A Burmite Amber Fossil specimen containing a Red Bird from the age of the Dinosaurs

labelled image of the giant Cretaceous bird in amber

labelled image of the giant Cretaceous bird in amber

Head of the bird resting on its front wing

Head of the bird resting on its front wing

close up of the skull shows the bird has incredible teeth

close up of the skull shows the bird has incredible teeth

A complete Cretaceous bird with original red feather pigments in Amber from Hukawng Valley Kachin State in Myanmar is up for sale at Summers Place A in England.

Potentially Priceless the largest most complete Cretaceous bird ever discovered in Amber really brings visions of Jurassic Park to life”

— Terrance McGoo

MUIR OF ORD, INVERNESS, UNITED KINGDOM, November 17, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Cretaceous bird in amber auction is on the 23 November 2021 at Summers Place Auctions

This very transparent golden amber has the remains of a wonderfully preserved winged creature with feathers ranging from a metallic copper to a scarlet red pigment giving this animal the most aesthetically beautiful vivid red colour.

The bird is 100% complete with long lanky legs each having four long thin toes and the wings have 3 fingered claws mid-wing and also hook shaped talons at the end of the wings. The bird has fine single filaments on its body, and feathers on its wings and legs. It also has a tail reminiscent of a real dragon's tail.

The most beautiful thing about this bird is how it changes colour and reveals different layers under different lighting conditions as shown in this series of photos taken with a mobile phone.

Birds when found in amber are usually tiny flat pancake birds and never are they found as large and clean as this fully 3-dimensional one.

This unique prehistoric bird in amber comes with a lab verification report from AGL lab report number 0034516.

Size Comparison of the Red Bird vs Lida Xing's Birds
1) The Red Bird offered by AAKZ is 72.24 grammes / 361.22 carats with dimensions of 64.00mm x 51.10mm x 35.46mm

2) The piece called Oculudentavis is so small they are shy to give the weight even Wikipedia cannot provide the weight and dimensions for this tiny piece of amber!

3) HPG-15-2 (Hupoge Amber Museum, Tengchong City Amber Association, China) is an incomplete avian right hindlimb with plumage from the left wingtip preserved in amber, measuring 34.8mm x 34.4mm x 8.2mm and weighing 5.51 grammes.

4) The infamous pancake bird amber specimen, DIP-V-15102 measures approximately 68mm x 7mm x 51mm, and weighs 14.99 grammes.

The AAKZ red bird amber thickness is 51mm whilst the pancake bird is just like a wafer at 7mm, the red bird is over 72 grammes whilst the piece studied by Lida Xing and co is just 15 grammes and some pieces as low as 3 grammes. We think that a simple size comparison shows that the Red Bird is in a league of its own, on top of that the red bird has true original pigment. The red bird is 100% complete and it also includes a second smaller complete bird lying between its legs. The amount of money wasted on these tiny ambers is very obvious when compared to the massive Red Bird in amber.

The 'Cretaceous birds' in research papers by people like Lida Xing, Jingmai O'Connor, McKellar and Chiappe are questionable studies done on poorly sourced cheap flat murky pancake specimens with a deliberate use of ambiguous language by the authors. These scientists are more into the marketing of fossils with Lida Xing claiming in TV interviews that pancake birds in amber are selling for up to 500,000$. Here at Advanced Amber we normally sell pancake birds in a range of 500$ to 5000$ depending on size and quality. The large 3D clear specimens are in a league way above anything ever researched so far. This is not the only retraction that these scientists have made and their dubious work and roadshow marketing of amber fossils has ironically impeded their research. At AAKZ we do not try to deceive fossil lovers regarding the availability and true quality range of specimens and instead we strive to bring you the very best top quality Cretaceous birds in amber at very fair prices. McKellar himself has very limited knowledge of Burmese amber and research methodologies which adds to a number of mistakes and retractions, he even mistook a lizard for a bird that was shamelessly published in top tier journals prompting a lot of animosity in the paleo community, that bird was named Oculudentavis. Unlike these commercial paleontologists AAKZ does not offer dubious small fragments of flat amber that is difficult to understand, instead of providing a rotting bird corpse in amber we strive to bring you perfectly posed 100% complete specimens in clear amber. We achieve this seemingly impossible goal by painstakingly searching for amber filled tree hollows in fossilized trees 60 meters under the ground. McKellar on the other hand studies small tiny trinkets that have been bought in commercial little gem markets near the Chinese border without putting in the investments of knowledge, time and money made by AAKZ.

99 million years old (Cretaceous)
Origin: Hukawng Valley, Myanmar (Burma)
Weight: 72.240 grammes / 361.22 carats
Dimensions: 64.00 x 51.10 x 35.46mm

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