Genentech develop Antibiotic effective against Gram-negatives, with potential to lead to new class of Antibiotics

Superbugs & Superdrugs 2019

Superbugs & Superdrugs 2019

Biotech Genentech, discoverers of a promising new antibiotic, set to speak at Superbugs & Superdrugs 2019 Conference in London, UK on 18th – 19th March 2019

LONDON, LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 13, 2018 / — Despite international efforts to reduce the increasing threat of antibiotic resistance, multi-drug resistant bacteria are continuing to endanger the global population.

Next year's Superbugs & Superdrugs conference, taking place 18th – 19th March in London, aims to explore the efforts of industry-leading organisations in the field, discussing the latest developments in novel therapeutics, antifungals, funding, regulation, and more.

Gram-negative bacteria are considerably the most concerning antibiotic-resistant bacteria, as they have two membranes antibiotics need to penetrate. For a long time, no new classes of antibiotics effective against Gram-negatives had been approved in over fifty years.

However, in recent news US biotech Genentech have developed a molecule called G07750 which has proven effectiveness against several Gram-negative bacteria that are resistant to nearly all marketed antibiotics.* Genentech hopes this discovery will lead to a new class of antibiotics to help aid the fight against the continuous struggle against antimicrobial resistance.

Delegates attending the Superbugs & Superdrugs conference next year in 2019 will have the exclusive opportunity of hearing from Genentech’s Senior Scientist Michael Koehler, who is set to speak and present at the 21st annual event on “Optimized Arylomycins represent a new class of Gram-Negative Antibiotics”.

Michael’s presentation will be focusing on the topics of:

• Chemical optimization of the arylomycins to obtain G0775, a molecule with potent, broad-spectrum activity against Gram-negative bacteria
• G0775 inhibits the essential bacterial type I signal peptidase
• It circumvents existing antibiotic resistance mechanisms and retains activity against contemporary multidrug-resistant Gram-negative clinical isolates
• Optimized arylomycin analogues such as G0775 could translate into new therapies to address multidrug-resistant Gram-negative infections

The development of novel antibiotics is crucial to fighting the war on antibiotic resistance as current treatments fail to effectively treat even the most common and usually innocuous bacterial infections.

Next year’s two-day conference will gather an international speaker line-up to explore the latest advancements in new antimicrobial agents, as well as potential alternatives to antibiotics including immunotherapies, precision antibiotics, and much more.

Download the brochure on the event website to view the agenda and speaker line-up at

Book your place before 14th December to save £200, or 31st January to save £100.

Superbugs & Superdrugs
18th & 19th March 2019
London, UK


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About SMi Group: Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Maria Mandic
SMi Group
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Tosk Announces kRAS Presentation at AACR Meeting

Drug developer Tosk, Inc.,

Tosk, U.S. National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Frederick National Laboratory and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center makes joint presentation in San Diego

This innovative work on the discovered inhibitor provided important information on the previously, not fully appreciated, interplay between mutated kRAS and a metabolic process.”

