RIC Energy to Partner with Goldman Sachs Renewable Power on the Development of 47 MW of Community Solar Projects

RIC Energy

RIC Energy (RIC) and Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC (GSRP) have announced a partnership to develop a portfolio of solar projects in New York

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RIC Energy (RIC) and Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC (GSRP) have announced a partnership to develop a portfolio of solar projects in New York. Under this partnership, GSRP will acquire 47 megawatts (MW) of community solar facilities located in upstate New York from RIC.

“We are extremely excited to be working with the very capable team at GSRP to help foster the renewable energy transition and achieve New York State’s renewable energy goals while providing quality jobs to upstate communities,” said Jonathan Rappe, CEO of RIC Energy USA. “We hope to be able to further leverage our expertise in project development with the added support from GSRP.”

The nine facilities involved are located throughout National Grid and NYSEG service areas and will generate bill credits to be sold directly to the utilities’ customers, allowing nearly 10,000 households to support clean, local and sustainable energy production.

“A tremendous amount of effort has gone into these projects in working with municipalities to ensure that we are maximizing the ecological and economic benefit to the host communities while minimizing the impact,” said Ivaylo Tomchev, Director of Project Development at RIC. “We are thrilled to be working with an investment partner who understands this dynamic well and is as committed as we are to preserving that balance.”

For more information on RIC Energy, visit www.Ric.Energy.

About RIC Energy
RIC Energy is a leading renewable energy project developer focused on delivering renewable energy and energy storage facilities throughout the United States at the community scale. It is affiliated with the global RIC Energy Group, which also provides engineering, construction, financing and operational expertise across the renewable energy value chain and throughout the world. Please visit www.ric.energy for more info.

About Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC
Goldman Sachs Renewable Power LLC is a privately held company managed by the Renewable Power Group of Goldman Sachs Asset Management (GSAM). GSRP is the sponsor of more than 800 solar projects across 27 U.S. states that collectively have a capacity of more than 2.3 gigawatts of clean, renewable power. GSAM’s Renewable Power Group is comprised of investment professionals with leading industry expertise across transaction sourcing, financial analysis, power markets and physical asset analysis and operations. The team takes a long-term ownership approach to the operations and management of renewable assets and benefits from Goldman Sachs’ extensive network of relationships, leading institutional infrastructure and in-house industry knowledge and experience. The Renewable Power Group is part of GSAM, one of the world’s leading asset managers with approximately $2.0 trillion in assets under supervision globally as of December 31, 2020.

Erin Kelly

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NLR: Millions at risk of leprosy: new study predicts 40 million people need preventive treatment to eliminate leprosy

Young girl in Nepal receives preventive treatment (SDR-PEP) for leprosy

Young girl in Nepal receives preventive treatment (SDR-PEP) for leprosy – photo credit: Tom Bradley

Logo NLR

Logo NLR

Elimination of leprosy on the horizon! Preventive treatment needs to be implemented in all leprosy-endemic countries

With joint action, zero leprosy is on the horizon!”

— Linda Hummel – CEO NLR

AMSTERDAM, NORTH-HOLLAND, NETHERLANDS, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — New research by NLR, until No Leprosy Remains (NLR) and Erasmus University MC, published in PLOS Neglected Tropical Diseases, shows that the cumulative number of individuals requiring preventive treatment is projected to be 40 million globally to reduce the incidence by 90% in 22 years. This demonstrates the scope of the leprosy problem is far greater than the 200,000 new cases reported annually. The estimates at national level are highly relevant to all countries where leprosy is reported as it can support the policymakers and health program managers to design their elimination strategies.

Researchers of NLR, an international NGO aimed to fight leprosy, and Erasmus MC applied mathematical modeling to predict the impact of a combined approach of contact screening and provision of post-exposure prophylaxis (PEP) on new cases of leprosy and to estimate the number of contacts requiring PEP at a global and country level for 25 years. Co-author Professor Jan Hendrik Richardus of Erasmus MC explains: “This study provides important insight into the challenge that remains to reach zero leprosy. It quantifies the actual numbers of contacts that would need to be reached with post-exposure prophylaxis over time and the effort and workload it represents. This estimation is based on the best scientific methodology we have at present to produce such numbers. It should not be interpreted as a precise calculation, but as an order of magnitude exercise to direct policy development in leprosy control and elimination.”

