Osmosis.org Completes Successful, Values-Driven Company Hackathon

SALT LAKE CITY, UTAH, USA, October 20, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Embodying Osmosis.org’s core value of Imagine More (creativity), the company recently held a 70+ teammate hackathon during the week of October 11-15, 2021. Cross-functional teams came together to ideate, build, and even launch a number of values-driven projects, ranging from a next-generation mobile app to an avatar-creator for Osmosis learners.

“While we've hosted several in-person department-level hackathons, this was our first remote company-wide hackathon,” said Hillary Acer, the VP of People and Experience at Osmosis.org. “It was a great opportunity for our teammates to step away from normal work and innovate on new projects, collaborate with teammates, and execute on projects that move our mission forward. I was thrilled to see the level of engagement, enthusiasm, and creativity from this group! We're already starting plans for our 2022 Hackathon!"

Awards were presented in seven categories based upon Osmosis’s six core values and a bonus award for the project that most exemplified the hackathon’s extraterrestrial theme: Start with the Heart, Imagine more, Open your Arms, Reach Further, Spread Joy, Have Each Other’s Backs, and Most “Out of this World”. The seven winners were:

Start with the Heart: The Values-Driven Swag Collection Team pitched plans to release new collections of Osmosis apparel and accessories with exclusive designs that will delight Osmosis learners and partners alike.

Imagine More: The Creative TikTok and Instagram Reels Team innovated on the Osmosis format to create educational and entertaining short-form videos that will appeal to our existing and future audience.

Open your Arms: The Integrated Study Features Team reimagined how best to integrate innovate Osmosis features such as the Study Schedules, Workspaces, and Playlist tools into a new, unified interface, with plans to include linked content in documents and scheduling, personalized library of videos, documents, and flashcards.

Reach Further: The Next Generation Mobile App Team presented a new design for the Osmosis iOS and Android apps with videos, playlists, and related features, as well as improved search features and video experience with transcripts and the ability to download and save videos.

Spread Joy: The Osmosis Avatar Builder Team made several new features to enable Osmosis learners to create and download a detailed avatar of themselves in the unique Osmosis style, improving personalization and diversity.

Have Each Other’s Backs: The Content Updates Team worked to enhance our strategy and workflow, including streamlined communication of feedback from learners to enhance their experience.

Bonus: Most “Out of this World”: The Custom Content Creation Team worked with Osmosis’s Diffusion Studios to create customizable prints and downloads, embedded engagement features, and increased animation variety to improve and expand product features through visual diversity and interactivity.

“I was blown away by the amount that teams were able to get done in the week they had,” said Daniel Sellers, the VP of Engineering. “These hackathons are particularly important to us culturally as a remote team. They provide important opportunities to build relationships inside and outside of our normal roles within the company. This was our best one yet, with some fantastic projects and activities that helped recharge the team and get everyone excited for the future.”


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