— William Garland, Vice President, Research & Development

MOUNTAIN VIEW, CALIFORNIA, USA, December 13, 2018 / — Privately held biotechnology company, Tosk, Inc., announced today a joint presentation with the U.S. National Cancer Institute's (NCI) Frederick National Laboratory and the Texas Tech Health Sciences Center (TTHSC) at a meeting this week in San Diego, CA. The meeting, entitled “Targeting RAS-Driven Cancers,” was sponsored by the American Association for Cancer Research (AACR). The presentation was entitled “kRAS and Metabolism: An Interesting Interplay.”
Mutations in the human kRAS gene drive 90% of pancreatic cancers, 45% of colon cancers, and 35% of lung cancers. Patients with certain mutated kRAS genes also do not benefit from treatment with a widely-used class of cancer drugs known as EGFR inhibitors, such as Erbitux®. An effective inhibitor of mutated kRAS would address these unmet medical needs and provide an important, new treatment for cancer.
Tosk features proprietary discovery technology using the common fruit fly to discover potential kRAS-inhibiting drugs. This discovery platform uses fruit files with a mutated human kRAS gene integrated into their genome, causing the fly’s wings to be crimped. Tosk screens for drugs which reverse this wing crimping by inhibiting the protein produced by the mutated kRAS gene.
The presentation discussed how a small molecule discovered by Tosk, partially restored normal wing development in the kRAS mutated flies and inhibited growth and signal transduction in multiple, oncogenic kRAS-driven cell lines. The goal of the successful collaboration between Tosk, NCI’s Frederick Laboratory, and TTHSC was to establish the mechanism-of-action of the discovered inhibitor. The work at Tosk and TTHSC was funded by an SBIR grant from NCI.
Dr. William Garland, Vice President of Research and Development at Tosk stated, “This innovative work on the discovered inhibitor provided important information on the previously, not fully appreciated, interplay between mutated kRAS and a metabolic process. The information gained will help future work at Tosk. The results demonstrate the power of collaboration among a small research company, academia, and a large public research institute. None of the groups alone could have achieved the advance reported in our joint presentation.”
About Tosk, Inc.
Tosk’s mission is to improve outcomes for cancer patients by discovering and developing new drugs that selectively block the adverse side effects of cancer therapies and make certain drugs effective in patients that currently do not benefit from treatment. Tosk uses proprietary drug screening methods using the common fruit fly to discover new drugs that might not be found using more conventional methods.

Brian Frenzel
Tosk, Inc.
+1 408-245-6838
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If you plan on doing any Cannabis Business in California or Canada, you should read this -TLC Lab Supply has you covered

Shows were each cannabinoid sits on the tlc plate

TLC visual indicator chart – the RF factor

cannabis, marijuana testing kits, world wide compliant

Test for THC, CBG, CBD, CBN in plant material & products

marijuana test  kits, cannabis  testing supplies

Refill test kit for testing THC, CBD, CBG, CBN in cannabis plants and products

MEDFORD, OREGON, USA, December 13, 2018 / — Current California Cannabis Testing Laws, established 2018

Commercial Products: Table of what the State of California requires for commercial testing of cannabis products according to California Code of Regulations, Section 5715, and the regulations that follow applying January 1, 2018 and July 1, 2018.Cannabinoid testing is the first item in the list referring to identification and potency. The TLC methodology refers to this requirement only. TLC (Thin Layer Chromatography) analysis is currently not allowed under current law for the primary testing of commercial products for sale. However, it does not cover private testing of TLC by home growers, end users, and others wanting to test their own products. Also, TLC can be used as a preliminary guide by commercial growers and manufacturers before sending their products off to be tested in a state-licensed testing facility Note: the date December 31, 2018 when the final testing requirements go into effect.

We are TLC Lab Supply an Oregon based company that has been serving the cannabis industry for over 8 years. We have been supplying product producers, research developers, hemp and recreational growers, medical professionals and indivisuals with complete easy to use TLC testing kits and supplies specifically for cannabis plant material and products made from cannabis plant material.

These testing kits are sold worldwide and are completely FDA, cGMP, UNODC, USP and HEALTH CANADA Approved. You can test for THC, CBG, CBD, CBN all in one test. Any sample with more the 1% cannabinoid in it will be visible on the tlc plate.
Hemp Growers you will see a blank spot were the THC marker would be, that will tell you that you have less than 1% THC which is the current requirement for CBD medicines.

We currently have teachers in California, MI, Oregon and Canada to provide certification training for product producers and those who just want hands on training, visit our website for a ton of information and a instructional video, all sales are through our online store. THCTESTKITS.COM

People have created complete labs just using these kits (there is a complete mini lab available) in areas that have no labs for long distances, but the state or country require testing, and they report great success.

Now is the time to be part of this great new industry were everybody gets a chance to create their own business niche. We have been helping that cause with very low priced quality supplies and testing kits with consistent and accurate results that can be compared to any qualified GC machine as noted in High Times Magazine and other media outlets.