Millions at risk of developing leprosy
This study shows that to reduce the global number of new leprosy cases by 90% within 22 years, just over 40 million people who are at risk to develop leprosy require preventive treatment. This number provides a more realistic reflection of the size of the leprosy problem worldwide. CEO of NLR Linda Hummel, says: “These numbers may seem high. However, it has always been clear that we shouldn’t focus solely on the new cases reported annually. On a global scale, preventive treatment of 40 million people for leprosy is achievable if we coordinate our resources and efforts. Working together effectively with all actors is key. With joint action, zero leprosy is on the horizon!”

The new research provides estimates of people requiring PEP at national level. These are highly relevant as it can support the policymakers and health program managers to design their elimination strategies. It gives insight into the investment that is required to end leprosy globally and nationally. About 80% of all new leprosy patients are detected and reported in India, Brazil, and Indonesia. In these three countries, 33 million people would need to be treated with PEP. The time to reach a 90% reduction in new cases, however, could be shortened if more effective strategies for early diagnosis are implemented, such as extending the number of contacts provided with PEP, a second dose of treatment after 2 years, or the use of a diagnostic test to identify early infection in combination with providing an enhanced PEP regimen.

For most of the 110 countries where leprosy has been reported and transmission is probably still ongoing, the researchers also predict that a reduction of 50% of new cases could be achieved at global level in 5 years if around 21 million people are treated with preventive treatment.

Importance of preventive treatment for leprosy

New preventive interventions have been developed, such as contact screening combined with the provision of a single-dose of rifampicin as post-exposure prophylaxis (SDR-PEP). To interrupt transmission and reduce the number of new cases to zero these new strategies need to be implemented. This should be done by targeting people most at risk of developing leprosy: close contacts (family, friends, neighbors) of new leprosy patients.

Earlier studies showed that this combination of interventions is effective and feasible , and may reduce the risk of developing leprosy in contacts by nearly 60%. It has the potential to near-eliminate leprosy in a single generation, if scaled up globally. This new study, funded by the Dutch Postcode Lottery, makes it even more tangible with an estimated time-frame and number of people who need to be traced and treated.

The World Health Organization (WHO) supports countries in preparing national strategic plans to reach the targets of the Global Leprosy Strategy 2021–2030 in line with the recently launched NTD roadmap 2030. National programs are encouraged to initiate SDR-PEP as recommended by WHO.

About leprosy

Leprosy (also known as Hansen’s disease) is a chronic infectious disease affecting mostly the skin and peripheral nerves. Despite incredible medical advances and many efforts to end this ancient disease, the number of new leprosy cases remains stable at around 200,000 with substantial numbers of people with disability and children among the new cases. The former shows that many patients are still detected late; the latter indicates continuing transmission.

Leprosy is transmitted via droplet infection through the nose and mouth following prolonged, close contact with an infected and untreated person over a longer period is needed to become infected. Leprosy may cause disabilities and creates a vicious cycle of poverty, stigma, unemployment, social exclusion, and mental health problems.

About NLR | until No Leprosy Remains
NLR is an international NGO that has been one of the major change-makers in the fight against leprosy in the past 50 years. NLR takes focuses on research and driving evidence-based innovation to achieve zero transmission, zero disability and zero discrimination due to leprosy. NLR has offices in some of the most leprosy-endemic countries: India, Brazil, Indonesia, Mozambique and Nepal and an international office in the Netherlands. A worldwide total of 200 staff work together to achieve zero leprosy. We continue our efforts until No Leprosy Remains. Find out more: www.nlrinternational.org

Stephen Labib
NLR – until No Leprosy Remains
Visit us on social media:

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New AI tech makes news and entertainment accessible for those with sight loss

‘’We are thrilled to be able to welcome so many of the country’s leading sight loss organisations to our platform and assist in making their information more accessible to blind people.””

— Louise Humphreys

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Launching today, a new AI personal assistant for blind and visually impaired people will for the first time deliver news updates, over 27,000 books, the latest official Coronavirus information podcasts, and helpful information from a range of UK sight loss charities all on the one platform. Developed by RealSAM, the new Smart Speaker solution is innovative technology bringing previously inaccessible news and entertainment content to its subscribers.

For those shielding or simply in need of entertainment in an audio accessible format, the RealSAM Smart Speaker platform (www.realsam.co.uk) hosts thousands of books including the latest releases, radio stations, podcasts, resources from charities and the latest Covid advice ensuring those who are blind or visually impaired don’t miss out on the latest information or launches.

