4cvc2jp

BUENO AIRES, ARGENTINA, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — El eclipse total del 2 de julio de 2019 se produce durante el invierno en el hemisferio sur, pero el cielo nublado no parece estar en el pronóstico, por lo que habrá varias oportunidades para una buena vista del eclipse total. El Gran Eclipse de América Latina comenzará en el Pacífico Sur y regresará al océano, cruzando solo dos países en tierra, Chile y Argentina.

Las provincias en el camino de la totalidad incluyen Córdoba, La Rioja, Buenos Aires, San Juan, San Luis y Santa Fe. Las ciudades en el camino de la totalidad son San Juan, Villa Dolores, Río Cuarto, Lujan, Dolores y Merlo. El resto de Argentina observará un eclipse solar parcial, pero incluso en el sur, el Sol estará cubierto en un 50%. En Buenos Aires, la capital, se cubrirá el 99% del Sol.

Al este de las montañas de los Andes, la sombra de la Luna pasará a través de las regiones de Cuyo y La Pampa en Argentina, terminando cerca de Buenos Aires poco antes del atardecer. Tanto Cuyo como La Pampa tienen un clima bastante soleado y seco, pero pueden no ser los lugares perfectos para observar el eclipse debido a las nubes. Las fotos tomadas desde satélites a menudo muestran nubes cubiertas en la Pampa.

Será mejor para los cazadores de eclipses en Argentina observar el eclipse desde la ladera oriental de las montañas de los Andes, donde la capa de nubes es más delgada. Para aquellos que también quieran capturar la totalidad más larga, la ciudad de San Juan funcionaría mejor, donde la totalidad alcanzará aproximadamente 2 minutos y 30 segundos, mientras que la provincia de Buenos Aires tendrá la totalidad más corta en aproximadamente 2 minutos y 5 segundos.

El eclipse parcial en Argentina comenzará alrededor de las 4 p.m. Hora local en el sur y alrededor de las 4:40 p.m. en el norte del pais. La totalidad en San Juan comenzará aproximadamente a las 5:39 hora local y aproximadamente a las 5:42 en Buenos Aires. El eclipse parcial en todo el país terminará aproximadamente a las 6:20 – 6:40 p.m.

Clima argentino en el día del eclipse

Será el invierno en julio en Argentina, por lo que los cazadores de eclipses esperan capturar buenas condiciones climáticas para observar el eclipse solar total. Las montañas de los Andes actúan como un escudo contra la humedad proveniente del Pacífico Sur, mientras que el paisaje llano del centro de Argentina no impide que la humedad del Atlántico penetre en la tierra. Estos sistemas meteorológicos seguirán la pista del eclipse. La buena noticia es que las laderas de los Andes en el lado argentino presentan condiciones climáticas favorables para observar el eclipse, ya que la humedad del Atlántico no llega a la zona.

Las mejores oportunidades para ver el eclipse, basadas en mediciones a nivel del suelo y satelitales, tienen a los observadores de las laderas orientales de los Andes, incluidas Bella Vista y La Iglesia. Esos pequeños pueblos se encuentran en una llanura abierta, donde se predice que será la menor cantidad de nubes a lo largo de la pista del eclipse. Bella Vista se encuentra a 33 km de la ciudad de Rodeo y a 80 km de San José de Jachal.

Las ciudades de San Juan y San José de Jachal también son lugares adecuados para observar la totalidad. El clima allí es seco, pero la cantidad de nubes puede ser alta en el área. Bella Vista está ubicada en un valle, similar en geografía y clima a Death Valley en California. Posee uno de los climas más secos y soleados de la Argentina.

Cuando el área está nublada, es debido a las nubes sopladas por el viento de los picos cercanos. Dado que se forman a temperaturas frías, a menudo son semitransparentes. Entonces, incluso si está nublado en el día del eclipse, el espectáculo no se vería completamente oculto por las nubes.

A medida que la totalidad se mueve hacia el este, cruzando el soleado Merlo, ubicado cerca de una cadena montañosa, se bloqueará la humedad procedente del Atlántico. Sin embargo, más cerca de Buenos Aires, el clima se nubla, por lo que los observadores de eclipses que deseen experimentar unos 2 minutos de totalidad en la región tendrán que buscar una buena ubicación y esperar un cielo despejado.

Tommy Hintz
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Cannabis as Medicine: FDA Advisor Steve Goldner to Speak at Canna Con Detroit

Founder and CEO of the Pure Green company will Discuss FDA Trials, Cannabis Clinical Data
and Proven Method to Create and Market Medicinal Cannabis Products

DETROIT, MI, USA, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — Michigan continues to ride the green wave, as business owners, scientists, manufacturers, media and more will be descending on Detroit June 21 – 22nd for CannaCon. Steve Goldner, former FDA advisor to the NIH, who invented the liquid form of Methadone decades ago, will be speaking on the method he used to develop and bring his new science-based, process patented medicinal products, Pure Green to the market.