Roger Green
TLC Lab Supply
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Instructional video on how our cannabis testing kits work

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Silently transcribing during sensitive and rushed situations allows clinicians more time to focus on patient care

Industry best noise cancelling, speech recognition microphone

Accurately document patient information without being overheard by others while additionally eliminating all background noise.

Using a Stenomask eliminates the background noise in our busy workplace while simultaneously providing privacy when using speech recognition. Now there is no need for a private room or office.”

— K. Somner, B.C. Ministry of Health

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, December 12, 2018 / — Voice technology in healthcare is not yet the ubiquitous application that we believe it will soon become. The major concerns are patient privacy, HIPAA compliance, potentially leaving confidential information unprotected and the challenge of clear voice communication in a noisy and busy clinical setting, particularly when complex medical vocabulary is required.

Many physicians use voice technology for clinical decision support and documentation in their office or home however they are much less inclined to do so in the presence of their patients.

There is a practical and affordable solution to this problem.

Talk Technologies engineers and manufactures specialized microphones (stenomasks) that allow clinicians to use speech recognition and verbally communicate in public without anyone overhearing them. Our voice isolating technology enables private transcription and verbal communication while simultaneously eliminating all background noise.

Stenomask functions like a sound-booth only in pocket sized form, guaranteeing clear voice communications in loud and busy clinical settings.

• Complies with HIPAA privacy and security rules
• Decreases potential security risks and protects the privacy of individuals’ health information
• Lightweight, affordable and road worthy durability
• Compatible with all speech recognition software including Dragon medical
• No start up time or learning curve, simply plug in and go

If you would like to learn more, please visit our website.

D Webb
Talk Technologies
888 811 9944
email us here
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Stenomask demonstration using Dragon 15

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BCF Ventures Doubles its Potential Size to $12 million and Presents its Portfolio

Passion led us here.

BCF Ventures, one of Canada’s 1rst Super Angel funds, has doubled its potential fund size to $12M and presents the 6 companies now part of its portfolio.

MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, December 12, 2018 / — Montreal, December 11, 2018 – BCF Ventures, one of Canada’s very first super angel funds investing in pre-seed and seed stage startups, is proud to announce that it has increased its potential fund size from $5M to $12M in just six months following its inception and has invested in six innovative companies now part of its portfolio.

Led by award-winning techpreneur Sergio A. Escobar, a renowned business mentor in the international startup scene, BCF Ventures has already participated in investment rounds totalling over $7.8M, investing in multiple opportunistic sectors across Canada and the United States with its wide network of international co-investors extending from Silicon Valley, New York and the Midwest to Israel and Asia. The fund was initially capitalized with a $5M investment over a ten-year period from the partners at BCF Business Law, acting as Limited Partner in BCF Ventures*. With the addition of family offices and wealthy accredited investors as LP’s and by doing so, more than doubling its initial fund size, BCF Ventures is now considered a full-fledged venture capital fund*.

As a core investment thesis, the fund believes in the future of Cloud & Software-as-a-Service companies leveraging the power of Artificial Intelligence (AI), Big Data, Analytics and Security. The economic impact of its portfolio companies across industries is impressive as they have a total user outreach of over 200 companies, including Fortune 500 corporations, and over 200,000 suppliers.

Here are the six BCF Ventures portfolio companies:

• Alpin (Colorado, USA) is an innovative enterprise that provides a SaaS data monitoring and management platform for cloud enterprise software applications via a single dashboard. The deal was made in co investment with US based venture funds such as Next Frontier Capital (Montana) and Rocky Ventures (Colorado).

• BRIDGR (Montreal, CA) is a data driven project management marketplace for manufacturing companies to find Industry Experts 4.0 (AI, Robotics, Industrial IoT, Smart Factories). The round closed alongside co investor Right Side Capital (San Francisco).