The RealSAM Smart Speaker was trialled extensively ahead of launch by members of the blind community. One member who is registered blind, Roger Wilson-Hinds commented; “The RealSAM Speaker is the companion in the home that blind people need. And to be able to access specialist information from sight loss organisations really is the icing on the cake’’.

As the first accessible hub tailored for those with sight loss, the RealSAM Smart Speaker is a fully voice-controlled media player tool that, once subscribed to, is available to use on your existing Google Home device from today and on an existing Alexa device from May 2021.

Calibre Audio – the national charity providing an audiobook service for anyone with a disability that makes reading print difficult – will be accessible via RealSAM making it the UK’s first audiobook library for blind people on smart speakers. Subscribers to the platform will get access to the latest Calibre book releases, which can include books released on the same day as the print version. The Calibre collection with RealSAM is split into 69 categories including: classics; biographies; crime and popular fiction. Parents looking for additional resources for children who are blind or have visual impairments can utilise over 3,000 audiobooks specifically for children and young people, including Key Stage 1-4, GCSE and A Level texts to assist with studies.

To access the RealSAM Smart Speaker content, a customer simply signs up to the subscription service online to access the Action that is added to your Google Home. To start, people can say “Hey Google, talk to RealSAM”, followed by prompts such as “read me a book” or “find podcasts on Covid-19’’ or ‘’play football results’’ to get the latest information. You can also say ‘’tell me about Henshaw’s’’ for up-to-date information from Henshaws Society for Blind People.

The RealSAM AI technology goes beyond the voice controls normally used on smart speakers through its ability to be multi command controlled. This allows a user to ask a series of building questions – not just a single question and answer, a tool that is particularly useful for anyone needing to operate technology fully by voice. For example, you can search for books by genre, then an author, then a title.

Utilising the latest in AI technology, the new RealSAM Smart Speaker starts from just £19.90 for a 10 month subscription and also hosts content from leading UK sight loss charities such as the RNIB, Henshaws, Galloways, Torch Trust, Blind Veterans UK, and the Peterborough Association of the Blind.

Commenting on the new service, Louise Humphreys, UK Country Manager for RealSAM said ‘’We are thrilled to be able to welcome so many of the country’s leading sight loss organisations to our platform and assist in making their information more accessible to blind people. We developed this service in response to feedback from our partners and customers and hope our dedicated hub will reduce some of the complexity in accessing information for people with sight loss.

The RealSAM Smart Speaker is the latest product to launch from RealSAM. The global leader in developing artificial intelligence powered solutions for people who are blind or visually impaired and the business behind the established accessible smart phone “RealSAM In Your Pocket” launched with the RNIB and O2 in 2018. The RealSAM Smart Speaker subscription is available from £19.90 for new customers. Ask your Google device to ‘Talk to RealSAM’.

The Alexa version will be available from May 2021. For more information, please visit www.realsam.co.uk

Media enquiries please contact: Katie Wright katie.wright@sirencomms.com – 07771 825 069

Phoebe Van Den Bergh
Siren Communications

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Aimée Dudley receives $123,338 from Washington Research Foundation to develop antifungal adjuvants at PNRI

Dudley and her team will test compounds demonstrating significant promise to improve treatments for potentially life-threatening infections

This is an area of huge unmet clinical need, and Aimée and her colleagues are some of the best positioned researchers in the country to make a huge difference in the treatment of patients.”

— Will Canestaro, Ph.D.

SEATTLE, WA, USA, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Washington Research Foundation (WRF) has provided a grant of $123,338 to enable Aimée Dudley, Ph.D., to develop adjuvants to improve the effectiveness of existing drugs used in the treatment of serious fungal infections. Dudley, a senior investigator at the Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI), received a $50,000 grant from WRF in 2016 to carry out preliminary work on this project.

Globally, fungal infections impact more than 1 billion people each year and range from mild superficial infections in healthy people to systemic life-threatening infections in patients immunocompromised by factors including disease, chemotherapy and organ transplantation. Candida infections, for example, are a common cause of hospital-acquired septicemia and of death in extreme low birth weight infants. This problem is compounded because the number of antifungal drugs is small and fungal pathogens are becoming increasingly resistant to them.

