Bronze Square Labyrinth Releases Article Describing Megalithic Sized Monument to Honor the Classical Elements of Nature

Bronze Square Labyrinth 3-D Megalith Concept

3-D Concept of a Bronze Square Labyrinth Megalith

Bronze Square Labyrinth 3-D Megalith Concept

2nd Angle of a Bronze Square Labyrinth Megalith

Bronze Square Labyrinth 3-D Megalith Concept

3rd Angle of a Bronze Square Labyrinth Megalith

The article calls for contributions and submissions for professional architectural renderings to display these Pyramidal Labyrinths on a monumental scale.

LOS ANGELES, CA, USA, November 15, 2021 / — “Unlike a maze that forces decisions, in a labyrinth, the only decision is whether or not to turn back before reaching the conclusion, in this case, the center.” – Designer Giacomo Aureo of Southern California, U.S.A.

Introducing a series of square-style labyrinths where 3 equal length parallel diagonal lines connect the open corner to the center section, coined: Three Wise Men Labyrinths. Apart of the series are one-line-type labyrinths, which can be generated by using one singular line, aside from the center X and open corner marker, which aren’t required, yet add a completed touch.

The featured “Bronze Square Labyrinth" exhibits proportions that touch close to Phi, or the Golden Section, in more than 5 places – hence the bronze title. The concepts are explained in depth in the newly released article, “Three Wise Men Labyrinths: Basic, Bronze, Silver, and Gold” on the associated website, where golden-section calipers are shown measuring the images to prove the near-Phi significance. Aureo also introduces other “Contemporary classics worth the stare” as well as the ideas for 3-D structures as pyramidal art installations and municipal applications.

Displayed in that same article is the featured image displayed from four different perspectives, providing a more complete and comprehensible glimpse of the vision.

Giacomo describes how “Rolls of canvas can be interchangeable pyramid faces, with or without a permanent glass exterior." The open-half height, from corner to corner, is low enough to step over, and/or see over which provides an inviting atmosphere. Also worth mentioning, the keen eye will notice that with dual walk-able lanes and a dedicated entrance and exit, this design permits continuous flow without cross traffic.

Location-specific stylizations are certainly numerous, possibly wondrous, and some of the potential aspects presented include a stylized water feature, capstone styled lantern atop obelisk, film / light projector, and at the center apex could be a Tesla coil atop a vertical wind turbine.

The website displays 3-D designed images of several types, one of which features “Stairs up to the top, with an elevator option in the center that goes down to, or below, surface level.” Another type described could be a water dominant style, “perhaps with small boats towed to the center and back.”

Structures can be aligned with the cardinal directions, either as single labyrinths, or in a complex near river and roadway crossings, to be seen from the bridges – such as West Memphis on the Mississippi. Aureo claims, “Considering the catastrophe that was averted when the I-40 bridge was shut down due to structural damage, the insurers could develop a monument dedicated to the lives saved by the closure, and still come out ahead financially when compared to what they could’ve had to pay-out in settlement claims had lives been lost due to bridge collapse and inspection negligence.”

“The concept could also fit well,” Aureo continues, “As a pyramidal labyrinth complex at 4 Corners National Monument, with one Labyrinth in each state: AZ, UT, CO, NM, plus one central labyrinth where walkers cross in-and-out of the four states to get to the center.”

Other potential locations described include: hanging gardens in N.Y.C.’s Central Park and S.F’s. Golden Gate Park, Washington D.C.’s National Mall / Arlington National Cemetery, and near existing megalithic pyramid sites, such as those found in Egypt, Mexico, China, etc.

The website calls for submissions for architectural renderings, and the linked Patreon account claims the first $1,000 raised will fund a design contest where contributors can vote for their favorites. Further contributions are intended to secure engineering services, construction sites, permits, and development costs for what could be a neat addition to the roadways and rivers, special sites, and surrounding cultures.

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Source: EIN Presswire