• CareTeam (Vancouver, CA) is an AI enabled digital health platform allowing patient centered care collaboration for individuals suffering from chronic illnesses. Many venture funds such as Right Side Capital (San Francisco), Globalive Capital (Canada), Atrium Ventures (Canada) as well as renowned angel investors such as Barney Pell (associate founder of Singularity University and co founder of Moon Express) and Ajay Agarwal (founder of Creative Destruction Lab) helped close the round.

• FightCamp (Los Angeles, USA), on its way to becoming one of the next giants of the fitness industry, is an AI powered interactive at home boxing subscription service that allows everyone to train in the comfort of their home. The round closed alongside co-investors such as Panache Ventures (Canada), Y Combinator (San Francisco) and StreetEdge Capital (San Francisco).

• FleetOps (Toronto, CA) is an AI enabled freight transportation and logistics marketplace that allows instant matching of trucks to shipments. The deal was made in co investment with Hike Ventures (Japan), Fenox VC (San Francisco) and Panache Ventures (Canada).

• Prospectify (Tempe, USA) is a data driven enterprise that provides a sales management platform for sales leaders worldwide and has many notable clients such as Facebook, Informatica, HubSpot and ScaleFactor. The round closed alongside many co investors such as Techstars Ventures (Colorado), Loup Ventures (New York) and Stout Street Capital (Denver).

“The enthusiasm and the need for funding at the pre-seed and seed stage are huge in the US/Canada and BCF Ventures’ unique model has filled that gap, allowing us to quickly develop promising partnerships with major international co-investors. We are committed to helping our portfolio companies grow their corporate expansion and leverage the remarkable capabilities of Montreal as a global hub in artificial intelligence, said Sergio A. Escobar, CEO & Partner at BCF Ventures. On top of that, our partnership with BCF Business Law firm gave us the expertise to develop a strong due diligence process through its certified scientific IP and patent experts. To obtain valuable intellectual property rights for our entrepreneurs and to protect their core proprietary technologies are key components to BCF Ventures’ distinctive approach. Ultimately, we want our founders to become world leaders.”

*The BCF Business Law’s partners have committed to invest $500,000 a year for an initial 3-year period starting July 1, 2018, along other accredited investors who have joined them and committed to invest $700,000 a year for 3 years. A sum that can then be renewed at the investors’ discretion, annually, for 7 years following the initial period, which could potentially reach a grand total of $12M over ten years.

About BCF Ventures

BCF Ventures is a pioneer in the Canadian investment scene by being one of the first Super Angel Funds, now converted to a full-fledged venture capital fund. Based in Montreal, BCF Ventures invests at the pre-seed and seed stage of technology-based startups, mostly in North America and opportunistically in Europe/Israel. The fund leverages its extensive network of international co-investors in order to multiply the fundraising capacity of the companies that are selected. As part of the team, Mr. George Korkejian is now Investment Counsel at BCF Ventures overseeing the analysis of investment opportunities. BCF Ventures’ advisory committee is composed of Mike Cegelski, Managing Partner of Panache Ventures, Anne-Marie Boucher, tax lawyer and businesswoman, Jocelyn Auger, IP lawyer, Nicolas Bélanger, head of W Investments and Louis Carbonneau, founder and CEO of Tangible IP and Venture Partner at Cycle Capital Management. The Chairperson of Invest in Canada, Mitch Garber, also acts as a special advisor on a volunteer basis.

To know more: or at


Source: BCF Ventures

Media contact:
Camille Boileau
Senior Communications Advisor
T : +1 (514) 397-2627
C : +1 (514) 929-8875

Camille Boileau
BCF Ventures
+1 514-929-8875
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Hear from PFS industry leaders from big pharma, government bodies & top manufacturers

11th Annual Conference and Exhibition on Pre-Filled Syringes & Injectable Drug Devices in just over a months’ time on the 16th-17th January 2019 in London.

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, December 12, 2018 / — This premium event will feature over 100 selected senior pre-filled syringes experts from leading PFS markets, including Austria, Belgium, Finland, France, Germany, Japan, Switzerland, UK, USA and many other countries.