Dudley and her colleagues discovered that a naturally occurring molecule, 2-phenylethanol (PE), and a set of structurally similar compounds increased the potency of several antifungal drugs against Candida albicans. The team also found that its PE-based adjuvants increased the efficacy of two specific drugs, fluconazole and voriconazole, against a wide range of fungal pathogens including Aspergillus fumigatus and Cryptococcus neoformans that can cause life-threatening infections for which there are limited treatment options.

The Dudley team's adjuvants have the potential to be developed into topical creams, oral rinses, inhaled aerosols, orally or intravenously administered drugs, medical device coatings and disinfecting agents.

“We have been following Aimée’s work for some time and are extremely excited about the promise of improving outcomes in patients struggling with treatment-resistant fungal infections,” said WRF managing director Will Canestaro, Ph.D. “This is an area of huge unmet clinical need, and Aimée and her colleagues are some of the best positioned researchers in the country to make a huge difference in the treatment of patients.”

The funding from WRF will advance efforts by Dudley and her colleagues at PNRI to translate their discoveries into therapeutics in several ways. First, it will support the purchase of equipment needed to test their adjuvants in vitro against a wider range of fungal pathogens, including many for which current azole therapies are known to be ineffective. Second, it will support a collaboration with the laboratory of Wesley Van Voorhis, M.D., Ph.D., at the University of Washington to characterize the toxicity and pharmacokinetics of the adjuvant molecules. Finally, it will fund a collaboration with the University of California, Los Angeles laboratory of Scott Filler, M.D., to test antifungal adjuvant activity of these compounds in an in vivo mouse infection model.

“WRF has been a fantastic partner,” said Dudley. “They not only provided the necessary funding, but also leveraged their internal expertise and network of external advisors to help us shape the project and the team of collaborators to maximize the translational potential of our discoveries.”

About Washington Research Foundation:

Washington Research Foundation (WRF) supports research and scholarship in Washington state, with a focus on life sciences and enabling technologies.

WRF was founded in 1981 to assist universities and other nonprofit research institutions in Washington with the commercialization and licensing of their technologies. WRF is one of the foremost technology transfer and grant-making organizations in the nation, having earned more than $445 million in licensing revenue for the University of Washington and providing over $112 million in grants to the state's research institutions to date.

WRF Capital, the Foundation’s venture investment arm, has funded 108 local startups since 1994. Returns from these investments support grant-making activities at WRF.

For additional information, please visit www.wrfseattle.org.

About Pacific Northwest Research Institute:

The Pacific Northwest Research Institute (PNRI) is an independent, nonprofit, biomedical research institute with a distinguished history of contributing scientific advances to improve human health. At PNRI, we believe that scientific research is key to solving some of the most difficult challenges that humanity faces. Our research uses innovative applications of genetics, genomics, mathematical methods, and evolutionary biology to address questions with important health and medical consequences. We particularly value research that addresses significant societal impacts.

For additional information, please visit www.pnri.org.


Becky Bruhn
Assistant Director of Development, PNRI
+1 206-568-1489

Will Canestaro, Ph.D.
Managing Director, WRF
+1 206-336-5600
email us here
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A supple, transparent, reusable medical grade face mask with 60 replacement filters.

Ergonomically Designed, CE Approved and Type II mask – bubl is made from flexible polymer that fits snugly around the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin.

Transparent Visibility – The bubl masks are transparent, allowing for natural, empathetic communication by reducing barriers that are caused by traditional masks. You can see facial expressions, emotions and catch visual cues.

Providing a reusable, empathetic and filtrated solution to face coverings, Denpro by Denroyl is introducing its ‘bubl’ to America.

Covid-19 has been devastating. President Biden’s mission to encourage face coverings as a preventable measure is commendable and one that has the potential to reduce the spread of the virus.”

— Kevin McNamee CEO of Denpro

NORTHERN IRELAND, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Providing a reusable, empathetic and filtrated solution to face coverings, one of the world’s leading innovators of high-tech, critical components for the aerospace and medical industries, Denpro by Denroyl is introducing its ‘bubl’ to America.

Following on from President Biden’s request that American’s mask up for his first 100 days, Denpro Global believes its ‘bubl’ will provide an innovative protective solution, ideal for all citizens to use. It also provides a safer alternative to double masking and one that will support the President’s fight against the spread of Covid-19.