During his session, beginning at 2:40pm on Saturday, June 22, Goldner will describe this approach, which can be used by any grower or processor to not only create unique cannabis products, but also to bring them to the market faster and more cost effectively. He will describe the process they used in Michigan to demonstrate the ROI and break-even cost structure that can be used in any state. Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Debra Kimless will show clinical proof that Pure Green PURE CBD tablets are safe and effective for pain relief.

Pure Green is making an impact in the increasingly crowded cannabis product space. Most recently, the company presented its clinical trial data to the FDA on May 31. Initial data from the clinical trials show that Pure Green products, when paired with a microdosing technique, provide very rapid, clinically significant pain reduction – lasting more than 4 hours (and in some cases more than 12 hours).

Pure Green’s scientific team is led by CEO / founder Steve Goldner. Goldner is a forensic toxicologist and former FDA advisor to the NIH, credited with developing liquid methadone as well as drug abuse screening tests. Dr. Deb Kimless, Chief Medical Officer for Pure Green, conducts clinical trials for Pure Green's process patented products. She is a board-certified anesthesiologist with subspecialty certification in pain medicine.

Pure Green tablets are taken orally and do not require water or swallowing. The pharmaceutical grade tablets dissolve quickly in a persons mouth (5-15 seconds), with the active ingredients rapidly absorbed and diffused for direct access to the bloodstream.

Once absorbed, the active ingredients bypass the liver’s first-pass metabolism effect, improving therapeutic outcomes and efficacy through improved bioavailability, while facilitating excellent patient compliance.

Pure Green tablets are suitable for a wide range of patients, including geriatric and pediatric patients who experience difficulty swallowing.

Goldner and Dr. Kimless will be speaking at CannaCon on Saturday, June 22 at 2:40pm.

For more information, or to schedule an interview with Mr. Goldner or Dr. Kimless, please contact Samantha Flynn at Samantha@CampbellConsulting.com.

Samantha Flynn
Campbell Consulting
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Source: EIN Presswire

WIMI Hologram AR's AI Vision Combines Holographic Finance Technology to Provide Variety of Algorithm Splicing Solutions

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — In the context of deleveraging, various formats in the financial sector, such as banking, insurance, and asset management, are facing some adjustments. In the field of Internet finance, the explosion of P2P has also made the industry be afraid of its shadow. However, both traditional and new finance now place financial technology at a very important strategic level. Artificial intelligence AI, big data, cloud computing, holographic AR, biological recognition and emerging block chains are all improving the financial efficiency.

When it comes to financial technology, people associate it with new finance. This concept was first proposed by Internet companies and the new financial industry. They also made the financial technology into a strategic transformation direction. For financial technology, banks obviously do not dare to neglect it. Not only Internet Finance companies, banks' importance put to financial technology is unprecedented, and they also focus on the layout in this wave of financial technology. Especially large and medium-sized banks, their investment in financial technology is not less than that in the new financial sector.

Most banks have already undergone a transformation of new technology finance. Personal business can be handled by machine, and remote bank teller consulting service can also be provided for complex business through video systems. The realization of unmanned handling relies on a collection of technologies such as biological recognition, speech recognition, data mining, robots, VR, AR, and holographic projection. Now the banking system is involved in finance-related technologies such as big data, cloud computing, AI, block chain, biological recognition, and bio-assay, as well as the underlying trading system of banks, IT construction supporting business, etc. In terms of specific technology layout, there is little difference between banks and Internet -based financial technology companies.

The main responsibility of the bank is to serve its financial business, and help to acquire customers, control risks, optimize user experience and reduce operating costs. Financial technology companies can weaken their own financial business, but banks, as licensed institutions, develop financial technology to strengthen their own business. In the future, the industry pattern will be that financial technology companies sell technology to banks, and banks are engaged in the financial technology by themselves and also purchase financial technology services from outside. Therefore, large, medium and small-sized banks now have basically established strategic cooperation with financial technology companies.

The technologies and skills represented by face recognition has long been darling of the financial industry. However, along with the development of the times, the scenario-based application in the financial market has become more diversified and complicated. The simple financial outlets can no longer meet the needs of customers. Providing financial services whenever and wherever possible, following customers' heart and on demand can be invincible. WIMI Hologram AR launched a new application program for the financial sector and high-simulation AI vision to integrate into the AI algorithm stitching holographically, and serve the financial business multi-dimensionally.

The application of mobile Internet, face recognition and other technologies has enabled the financial service to naturally integrate into the user's economic ecosystem and life circle. How can WIMI Hologram AR's new AI visual "face technology" efficiently solve the anti-falsification of photos and videos. WIMI Hologram AR's face recognition technology continues to upgrade the algorithm iteratively. Its purpose is to pursue unchanged false rejection rate and misjudgment rate or high safety factor. It is believed that with face recognition will play a greater role in the financial industry with the increasing maturity of technologies for improving face recognition security and accuracy.

