Emotn UI: A More Concise Smart TV Desktop

NEW YORK, US, November 10, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Emotn UI(https://app.emotn.com/ui/) is a user-friendly custom desktop software, with a rich online wallpaper inventory, you can switch the wallpaper you want anytime, anywhere according to your mood. At the same time, it supports users to upload personally made wallpapers and share them with other users. It has a scientific technical architecture, has the advantage of low performance, and can replace the native system desktop.

Emotn UI ,as a desktop software realizes the wallpaper sharing function. Users can share their favorite or made wallpapers on Emotn UI to share with other users, realizing interactive functions. One of the great advantages of Emotn UI is that its operation is very simple, whether it is downloading or using, it brings convenience to users. After Emotn UI is installed, the user's computer does not have any lag, and only takes up a small amount of memory.

Furthermore, Emotn UI can replace the native desktop. It will make your desktop look more advanced and tidy. Because it adopts a scientific technical architecture, it will make users feel that its desktop has been upgraded, the arrangement is more tidy, and the applications are more vivid.

Emotn UI also has a built-in small plug-in that is the weather forecast function. Although it is just a small plug-in, it can make the user's desktop more complete and rich.

With a humanized design and a rich structure, Emotn UI brings users a unique desktop wallpaper, allowing users to feel a brand-new desktop design. Here below is the download address of Emotn UI, users can download both on Emotn Store and TVsBook.

Emotn Store:https://app.emotn.com/ui/

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Source: EIN Presswire