Using its US based office and distribution centre Denpro by Denroy with its headquarters in Northern Ireland, has designed a transparent filtration mask coupled with a replaceable eight-hour filtration system, making it 100% reusable. This solution to standard face covering is more breathable than double masking, which could be claustrophobic for those with previous breathing issues and or asthma; plus ensures the air you breath in is cleaner.

The ergonomic design means the mask fits snugly around the bridge of the nose, cheeks and chin. It is also designed to a high spec allowing the wearer to breathe easier. The transparent visibility allows for natural, empathetic communication by reducing barriers caused by traditional masks. The aspect of being able to see facial expressions, read visual cues or even lip read, is a huge benefit. The newly awarded CE mark gives consumers confidence that bubl conforms with health, safety, and environmental protection.

Speaking on bringing bubl to the American people, Kevin McNamee CEO of Denpro said: “Covid-19 has been devastating for the whole world and no country has been able to avoid its impact. President Biden’s mission to encourage face coverings as a preventable measure is commendable and one that has the potential to reduce the spread of the virus. As Covid-19 took hold our business had to pivot in a slightly different direction but with that bubl was born.

“bubl has been extremely well received in the UK & Ireland; so to be able to bring it to America via our US Boston based office is fantastic.”

Lead designer of bubl, Marcus McCay adds: “Our design team has poured the same passion and invention into creating the bubl, as they would have for any other highly engineered product. It is comfortable, reusable and most importantly transparent. Seeing someone simply smile behind their mask, could make a real difference and positively impact many industries across America, who may consider swapping their tradition mask for the bubl.”

Bubl is a barrier mask and comes with 60 filters to be changed after eight hours of use. It retails at $49.95 per pack. Get 20% off your first order using promo code Launch20%. bubl can be purchased online via: https://denpro-us.com


Samantha Livingstone
Rumour Mill Creative Communications
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bubl – A supple, transparent, reusable medical grade face mask with 60 replacement filters.

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Arkstone’s Antimicrobial Stewardship Program(ASP) Provides Skilled Nursing Facilities with Advanced Cost Effective ASPs

Arkstone Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Report for Nursing Homes and LTC

Arkstone’s technology now provides tracking, reporting and monitoring of infections across an entire facility to provide the most comprehensive ASP available.

Our new Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Reports are designed to provide the most effective, and proactive Antimicrobial Stewardship Program available.”

— Ari Frenkel, MD

BOCA RATON, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Arkstone Medical Solutions, LLC, the leading provider of infectious disease laboratory result interpretations and proactive antimicrobial stewardship, announced the new Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Report for even more precise analysis of diagnostic data to enhance existing antimicrobial stewardship programs or provide an ASP for facilities who otherwise do not have a program in place.

Arkstone works side-by-side with molecular laboratories, and the physicians they serve, to provide clarity and comprehension of diagnostic data. Through proprietary AI systems, advanced algorithms and machine learning, Arkstone’s OneChoice® decision engine delivers the most optimal treatment regimen with every microbiology result. Arkstone uses a multitude of references such as John Hopkins, Sanford Guide, CDC and IDSA in combination with infectious disease expertise as well as real time quality assurance input, in order to provide the most up to date evidence based recommendations. Long term care facilities are utilizing laboratories who partner with Arkstone to take advantage of the advanced antimicrobial stewardship programs provided, along with technology that tracks, records and monitors infection trends across their facilities.

“Although The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS), Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), and The Joint Commission advocate for these programs, many facilities do not have the expertise and backing to support robust and comprehensive stewardship programs,” says Sol Levi, co-founder and CCO. “ The new Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Report provides facilities with exactly what they need to have an optimal ASP, and helps fulfill the requirements laid out by CMS and the Joint Commission.

The Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Report includes month to month tracking of infections from many different sources, including respiratory, wound, urine, and GI. The report breaks down the most common types of infections and resistance genes, and analyzes this data so that trends are easily visible, allowing for the implementation of proactive surveillance and infection control policies. The reports also contain dynamic ASP checklists that are custom tailored to each sample source so that a facility can be confident that all the necessary measures and steps are being taken. Specific analysis of microbes of interest, such as COVID-19, C-diff, MRSA and influenza are focused on to ensure the right protocols are in place to avoid the spread of disease. In addition to specific drug expertise, quality improvement measures, treatment algorithms, ASP policies, and continuous education are provided as well as monthly educational newsletters.