Event attendees will gather to discuss solutions to accelerate PFS development and technology advancements, as well as explore innovations for platform systems of injectable delivery devices, and assess the impact of digitalisation, patient-centricity and the regulatory compliance which make up such core components within the PFS sphere. This event provides the perfect platform for networking and knowledge sharing amongst delegates.

The speaker line up for 2019 will include top decision makers from the likes of MHRA, Novartis, SCHOTT, Sanofi, MSD, Boehringer Ingelheim, Pfizer, Novo Nordisk, Janssen, Biogen and more!

A full agenda breakdown and further information can be accessed at

Further benefits of Pre-Filled Syringes & Injectable Drug Devices 2019 include:

• Listen to Mathieu Rigollet, Senior PFS engineer, Roche on the control strategy developed for a combination product in his case study
• Hear from a regulatory perspective as Veronika Ganeva, Quality Assessor – Biologics, MHRA takes a look at the current challenges industry is faces and what lies ahead in times of change
• Debate the primary packaging material for injectable drug devices; Glass vs Polymers with
Novartis, MSD, SCHOTT and GSK
• Assess the power of digitisation in patient engagement with a spotlight presentation given by Justin Wright, Global Head of Innovation, Novartis

Running alongside the conference will be two interactive workshops which will take place on the 15th January.


Workshop B: BODY WORN INJECTORS: SHAPING THE FUTURE OF PARENTERAL DRUG DELIVERY. Led by Sergio Malorni, Senior Consultant, Medical Technology, Cambridge Consultants Ltd

For further information on the workshops and the hosts, please visit:

Spaces for both the conference and workshops are limited and filling up rapidly, therefore it is advised to register as soon as possible.

SMi’s 11th annual 2018 Pre-Filled Syringes & Injectable Drug Devices Europe conference and exhibition will take place on 16th & 17th Jan at the Copthorne Tara Hotel, Kensington, London UK.

Further information including a detailed agenda and full speaker line-up is available at

— ENDS —

Contact Information:

For media enquiries contact Jinna Sidhu on Tel: +44 (0)20 7827 688 / Email:

Sponsors of Pre-Filled Syringes & Injectable Drug Devices Europe 2019 include:

Eveon, Fruh, Harro Hoefliger, Mitsubishi Gas Chemical, Mikron, Nemera, Nelson labs, Nipro PharmaPackaging, Owen mumford, PHC Corporation, Schott, Zeon, Zwick Testing Machines

For details email director Alia Malick at

About SMi Group:
Established since 1993, the SMi Group is a global event-production company that specializes in Business-to-Business Conferences, Workshops, Masterclasses and online Communities. We create and deliver events in the Defence, Security, Energy, Utilities, Finance and Pharmaceutical industries. We pride ourselves on having access to the world’s most forward-thinking opinion leaders and visionaries, allowing us to bring our communities together to Learn, Engage, Share and Network. More information can be found at

Jinna Sidhu
SMi Group
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Formulation and Preclinical Development of QBM-001 for Pediatric Nonverbal Disorder in Autistic Children

Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO)

Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO)

Acceleration Biomedical Technologies from Incubation to Monetization

Acceleration Biomedical Technologies from Incubation to Monetization

Denis D Corin CEO Q BioMed Inc

Denis D Corin CEO Q BioMed Inc

Collaboration with SRI Provides QBioMed Expertise in Formulation Development and Preclinical Work in Autism, as well as CMC and Manufacturing capability


We are pleased to have found both experience with autism models and expertise in formulation of products like QBM-001 in SRI International,”

— Denis Corin, CEO Q BioMed Inc.

NEW YORK, USA, December 12, 2018 / — Q BioMed Inc. (OTCQB: QBIO), a biotechnology acceleration company, is pleased to announce a collaborative agreement with SRI International to provide formulation development, preclinical development, and early clinical manufacturing of QBM-001, in support of Q BioMed’s Autistic Spectrum Disorder (ASD) drug development program for non-verbal or minimally verbal autistic children.

