Prime IV of St. George Offers Support for Health Goals to Save Time and Money

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness - St. George, Utah

Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – St. George, Utah

IV drips like The Revitalizer can help people get back on their feet quickly

One drip our customers seem to really like is The Revitalizer. It lives up to its name and can give you a little boost and have you back on your feet in less than an hour.”

— Heidi Neville, owner of Prime IV St George

ST. GEORGE, UTAH, UNITED STATES, October 20, 2021 / — For many people, life can seem too busy to even take a multivitamin, let alone have an annual check-up. Customers are recommending Prime IV of St. George as a proactive approach to improved health. Known for injections and its spa-like location, Prime IV of St. George delivers IV hydration drip therapy to help people feel their best, even when they’re at their worst.

“Being proactive with your health can save you loads of time and money in the long run,” said Heidi Neville, owner of Prime IV St. George. “Whether it’s an IV to help a hangover or just an extra boost of vitamins this flu season, we have something for you. One of our customer favorites is The Revitalizer. It lives up to its name and can give you a little boost and have you back on your feet in less than an hour.”

The Revitalizer contains the following:
• B-Complex
• Double Dose of B-12
• Double Dose of Taurine
• L-Carnitine

For those unable to come into a retail location—for health or other reasons—Prime IV offers a variety of mobile membership packages to make getting healthier much easier.

Mobile Membership Packages
Prime Essential Membership
• 1 IV of your choice
• 1 B-12 or Lipolean injection
• 1 mobile visit

Transformation Membership
• 2 IV of your choice
• 2 B-12 or Lipolean injections
• 2 mobile visits
• 15% off additional IV

Ultimate Membership
• 4 IV of your choice
• 3 B-12 or Lipolean injections (including vitamin D)
• 4 mobile visits
• 20% off additional IV

Schedule a Drip Day
Get IV drips in the convenience of your own home or office or at the Prime IV location nearest you. We accommodate any size group and look forward to serving you, your family and friends, and your business. Contact us for more details about group rates.

About Us
Prime IV Hydration & Wellness – St. George (located at 558 East Riverside Drive #104 St. Geroge, UT 84790) is staffed by people who are passionate about health and wellness. Based on the growing demand for better physical health, our infusion specialists deliver personal consultations as well as higher doses and better formulas than you will find elsewhere. We provide top-of-the-line IV drip therapy, with IV vitamins, amino acids, cocktails unlike what others currently offer. Our spa-like experience gives customers the benefits of an IV hydration therapy and plays a role in helping them stay hydrated, boosting their immune systems, increasing energy levels, accelerating weight loss, and more. For those unable to visit our retail locations, our mobile service can deliver IV treatments to your home or office.

Contact us online at, via email at, or by calling 435.522.5005. Prime IV Hydration & Wellness now has four Utah locations with stores in St. George, Lehi, Riverwoods (Provo), and South Jordan.

Prime IV St. George is a franchisee of Prime IV Hydration & Wellness based in Colorado Springs, CO. For details, visit


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