“With the growing spread of antimicrobial resistance, ASP programs are essential to all healthcare facilities,” says Dr. Ari Frenkel, Arkstone’s Chief Science Officer and co-founder. “Our new Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Reports are designed to provide the most effective, and proactive ASP available. The fight against antibiotic resistance is a collaborative effort and we cannot win it without every healthcare provider and every healthcare facility actively engaged in this process. We believe this new feature can accomplish just that.”

Features of The Arkstone Antimicrobial Stewardship Monthly Report:
Data monitoring, tracking and reporting
Monthly specimen collection trends
Positive result detection ratio analyzed
Trends of common infections detected per facility
Trends of common resistance genes detected per facility
Specific monitoring of concerning pathogens
Individual specimen source analysis
Lab results summary including OneChoice® recommendations
Policies and program implementation
Treatment algorithms
Infection control recommendations
Infection alerts to prevent outbreaks
Drug expertise
Communication with providers via OneChoice® Report
Targeted therapy and clarity on possible specimen contaminates or colonizers
Antibiotic recommendations against specific pathogens
Monthly educational newsletters
Common pitfalls in testing and treating infections
Statistics regarding common infections in long-term care facilities

About Arkstone Medical Solutions, LLC
Arkstone is committed to stem the global spread of antimicrobial resistance and the misuse of antibiotics by marrying advanced artificial intelligence with a deep understanding of infectious disease. Arkstone’s patent-pending OneChoice® technology helps physicians practice precision-guided medicine through optimal treatment regimen recommendations. Additionally, the proprietary ArkScore system helps providers compare antibiotics at a glance through an easy to understand visual score. Learn more at www.arkstonemedical.com or email info@arkstonemedical.com

Grant Weiss
Arkstone Medical Solutions, LLC
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On International Women’s Day, UNODC (Listen First) Call for Gender and Social Equity to Prevent Substance Use

Maria Melchior (INSERM)

The Science of Keeping Busy

Laura d’Arrigo (MILDECA)

On a day that celebrates women’s achievements, the United Nations Office on Drug & Crime’s ‘Listen First’ campaign is creating materials to help.

"Any policies that support the involvement of fathers raising their children can change the dynamics and the family in a way that is positive for raising healthy children.” ”

— Maria Melchior (lNSERM)

PARIS, FRANCE, March 4, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The roots of International Women’s Day go back to women striking for better conditions, an end to discrimination in garment factories, and the struggle for the right to vote. These days were first celebrated in the United States and Europe. To mark this day, UNODC/’Listen First’ advisers also call for gender equity in the home to create a more equitable world for women and children. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, children and their parents have been forced to stay at home, creating ever more difficulties, especially for vulnerable families.

Maria Melchior is Research Director, Pierre Louis Institute of Epidemiology and Public Health at INSERM and Sorbonne University in Paris, as well as an adviser to UNODC. She highlights both the gender and social inequities in regard to substance abuse. “We know that many problems in the area of substance use and mental health begin early in life and that children who come from less advantaged backgrounds are at higher risk. Those problems also influence their education and socio-economic situation in the longer term. And though it still is the case in most countries that young men are more likely to smoke, drink, and use illegal drugs, young women are also more likely to use different types of substances if they have been victims of violence or have psychological difficulties.”

However, she notes that there are evidence-based solutions, as science demonstrates that staying busy can decrease inattention, hyperactivity, defiance, aggression, and substance use. This is where men can play a key role in both gender and social parity. “There is extensive research showing that positive recreational activities in childhood and adolescence are related to lower risks of substance use and mental health problems,” she points out. “However, creating positive activities for children is not only women's job, but it's also a job for the family. Any policies that support the involvement of fathers raising their children can change the dynamics and the family in a way that is positive for raising healthy children.” 

Laura d’Arrigo is the Diplomatic adviser at the French Interministerial Mission to Combat Drugs and Addictive Behaviors (MILDECA), which sponsors the innovative UNODC ‘Listen First’ program: “The pandemic has changed our way of living in many ways. Many young people cannot go to school and are deprived not only from an education but also from a social life. And in this particular context, listening within the family is even more important.”

To that end, 'Listen First' is an initiative based on science to invest in the well-being of children and youth, their families, and their communities. It proves that listening to children and youth is the first step to help them grow healthy and safe, as well as encouraging other positive behaviours to keep them occupied especially now. Laura d’Arrigo notes: “Scientific evidence clearly shows that developing life skills, such as intellectual autonomy, self-esteem, critical thinking and the ability to resist peer pressure is the most effective prevention of risky behaviours. It also improves performance at school and has a positive effect on the school climate. This is why France is strongly committed to promoting life skills both at the national and international level.