SRI has broad expertise in solving formulation, drug delivery, and characterization challenges of small molecule drugs and biologics. The formulation team, led by Dr. Gita Shankar, is experienced in the development of novel formulations that have reached clinical trials. They are currently developing a formulation for QBM-001 with relatable chemical properties and formulation requirements.

The preclinical studies for QBM-001 will be led by Dr. Stephen Morairty and his team in SRI’s Center for Neuroscience. Dr. Morairty and his colleagues are experienced in working with several preclinical autism models.

“We are pleased to have found both experience with autism models and expertise in formulation of products like QBM-001 in SRI International,” said Denis Corin, CEO of Q BioMed Inc. “This important step will be the catalyst for several milestones for QBM-001 over the next few months as we prepare clinical product for the trials we anticipate starting in 2019.”

QBM-001 targets toddlers with pediatric developmental nonverbal disorder, where an underlying commonality may lead to developmental delay, an autism diagnosis and eventual nonverbal or very minimally verbal capability for the rest of their lives.

About Pediatric Development Nonverbal Disorder
There are approximately 18,000 new cases of pediatric developmental nonverbal disorder in the US each year and a similar amount in Europe. The majority of the children are diagnosed as young children and fall within the autism and epilepsy spectrum disorders. Individually, the economic cost for toddlers that become non- or minimally verbal is 10 Million on average per person over a life span. Collectively, an estimated $200 Billion is spent yearly on individuals who have become nonverbal in the US. Not all individuals who become nonverbal will benefit from QBM-001. However, with validated biomarkers, testing from trained specialists and genetic testing, children who fall into this targeted population can be identified, and will have a higher likelihood of responding to treatment.

About SRI International
SRI International creates world-changing solutions to make people safer, healthier, and more productive. SRI, a research center headquartered in Menlo Park, California, works primarily in advanced technology and systems, biosciences, computing, and education. SRI Biosciences is a well-established, trusted source for a wide array of contract services under the highest industry standards. With deep scientific resources and expertise, we take R&D from idea through the start of human clinical trials.

About Q BioMed Inc.
Q BioMed Inc., ”Q“, is a biomedical acceleration and development company. We are focused on licensing and acquiring undervalued biomedical assets in the healthcare sector. Q is dedicated to providing these target assets; strategic resources, developmental support, and expansion capital to ensure they meet their developmental potential, enabling them to provide products to patients in need‏. Please visit and sign up to receive regular updates. Follow us on social media @QBioMed.

Forward-Looking Statements:
This press release may contain “forward-looking statements” within the meaning of Section 27A of the Securities Act of 1933 and Section 21E of the Securities Exchange Act of 1934. Such statements include, but are not limited to, any statements relating to our growth strategy and product development programs and any other statements that are not historical facts. Forward-looking statements are based on management’s current expectations and are subject to risks and uncertainties that could negatively affect our business, operating results, financial condition and stock price. Factors that could cause actual results to differ materially from those currently anticipated are: risks related to our growth strategy; risks relating to the results of research and development activities; our ability to obtain, perform under and maintain financing and strategic agreements and relationships; uncertainties relating to preclinical and clinical testing; our dependence on third-party suppliers; our ability to attract, integrate, and retain key personnel; the early stage of products under development; our need for substantial additional funds; government regulation; patent and intellectual property matters; competition; as well as other risks described in our SEC filings. We expressly disclaim any obligation or undertaking to release publicly any updates or revisions to any forward-looking statements contained herein to reflect any change in our expectations or any changes in events, conditions or circumstances on which any such statement is based, except as required by law.

Source: Q BioMed Inc.

Denis Corin
Q BioMed Inc
+1 646-884-7017
email us here
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World’s 1st “LIFE SKILLS OLYMPIAD” launched across 100+countries

Schools from 100+ countries already participated. Have you?

