Brittany Golden of Ballwin Explains the Importance of STEM, Technology and Cybersecurity

Brittany Golden of Ballwin, Missouri Explains the Importance of STEM, Technology, and Cybersecurity

BALLWIN , MO, UNITED STATES , November 22, 2021 / — Brittany Golden Missouri is a student at Lindenwood University. She is pursuing an undergraduate degree in Information Technology with a concentration in Application Development.

Brittany works in the IT department's Tier 1 at Lindenwood University. She aids with routine help desk services by responding to emails and phone calls at her job. She works with users to troubleshoot IT difficulties and changes passwords for platforms like voicemail messages and domain names. Brittany Golden also sets up hardware and software and works to remove malicious software.

Brittany Golden has a lot of expertise as a dog groomer and can provide high-quality animal grooming for customers. She is an expert in grooming practices and is also certified in pet CPR.

Brittany Golden, who resides near St. Louis, has expressed her thoughts on the significance of regular grooming for a dog or cat. Grooming, she feels, can help with skin irritations, fleas/ticks, and the removal of debris and dirt that can irritate an animal's skin when done correctly and as part of a routine grooming process.

There are many advantages to regular pet grooming it can help maintain a healthy, happy pet. Regular grooming habits are also important at home, according to Brittany Golden; pet owners should clip their pets' claws, brush their fur, brush, and make sure to take care of their teeth, in addition to bathing them on a regular basis. The frequency with which these activities are carried out should be determined by a few criteria, including the pet's age and how much time they spend outdoors.

Brushing and bathing pets is a simple habit that is helpful to them. When bathing the animal, the individual should clean the animal's ears and eyes, brush their teeth, and trim their nails. Even though pet owners should use the services of expert groomers, this can make the animal look and feel its best even if expert technicians are not available.

A regular grooming routine for pets can even aid in the early detection of health issues, allowing them to be handled while they are still easily treatable.
Brittany Golden is now concentrating on obtaining skills in STEM and technology, but she also has a passion for animals and a variety of experience and qualifications in this area.

Brittany Golden holds qualifications from a number of organizations, including the National Cat Grooming Association's, Master Cat Grooming Certificate and The Academy of Pet Careers' Pet Empowerment Program certificate. She emphasizes the significance of selecting the best groomer for your pet. This person should be properly certified and have prior expertise with breeds comparable to your pet.

Still, Brittany Golden believes that grooming is more vital for an animal's health and well-being than for its appearance.

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