To that end, the United Nations Office on Drug & Crime (UNODC) ‘Listen First’ is releasing its latest video about the ‘Science of Keeping Busy’, for parents, caregivers, educators, and prevention workers to help children worldwide.

The materials, including scientific resources, are available to parents and caregivers in English, Spanish, and French at https://www.unodc.org/unodc/en/listen-first/the-science-of-keeping-busy.html

To watch the new video created by Ethan Films visit this youtube link:

For any visual materials or interviews with Elizabeth Mattfeld, UNODC Program Manager, please contact: miles@ethanfilms.com

To see the complete interviews quoted in this article visit

Elizabeth Mattfeld
+43 699 14598752
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The Science of Keeping Busy

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Greg Scott is the latest artist to champion the conversation around mental health in the music industry


Greg Scott

After Greg gets his big break on NBC’s show Songland, and writes the theme song for the 2020 Olympics, COVID-19 hits, his dream of a lifetime is canceled.

10% of the royalties from “Protector” will be donated to Backline, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources.”

— Motherwolf

BROOKLYN, NY, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — “Protector”— out Friday, March 5th via Motherwolf. Alongside fellow artists and fans, Greg Scott is paving the way and using his “big breakdown” to drive awareness for artists around the world who need help with anxiety and depression with the new music label, Motherwolf.

The song comes after a challenging year for the music industry, including Greg who had expected to have the best year of his career. After winning Songland in 2020, to have his song chosen as the 2020 Olympics theme song, the global pandemic shuttered the opportunity and sent Greg into a dark place. After experiencing panic attacks for the first time, he reached out to his community for help and gained more support than he could have ever imagined. A friend taught him the power of breathwork, which has changed his life forever, and now, he’s ready to share that with the world. Through this release, Greg hopes to encourage fans to practice emotional resilience during these difficult times.

“Protector is about tapping into your breath to overcome struggle,” says Greg Scott and goes on to explain “ it’s about being okay with asking for help because making authentic and honest connections with your audiences during this pandemic, even if it’s online, is way more powerful than faking it. Let’s reach out, listen, support, and protect each other.”

To bring the experience full circle, 10% of the royalties from “Protector” will be donated to Backline, a national 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources. “It’s so important to support the music industry right now. What a moment to pause and reset the stage for how artists and the larger community coexist and remember that true art heals.” says musical collaborator, Murado. Greg chimes in saying, “It’s important to me to raise awareness and funds for music industry professionals like me who need additional support during these hard times.”

Greg will be hosting a breathwork session on his Instagram page date in partnership with Breathwrk, an app that provides free guided breathing exercises to help alleviate anxiety, fall asleep, get energized, and more. Date to be released soon along with other exciting follow-up events.

Motherwolf is a new label created by artists for artists. Motherwolf is driven by human connection, self-expansion and shared experience. The Motherwolf community is conscious, inclusive, and authentic– building trust by protecting the pack and with the belief that experiences are best when they are co-created.

Backline is a non-profit that connects music industry professionals with mental health and wellness resources. Services include case management, support groups, and wellness programs.

Breathwrk guides you through quick and powerful breathing exercises that eliminate stress & anxiety, increase energy, improve endurance, and help you fall asleep. Learn and practice a variety of science-backed breathing methods that are guided by original music, vibrations, and visuals. Explore different sounds and music from Grammy Award-winning artists and feel the breathing patterns with advanced vibrations, and choose between unique visuals.


Colleen Courtney
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Pradeep Balasubramanian Explores Top Injuries of the Shoulder

Pradeep Balasubramanian of Dubai

Pradeep Balasubramanian of Dubai

Pradeep Balasubramanian of Adelaide Australia

Pradeep Balasubramanian of Adelaide Australia

Shoulder Injuries are Common, and Pradeep Balasubramanian Discusses Them in Depth

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, March 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Shoulder injuries are some of the most common injuries amongst athletes. Often, they are caused by repetitive overhead activities. Swimmers, tennis players, and baseball pitchers amongst other athletes, may suffer from such injuries. Pradeep Balasubramanian, Dubai, explores some of the most common injuries of the shoulder and how to prevent them.

