Top 10 Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development 2021

Top 10 Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development 2021 released at the 3rd World Science and Technology Development Forum

SHANGHAI, 中国, November 17, 2021 / — At the 3rd World Science and Technology Development Forum on November 7, the "Top 10 Scientific Issues Concerning Human Social Development 2021" were jointly released by Guo Huadong, a member of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS), Julian Young, President of the Institution of Engineering and Technology, and Stefano Tonzani, the Lead Editor of iScience. Please visit the video on Youtube.

According to Guo Huadong, these issues mainly focus on the 17 development goals proposed in the United Nations 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development and are based on current and significant topics faced by social development at home and abroad. The ten issues selected are relevant to ecology, medical treatment and information.

The ecology issues include: How to establish a circular economy with nature as its primary concern and achieve sustainable production and consumption to benefit both humans and the earth? What are the complex relationships and feedback mechanisms between climate change and biodiversity loss? How to build terrestrial ecosystem carbon sinks while maintaining ecosystems and conserving biodiversity to promote carbon neutrality goals?
In the medical field, the issues are: What are the pathological mechanisms of major diseases, pathological correlations among diseases, and early diagnosis strategies? How can data and information technology be used to help control and mitigate global pandemics? How can remote artificial intelligence diagnostic expert systems transform traditional medical diagnostic procedures?

The issues in the information field are: How does the human brain process information, and how do humans form intelligence? How does the digital revolution change the sustainable development model of human society? How will high-speed and open information dissemination and trust in machines affect the future structure of human society? In an increasingly tracked and interconnected world, how can people ensure personal privacy and security?

As introduced, the most frequently searched keywords on Scopus, INSPEC and other databases were selected and then handed to the editors-in-chief, editorial board members, and professional strategic scientists of Science Bulletin and other well-known science and technology journals at home and abroad, who discussed and proposed preliminary questions. These questions were posted online for a global vote; the participating scientists came from China, the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada and more than ten countries and regions, covering various research fields such as biology and life science, energy science, environmental science, materials and micro and nanoscience.

Chuang Ling

Source: EIN Presswire