Prepare your child to be a future leader

School students from Grade III-XII can now test their Life Skills readiness

BUENOS AIRES, N/A, ARGENTINA, December 12, 2018 / — Skillizen Learning Foundation, a Singapore headquartered global socio-educational company, has launched “International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO)” for 2018-19. This is the world’s 1st Olympiad that tests young citizens on Life Skills and will be held online on the 27th of January 2019.

Aimed at school children from Grade III to XII, ILSO is a global online test that will be based on the Skillizen Curriculum, the world’s 1st Critical Life Skills Curriculum. This curriculum follows a unique method that transfers even the most complex Life Skills in such a manner, that even an 8 year old can playfully master those skills.

This unique Life Skills test will focus on assessing Skills and Competencies that are essential for young children of 21st century to lead their personal and professional lives. The questions of ILSO 2018-19 will be based on real life scenarios that will test the young students on their application of critical life skills like leadership, ethics, teamwork, communications, empathy, goal setting and many more.

Launching the Life Skills Olympiad, Mr. Sidharth Tripathy, Founder & CEO of Skillizen Olympiad Foundation said, “The children of 21st century need a whole range of critical Life skills to engage, manage and lead the world.” The main prizes for the winners of the International Life Skills Olympiad include free tickets to visit Harvard University in USA, mini iPads and Kindles. Besides the top prizes, there are assured prizes for all participants.

Why should one participate in such global tests? School children are always comparing themselves against their classmates or at best with other children in their own school. While preparing for this test, young minds from grade III-XII will be able to acquire new Life Skills and match their skills levels against the smartest children of the world. Participation in ILSO will perhaps be their first step to become a global citizen.

The editorial team from had the chance to speak with the Chief Convener of International Life Skills Olympiad (ILSO), Mr. Sidharth Tripathy and get his insights on Life Skills & ILSO.

Newzworm: What are Life Skills?

Mr. Tripathy: Life Skills are the skills that we all need to effectively manage the challenges of everyday life, be it at school, at work or in our personal lives. You could say, 'It is a set of skills that enable us to lead our life to its fullest potential'.

Newzworm: People learn such skills as they grow up, why do we need to teach such skills to school students?

Mr. Tripathy: Quite contrary to that common belief, my research work at Harvard University in 2011 revealed that, the human brain can most effectively learn Critical Life Skills only during its hardwiring phase, i.e.; between the age of 6 to 16 years. That research led to the birth of Skillizen, World's first Critical Life Skills Curriculum with a mission to create “Citizens with the Right Skills”.

Newzworm: Are Life Skills and Soft Skills the same thing?

Mr. Tripathy: A definitive meaning and list of Life Skills is something that educators, governments and employers continue to debate worldwide. But irrespective of whether we call them Life Skills, 21st Century Skills or Soft Skills, it is a fact that students who are able to acquire and apply such skills, are much better placed to succeed in the real world beyond schools. Based on recent news, when asked about Skills Gap across the industries, Jeff Weiner, the CEO of LinkedIn strongly emphasized that the biggest skill gap today is in Soft Skills such as Communication, Collaboration etc.

Newzworm: What should parents & schools do to prepare children for the future?

Mr. Tripathy: Today's young citizens will have many new challenges over the course of their lives, with associated stress and the need to evolve. Hence it is important for parents and schools to integrate a Life Skills Curriculum that would help students to acquire and apply skills such as Communication Skills, Teamwork, Leadership, Critical Thinking, Smart Consumer Literacy, and many more. Participation in global tests like ILSO is one of the most recommended steps for parents to get their children started on the journey of Life Skills.

For more information or to enroll, go to

Sidharth Tripathy
skillizen olympiad foundation Pte. ltd.
+91 87506 79770
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Hearing Health Foundation Maintains 4-Star Charity Navigator Rating and Consumer Reports “Best Charities” Distinction

HHF concludes our 60th anniversary year of groundbreaking hearing and balance research with repeat accolades from Charity Navigator and Consumer Reports.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2018 / — Hearing Health Foundation (HHF) concludes our 60th anniversary year of groundbreaking hearing and balance research with a third consecutive four-star rating from Charity Navigator and a third consecutive designation as a “Best Charity for Your Donation” by Consumer Reports.

