DYN’R US Aligns with Legion Healthcare Partners for Proton Therapy Medical Education Program

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Comprehensive CME teaches organ and healthy tissue protection during cancer radiation therapy utilizing SDX® Respiratory Gating System

NORTH MIAMI, FLORDA, USA, October 5, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — DYN’R US today announced a high-level continuing medical education (CME) alliance with Legion Healthcare Partners. The strategic partnership will deliver a first-class education and training program to radiation therapy professionals, highlighting the features and benefits of optimal Proton Beam Dosimetry when adding the high-tech SDX® Respiratory Gating System to cancer treatment.

The program is offered through both synchronous and asynchronous online learning, which includes a required clinical exercise component. The training for registered students will be virtual, beginning October 22, 2021.

French-based industry leader DYN’R Medical Systems developed the revolutionary SDX® Respiratory Gating System, which is the most effective monitoring solution during proton therapy for patients. The purpose of the system is to guard against treating unaffected, healthy tissues. The cutting-edge technology enhances therapeutic accuracy and incorporates direct lung volume measurement with clear bio visual feedback to guide the patient throughout the session.

“We are excited to provide industry-leading education and training for proton professionals to protect their patients,” said Legion Healthcare Partners Director of Global Education and Training Cheryl Turner.” It is a privilege to partner with DYN’R, clinical experts at New York Proton Center and Inova Schar Cancer Institute. This is a great opportunity to share real experiences about the use of motion management. Clinicians will receive first-hand knowledge from colleagues and peers while applying these concepts to didactic coursework. This is a win-win for everyone.”

The SDX® system significantly increases the treatment’s margin precision while treating moving tumors. Therapists have real-time access to internal organ positioning, and are empowered to decide whether, when given an option to increase radiation dosages, the possibility of collateral damage can decrease. Thus, the ability to see radiation sites with such precision makes it possible to spare nearby organs and healthy tissue.

The SDX® Respiratory Gating System involves the patient’s use of a video goggle system. Studies show that the goggles increase patient confidence and mastery of the DIBH (deep inspiration breath hold) technique with a 95% success rate.

The proven SDX® Respiratory Gating System, in use for 20 years, has the reputation as the global medical standard to follow the physicians’ oath to do no harm. Two hundred of the best radiation centers in 16 countries rely on the system. SDX® is regularly used at top universities, including the University of Pennsylvania, University of Michigan, University of Maryland and the University of California San Francisco. After two years of use in the U.S., 30% of proton centers, including the New York Proton Center, Inova Schar Cancer Center, Cincinnati Proton Center for Children and Cleveland Clinic, have increased optimal patient outcomes.

Dr. Arpit Chhabra, Radiation Oncologist at New York Proton Center adds, “motion management is imperative in the delivery of proton therapy when treating moving tumors. Through our long-standing relationship with DYN’R, we have added the SDX breath hold system to our NYPC technology toolbox. Over the years, we have gained a breadth of experience utilizing the system and have collaboratively coordinate with DYN’R to disseminate this experience to our peers. This knowledge exchange is critical to ensure users are comfortable and additionally provides a platform to develop further advancement in motion management strategies.”

DYN’R Medical Systems is an industry leader in spirometry and respiratory measurement. It created the SDX® System to serve an essential function: managing thoracic and abdominal tumor motion during imaging and radiation therapy. DYN’R US is the exclusive distributor of the SDX® System.

Legion Healthcare Partners is a group of healthcare executives, clinical advisors and domain experts providing financing, development, management services and certified educational programs for radiation oncology with an emphasis on proton therapy.P
The Legion Proton Therapy education and training program offers CE credit hours for program participants, who will receive the highest-quality training from prominent proton therapy experts.

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