Clare Medical Enhances AI Based Diagnostic Tool Shown To Accurately Predict and Reduce Hospital Admissions by Over 50%

MOUNT HOLLY, NJ, UNITED STATES, November 19, 2021 / — Clare Medical of New Jersey (, a provider of in-home comprehensive medical care to seniors throughout New Jersey, announced today that it has incorporated two significant enhancements to its novel proprietary Artificial Intelligence (AI) based diagnostic platform, allowing for cost effective scalability and the ability to license the platform to outside healthcare organizations focused on performance and value based care .

Commenting on the enhanced version of the platform, Elie Donath MD MPH MBA, Director of Data Analytics at Clare and lead developer of the platform said, “The first enhancement Clare incorporated into its predictive model is a manner in which patient data can be accessed instantaneously and continuously allowing the algorithm to constantly update – which improves the model’s performance and provides cost effective scalability. Secondly, we incorporated a variety of techniques that enhance provider experience by delineating the variables that drive the model’s prediction and thereby identify the primary reason(s) that a given probability score was generated. In many formal surveys, the issue that holds back broad acceptance of similar algorithms into clinical workflows is the “black box” dilemma in that they don’t elucidate why or how they came to a given conclusion and so providers tend to ignore them. We believe this added feature will make the platform more user friendly and significantly differentiate its AI-based clinical algorithm from others in development or currently used in healthcare settings.”

Clare previously announced positive data utilizing its Artificial Intelligence (AI)-based diagnostic tool and confirmation of the platform's ability to accurately forecast a variety of clinical outcomes, within an error range of only 3%. In the critical measure of reducing a patient's 30-day risk of requiring a hospital/ER visit, among elderly patients with significant disease burdens – who were at very high-risk for a wide variety of clinically significant outcomes, over 50% of the patients identified by the model having an increased risk of a 30-day hospital admission did not require one, following standard clinical intervention. Clare, this month will commence a prospective 300 patient trial, deploying the enhanced version of the model, which is expected to take 3 months to complete. Upon successful completion of the trial Clare expects to deploy use of the model for all its patients.

Commenting on the recent enhancements to Clare’s AI diagnostic tool, Ron Lipstein, CEO of Clare Medical, said, “Accurately predicting a hospital or ER admission and providing a practitioner guidance on what is driving that higher probability, can make our diagnostic tool invaluable. As performance-based care becomes more prevalent, effective predictive models and diagnostic tools such as the one developed by Clare, will become more necessary and valuable to healthcare organizations. This will be particularly true for those involved in performance and value based arrangements and who directly benefit from cost savings generated from reduction of hospital admissions estimated to average over $30,000 for elderly patients with multiple comorbidities . We look forward to the completion of the trial and exploring ways our very compelling diagnostic tool can assist in providing better clinical outcomes and generate value to Clare , our affiliates and other healthcare organizations that can benefit from using this platform.”

About Clare Medical of New Jersey
Clare Medical's exclusive focus is providing comprehensive in-home medical care to seniors and individuals with multiple chronic conditions throughout New Jersey. Our team of mobile clinicians provides timely comprehensive proactive care to patients residing in Assisted Living and Independent Living communities and those residing in their own home. Clare partners with over 60 organizations throughout the state including hospitals, homecare companies, nursing homes and rehabilitation centers which refer Clare patients in need of in-home medical care and with the local community of physicians and clinicians to service their home -bound patients

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Source: EIN Presswire