FASEB Announces 2021 BioArt Competition Winners

Supramolecular Confetti by Jack Kolberg-Edelbrock of Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

Winning Entries Capture Beauty of Biological Research

ROCKVILLE, MD, USA, November 22, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — The Federation of American Societies for Experimental Biology (FASEB) congratulates the winners of the 2021 BioArt Scientific Image and Video Competition. Now in its 10th year, the BioArt competition illuminates the beauty of biological research and helps inspire public curiosity about science. This year’s winners include members of FASEB societies* and represent a wide range of biological research.

“For 10 years, FASEB’s BioArt Competition has showcased captivating imagery from scientists’ research. This year’s competition continued that tradition. We are delighted that so many researchers are celebrating the art of their science by taking part in this competition. FASEB is proud to shine a spotlight on the researchers’ work—much of which is never seen by anyone outside the research communities,” said FASEB President Patricia L. Morris, MS, PhD.

Image Winners
Fluorescence or Electron Microscopy Category
• First Place: “A Bacterial Flower of Death” by Arandeep Dhanda, PhD,* of Simon Fraser University
• Second Place: “Zebrafish Eye” by Lynne Nacke of University of Illinois at Chicago
• Third Place: “Supramolecular Confetti” by Jack Kolberg-Edelbrock of Feinberg School of Medicine, Northwestern University

Other Life Science Images Category
• First Place: “Respiratory Droplet” by Christine Zardecki* of RCSB Protein Data Bank and David S. Goodsell, PhD, of RCSB PDB and The Scripps Research Institute
• Second Place: “MicroCT Scan of 96 Million-year-old Fossil Turtle Shell Surface Texture” by Heather F. Smith, PhD,* of Midwestern University
• Third Place: “Southern Cassowary Casque Development from Embryo to Adult” by Todd Green* of College of Osteopathic Medicine, New York Institute of Technology

Video Category
• First Place: “Journey Through the Organoid” by Thomas Gebert of Baylor College of Medicine
• Second Place: “Infectious Waves” by Kristen Engevik, PhD* of Baylor College of Medicine
• Third Place: “Tissue Clearing of Mouse Spinal Cord” by Karthik Krishnamurthy, PhD,* of Vickie and Jack Farber Institute for Neuroscience, Thomas Jefferson University

*FASEB Society Members

The BioArt competition is open to members of FASEB societies and biomedical and life scientists who receive U.S. federal funding to conduct their research. More information can be found on the BioArt webpage.


FASEB is composed of 30 societies with more than 130,000 members, making it the largest coalition of biomedical research associations in the United States. FASEB’s mission is to advance health and well-being by promoting research and education in biological and biomedical sciences through collaborative advocacy and service to member societies and their members. Visit faseb.org for more information.

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