In addition, WIMI Hologram AI visual application scenarios are very extensive, including counter, self-service, remote concentration and outside exhibition industry. As the online financial business continues to rise in the future, the demand for video interaction scenarios will be further expanded, and the financial scenario solution represented by AI visual recognition is a good entry point. Through Ai visual recognition system and some other solutions, the scenario-based solution can accumulate a large number of labeled operational data, which can be used to develop artificial intelligence image technology and "feed back" the optimization of the solution to form a closed loop of scenario technology. In particular, the expression, micro-expression recognition technology can be used in solutions for anti-fraud, marketing and other scenarios

Since the launch of online advertising of WIMI Hologram AR, it has been iteratively upgraded in the technical output. The coverage of WIMI Hologram AR's cloud Internet advertising has also become wider and wider, and there are advertising cases in the medical care, automotive, financial, real estate, catering, games, home, fast selling and other industries. The deep integration of finance and technology is accelerating. In different application scenarios, the biological recognition technology required is not the same. Single biological recognition is difficult to meet the diverse needs in the future, and WIMI Hologram AR's multi-modal biological recognition may become the future trend of financial technology.

WIMI is a provider of innovative AR holographic advertising technology. In contrast to traditional video advertisements, WIMI can place advertise based on changes in video traffic. During the implantation process, it can place advertisement without the limitation of advertising position, and can only place advertisement in the video with hot traffic. In this way, it will have a better customer experience and advertising benefits than traditional advertisement placement.

The online AR holographic advertisement placement is mainly applied to the filed of holographic scenario recognition technology, so that the holographic scenario advertisement placement is presented to the terminal customer through computer holographic visual technology. The terminal customer is difficult to distinguish from the video visual experience, smoothly accepting the content of holographic advertisement placed.

The holographic industry is a typical high-tech service industry, and every technological innovation and progress will promote the development of the industry continuously. For WIMI holographic cloud, the rapid progress of computer equipment, the improvement of intelligence, networking and digitalization, the upgrading of system hardware and software, the innovation of database technology and middleware technology, and the increasing emergence of new development platforms and design ides all constantly improve the service and technical level of the WIMI holographic cloud to a certain extent. The improvement of technology has promoted the continuous upgrading of services in the AR holographic industry. The continuous iteration of AR holographic presentation forms also enriches the expression of holographic visual communication and better meets the individual needs of customers. In addition, with the rapid expansion of network bandwidth and the gradual commercial popularization of 5G networks in recent years, the speed of digital content dissemination has accelerated. And the application of various high quality holographic content on the mobile will be more extensive, while the high-quality content can effectively enhance customer's experience degree.

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Source: EIN Presswire

Build Your Emotional Intelligence (EQ) Skills for a Clean World!

Creating Powerful Collaborations for Change

By understanding more about ourselves, and recognizing the attributes and patterns that motivate others, we are better able to lead others and create more powerful collaborations for a clean world.”

— Janine Finnell, Executive Director Leaders in Energy

ARLINGTON, VA, USA, June 20, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — How can we build our EQ skills to improve our effectiveness to create powerful collaborations for change? What are the issues that drive you as a green leader and/or collaborator working in this field, e.g., clean, renewable energy; the circular economy; building smart, green communities, animal and natural resources protection, and others?

Emotional intelligence refers to various abilities of individuals to recognize their own emotions and those of others to better adapt to environments or achieve one's goal(s). Author and science journalist, Daniel Goleman, applied the concept to business with his 1998 Harvard Business Review titled “What Makes a Leader?” His research at nearly 200 large, global companies identified 5 components of emotional intelligence that he believed distinguished truly effective leaders: self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy, and social skill.

Attend this special workshop conducted by Leaders in Energy on June 29th to learn how to answer questions like "How can I successfully motivate others, and myself, and harness our big ‘Why(s)’ in support of successful outcomes?" Tailored for people in the “green” fields, you will interact with others who have also experienced challenges with leading and managing people as part of green programs, projects, services, and initiatives.

Learn how Emotional Intelligence (also known as EQ) can help you to identify personal strengths, understand what makes others "tick", and increase your ability to motivate others behind a united cause.

Using the Acclaimed *Emotional Intelligence (E.Q.) Skills Training, you will:

• Sharpen Your Skills for Activating Team Members, Peers, Project Partners, and Others at This Workshop

• Establish Effective Personal Interactions and Team Building for a Greener, More Sustainable World

E.Q. paves the path to successful leadership and collaboration — in projects and team leadership, E.Q. will show why us we sometimes succeed beyond our expectations, and other times fall short of the mark despite best efforts! Or why collaboration with others can be difficult in one situation, yet seemingly easy and effortless in others. There’s a reason why these inconsistencies exist, and using E.Q. we can do something about it!

Learn more about our workshop and instructor, Dr. Beth Offenbacker, at: https://leadersinenergy.org/build-your-eq-skills-to-create-powerful-collaborations-for-change/

Date and Time: Saturday, June 29th, 8:30 am – 4:30 pm

Location: Fairlington Community Center, 3308 S. Stafford Street, Arlington Virginia, 22206

Register at: https://conta.cc/2RpjLkQ

Special thanks to our co-sponsor EcoAction Arlington

Janine Finnell
Leaders in Energy
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email us here

Source: EIN Presswire