HHF’s mission is to prevent, treat, and ultimately cure hearing loss through innovative research. The organization also promotes hearing health through education and awareness programs. HHF funded the discoveries that certain animals are capable of restoring their hearing once deafened, and now works toward replicating this phenomenon in people, while also investigating new treatments and cures for other hearing and balance conditions like tinnitus, Ménière's disease, and auditory processing disorder (APD).

Consistent accolades from Charity Navigator and Consumer Reports affirm HHF’s life-changing work is carried out with financial efficiency, accountability, and transparency. HHF’s Board of Directors and the organization’s endowment cover all administrative expenses, so donations from generous supporters fully fund hearing loss research and awareness.

Charity Navigator’s 4-star rating, its highest possible, signifies that HHF executes our mission in the most responsible way. The score considers program, administrative, and fundraising expenses, fundraising efficiency, Board policies, and the disclosure of financial records. Fewer than 25% of the 9,000+ nonprofits evaluated by Charity Navigator have received three or more consecutive 4-star ratings.

Consumer Reports’ annual list of the “Best Charities for Your Donation” aggregates data from Charity Navigator along with CharityWatch and the Better Business Bureau (BBB) Wise Giving Alliance to identify organizations most worthy of donors’ support. This year, HHF is the only hearing loss focused charity to earn a placement on the Consumer Reports roster.

As HHF enters our seventh decade of funding critical hearing and balance research, we express our gratitude to those who have given their time and financial resources in pursuit of new treatments and cures. We’re thankful to have your support in our efforts to improve the quality of life for millions of Americans with hearing loss.

If you haven’t yet, and are able to give, please consider an end-of-year donation with confidence HHF will work diligently to ensure your contribution matters.

You can learn more about Hearing Health Foundation at

Lauren McGrath
Hearing Health Foundation
+1 212-257-6146
email us here
Visit us on social media:

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Together and Beyond: New Mexico Parkinson Disease Coalition and Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance Merge

PMDAlliance is passionate about services, just as the Coalition is. By merging we can allocate more resources to service delivery instead of administration”

— Karen St. Clair

ALBUQUERQUE, NM, UNITED STATES, December 11, 2018 / — The New Mexico Parkinson Disease Coalition and Parkinson & Movement Disorder Alliance (PMDAlliance) recently announced a merger of the two organizations.

The organizations began discussion because of a shared service philosophy. As a result of the merger, programs for people impacted by Parkinson’s and other movement disorders in New Mexico will increase four-fold. The two organizations complement each other in mission and vision.

“PMDAlliance is passionate about services, just as the Coalition is. By merging we can allocate more resources to service delivery instead of administration,” said Karen St. Clair, past Coalition board member from Santa Fe, New Mexico.

“Arizona and New Mexico share similar landscapes, populations, and both have a large number of rural and underserved communities,” St. Clair added. “Working collaboratively we can expand our reach in New Mexico, including extending services to our Native American neighbors and rural communities.”

“I’m a firm believer in mergers when the organizations share similar missions and are compatible in their purpose and goals,” said Sarah Jones, CEO of PMDAlliance. “Bringing everything under one virtual roof creates exponential benefit,” Jones continued. “It saves money and allows us to serve more people in need.” In keeping with its efforts to keep overhead and expenses down, PMDAlliance administration operates online, ensuring that donations and grant funding are used to provide direct services.

PMDAlliance is a nonprofit organization providing educational workshops for group leaders, care partners and adult children of people impacted by movement disorders. The organization serves people across the United States and is not affiliated with any medical practice or institution. As an independent organization, its primary role is to build capacity for people impacted by movement disorders to live life more fully.

Contact: Sarah Jones, PMDAlliance CEO, 800.256.0966 or; Karen St. Clair, NMPC Board Member, 505.780.5864 or

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Source: EIN Presswire