Bisk and Southern California University of Health Sciences Partner to Deliver Online Degree Programs

Health sciences and human genetics and genomics are revolutionizing medicine and vital to improving global health

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 3, 2021 / — Bisk, a global leader in online education, and Southern California University of Health Sciences (SCU), a private university specializing in health sciences, announce their partnership to provide degree programs for students to earn their Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences (BSHS) and Master of Science in Human Genetics and Genomics (MSHGG).

Designed for current students, recent graduates, clinical laboratory scientists and working professionals, the programs will provide uniform online asynchronous courses to reach learners, regardless of their location, who want to continue their education without disrupting their lives. With Bisk’s experience in learning design instruction, students will have access to unique, cutting-edge courses.

“Health sciences has become the driving force in medical research as the global pandemic has evolved, progressed and created a stress within the healthcare industry,” said Dr. Jennifer King, executive director of academic success for Bisk. “Launching these programs is timely and necessary to meet demands, get trained geneticists into the field and improve overall global health.”

The BSHS program allows customized concentrations and three accelerated paths for students to pursue healthcare careers in public health, chiropractic, human genomics, physical therapy or epidemiology, among others. The courses prepare students to work in the field focusing on the most current healthcare issues, and graduates are prepared to sit for certification as a health education specialist. The BSHS provides an accelerated pathway to the MSHGG program, which students can complete in one year.

The MSHGG program is designed for students seeking a genomics-centered biotechnology career in the industry or academia. The curriculum emphasizes practical skills, bioethics, and emerging technologies such as gene editing and gene therapies. The MSHGG degree is also valuable to clinical laboratory scientists who wish to further their careers and expand their opportunities. Both programs offer part- and full-time options.

“Lessons from past pandemics help us understand where disease comes from and how to proactively tackle current and future disease,” said Dr. Toby Spiegel, program director for Bachelor of Science in Health Sciences at SCU. “Partnering with Bisk allows us to offer interactive and innovative courses that provide learners with the most advanced content and developments in the field of health sciences.”

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