According to Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai, a shoulder, elbow, and hand surgeon in the United Arab Emirates, overhead athletes are most prone to shoulder injuries. These include ligament sprains, muscle strains, ligament, and capsular tears, cartilage damage, and rotator cuff problems.

Many people tend to ignore shoulder pain. However, when the pain becomes constant, the shoulder joint function becomes limited or when weakness develops in the shoulder, it is vital to seek medical help. Pradeep Balasubramanian identifies that these problems may get worse if not treated in time.

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai explains that there are many components to the shoulder ball and socket joint. In addition to the humerus (ball) and glenoid (socket), there are also the rotator cuff tendons, the deltoid muscle, bursae around the shoulder, the acromion, and the long head of the biceps tendon.

Depending on the damage, Pradeep Balasubramanian explains that surgery may be necessary to re-attach the muscles, tendons, cartilage, or ligaments or even resect bone. Surgery may address either one or multiple issues at the same time.

Failure to address a shoulder injury can result in further tearing of the muscles and/or tendons. It may even result in long-term dysfunction of the shoulder and arm. In some instances, the muscles may atrophy, and one may never gain full use of the shoulder and arm again.

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai is also quick to identify that not all shoulder injuries are caused by playing sports. Athletes may be among the top sufferers, but anyone can injure their shoulders. Performing simple activities like painting a wall, gardening, or hanging curtains can result in a shoulder injury.

Anyone who suspects they may have a shoulder injury should seek medical attention. Pradeep Balasubramanian explains that a physical exam should always be carried out to discover the origin of pain. Various diagnostic tests may then be undertaken to fully gauge the extent of the damage.

After spending over a decade with athletes who have suffered from shoulder injuries, Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai has seen it all. He understands how the shoulder joint works and what the underlying injuries might be. He recommends performing stretches before extensive overhead activity. He also reminds people to pay attention to the warning signs of an underlying injury.

More About Pradeep Balasubramanian

Pradeep Balasubramanian Dubai is a globally trained shoulder, elbow, and hand surgeon. He attended university in India and has completed three fellowships including 2 in Australia. He currently works as a visiting Shoulder Elbow and Hand surgeon in two emirates in the UAE.

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Jason Freskos Discusses the Future of Yoga in 2021 and Beyond

Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently discussed the future of yoga in 2021 and beyond.

STINSON BEACH, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The future of yoga is uncertain. Similar to most other industries, the COVID-19 pandemic has disrupted the yoga space. The doors of yoga studios have been shuttered, and many yogis have lost motivation with at-home yoga courses. However, this doesn't mean the yoga industry is disappearing. Yoga instructor Jason Freskos recently explained that the yoga space is an adaptive one, and the future of yoga may look different, but it's not going anywhere.

"Yoga is said to date back to around 2700 B.C.," Jason Freskos said. "We can guarantee a single pandemic isn't going to disrupt the space permanently. That said, modern yoga as we know it will experience some changes due to the pandemic this year and likely in years to come."

Jason Freskos explained that returning to traditional indoor group classes will take time. Some studios have been permanently closed, and others expect to return soon. Jason Freskos added that we could also expect to see many yogis hesitant to return until the pandemic has fully passed.

We can expect to see several significant changes when these yoga studios do reopen. Jason Freskos explained that he foresees online sign-ups and check-ins for classes, online payment, and reduced class sizes. Yogis may also be asked to bring all of their own supplies, including mats, blocks, towels, etc.

"Some of the changes the yoga space will see have nothing to do with the pandemic at all," Jason Freskos said. "A major positive change we're seeing is more diversity in the yoga space."

Jason Freskos explained that currently, 72 percent of yoga practitioners are women. However, the number of Americans practicing yoga grew by 50 percent between the years 2012 and 2016. During those years, the number of men doing yoga increased from 4 million to 10 million.

"We're not just seeing more men entering the yoga space, we're seeing people of all backgrounds, ethnicities, and financial standings," Jason Freskos said. "This is proof that yoga isn't going anywhere, as the positivity of the practice itself has the ability to grow despite any setbacks."

Jason Freskos stated that certain yoga instructors, including himself, are currently offering yoga courses free of charge to those who can't afford other classes. Other instructors are reaching out to communities that have never experienced the benefits of yoga. Jason Freskos finished by stating that the practice of yoga is undoubtedly experiencing some setbacks due to the coronavirus pandemic. Still, those pushing yoga forward are proving the future will be brighter than ever before.

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