SPIRULINA WORLD FOOD How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet by Robert Henrikson

Spirulina World Food

Spirulina World Food : How this micro algae can transform your health and our planet

Spirulina World Food video trailer on Youtube.com

Spirulina World Food video trailer on Youtube.com

Spirulina World Food back cover

Spirulina World Food back cover

The complete guide to a powerful food that can help rebuild our health and restore our environment. Revised and updated 2021.

RICHMOND, CA, USA, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Once a food of the future, now millions of health-conscious people around the world are enjoying this powerful food packed with unusual phytonutrients, antioxidants and bioactive compounds with proven health benefits.

By producing food and a dazzling array of products from micro algae like spirulina within a circular bioeconomy, using only 10% of the land area compared to conventional crops, we can release agricultural land for rewilding, new forests and carbon capture.

This 3.6 billion year old algae designed by nature can help restore our personal and planetary health.

The author, Robert Henrikson, has been developing algae as a world food resource for over 40 years. He has been President of a major algae food company, founder of the world’s largest spirulina farm, visited farms around the world, and built and operated his own smart microfarms. He has been eating spirulina for 40 years, about as long as anyone.

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With 400 color photos, graphs and tables, this book covers:
• Clean green energy for vibrant health using this superfood.
• Scientific discoveries revealing health and medical benefits.
• How spirulina is ecologically grown, delivering more nutrition per acre than any other food.
• Growing in developing world villages, harvesting from lakes and new microfarm algaepreneurs.
• How spirulina uses land and water more efficiently than other food crops to benefit our climate.
• How big investments in algae will grow food, its bio-packaging and a dazzling array of new products.
• Algae schemes and dreams in a circular bio-economy to restore and regreen our planet.

About The Author
Robert Henrikson has been a green business entrepreneur for over 40 years in algae, bamboo and carbon resources. He is CEO of Smart Microfarms, developing scalable microalgae systems for urban, vertical and rooftop farms and for algae food products that are local and sustainable. Operating a microfarm in the San Francisco Bay Area CA and marketing SpiruSource® products.

Robert advises entrepreneurs, companies, investment and law firms in microalgae production and marketing, business plans and strategies. A pioneer in algae production and marketing, he was a founder of Earthrise Farms, world’s largest spirulina algae farm. For 20 years as President of Earthrise Company, he promoted Earthrise® Spirulina and green superfoods in 30 countries. Robert has visited algae farms and companies all over the world. Presents at conferences, writes for industry media and has produced over 20 educational videos. Voted Algae Ambassador in Algae Industry Magazine 2015 International Readers Poll.

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Spirulina World Food video trailer

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