Eden Biologics Introduces New Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Steve Lee

Eden Biologics, Inc.

Eden Biologics, Inc.

Eden Biologics, a leading global biotechnology company based in Taiwan, announced the appointment of Dr. Steve Lee as the new CEO and Director of the Board.

HSINCHU, TAIWAN, September 1, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Eden Biologics, Inc., a leading global biotechnology company based in Hsinchu, Taiwan, announced on September 1st, the appointment of Dr. Steve Lee, an accomplished biotech executive with broad experience and entrepreneurial leadership, as the new CEO and Director of the Board, effective immediately. Dr. Steve Lee is a highly respected CEO and global business leader with a distinguished track record in biologics research, bioprocess development, technical operations, business development, strategic planning, and commercial manufacturing in a highly regulated environment and emerging markets for over 30 years. Specifically, Dr. Lee has led changes in transforming companies into high-performance organizations in biotech startups and large biopharmaceutical groups in the United States and Asia.

James Huang, Chairman of the Board of Eden Biologics: “We are very excited to welcome Dr. Steve Lee as Eden Biologics’ new Chief Executive Officer. He is a well-recognized, proven scientific leader at a time when Eden is in excellent position to accelerate growth and innovation and I am very pleased to welcome Dr. Lee as our new CEO. Dr. Lee has excelled at strategic leadership and efficient operational execution throughout his career and is well-positioned to continue to enhance Eden’s thriving biologics development while maintaining a hyper focus on our vision to make affordable, high-quality biological medicines for all patients in need. His invaluable commercial expertise in the manufacturing of both therapeutic biologics and novel vaccines amplifies the company’s strategic direction and I’m ecstatic to have him lead Eden and take advantage of all future global market opportunities.”

Previously the CEO and Founder of BioGENEXUS, LLC, Dr. Lee developed disruptive innovation and breakthrough manufacturing technology platforms while providing biotech consulting services globally. Now he brings his extensive biotech industry experience, strong leadership and passion to Eden Biologics with hopes of expanding Eden’s innovative, cost-effective biologics development platform and commercial manufacturing alliances in both Asia and the US. Before founding his own firm, Dr. Lee was the Global Head, Biologics Technical Operations and CEO of Singapore Operations for Dr. Reddy’s Labs (DRL) Biologics, one of Asia’s leading biosimilar developers and was responsible for overseeing the manufacturing four commercial biologics while supporting six biosimilars in development. Before Dr. Reddy’s Labs, Dr. Lee was the Global Head, Biologics Business of Luye Pharma Group, a China-based pharmaceutical company, which acquired A-Bio Pharma in Singapore, a pioneering biotech company founded by Singapore government, where he served as CEO.

Prior to his return to Asia, Dr. Lee was Vice-President and General Manager, Process Development and Biologics Manufacturing, Bristol-Myers Squibb Company (BMS) where he was responsible for leading the Syracuse, New York Manufacturing and Process Development groups, developing and launching a wide range of protein therapeutics and late-stage development biologics. Most impressively, under severe time constraints, Dr. Lee established a high-performance team to develop sustainable infrastructure for the BMS biologics franchise and obtained FDA approval to launch the very first BMS internally developed biologic, Orencia® for autoimmune diseases. He also served as the Head of Biologics Development Center of Excellence and led a cross functional team to build its own large-scale commercial Cell Culture Manufacturing Facility (6×20,000L bioreactors) in Devens, MA, which enabled BMS to expand effectively as the immuno-oncology giant today. Prior to joining BMS, Dr. Lee also worked for two global pharmaceutical companies: Merck & Co., Inc. and Hoffmann-La Roche, Inc., both located in the US. At Merck, Dr. Lee held several positions of increasing responsibilities at both Merck Research Laboratories in Rahway, NJ, where he developed various bioprocesses for vaccines and biologically derived therapeutics including launching antifungal agent, Cancidas®; and Merck Manufacturing Division in West Point, PA, where he built and led an integrated sterile process, engineering and technical services group to support all commercial biologics and introduced novel vaccines.

Dr. Lee received his Ph.D. in Biochemical Engineering from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT); M.S. in Chemical Engineering from The University of Michigan; B.S. in Agricultural Chemistry from National University of Taiwan.

About Eden Biologics, Inc.
Eden Biologics is a biopharmaceutical company established in 2012 and after a transformation under new executive leadership led by James Huang, Chairman and CEO (also Managing Director of KPCB China), Eden continues to focus on three biotech sectors: 1) Accelerating the development programs for clients through the provision of Contract Development and Manufacturing Services (from cell line development to commercial manufacturing with regulatory filing support; 2) Developing a Proprietary Biosimilar Pipeline; and 3) Collaborating & Licensing of New and Innovative Biologics.
For more information, please contact us at partner@edenbiologics.com

Yen Hsieh
Eden Biologics, Inc.
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Psychic Mediums Talk To the Dead And The Living According To TheHelpfulPsychic.Com

Learn About The Helpful Psychic

The Helpful Psychic Clairvoyant Readings

Psychic Mediums See The Future Of The Dead And Living

Psychic Mediums Are Clairvoyant

Challenging Work For Psychic Mediums

Getting Help From Psychic Mediums

Psychic mediums can usually speak to the living and the dead.

Psychic Mediums Often Do Love Readings”

— "Mediums Often Work On The Living And The Dead"

SANTA BARBARA, CA, USA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — It is important for psychic clients to know that psychic mediums can speak to the living and the dead. According to thehelpfulpsychic.com, people often assume that clairvoyants can only answers questions about the dead during a reading. However, this is often not the case.

Psychic mediums are usually clairvoyant and speak to the living as well says author Twin Flame Writer. Clairvoyants often have the gift of seeing into the past, present and future of people that have died and that are also alive right now. It is possible for a medium to be spiritually gifted in different ways. It is important to ask the medium if they can do both.

Having a medium that talks to the dead and the living can often save someone both time and money. Often, clients will ask a medium a question about someone that has died. However, they fail to ask the psychic a question about someone that is living.

Mediums often do not advertise that they do both. It can be somewhat misleading because it does not let clients know that you can ask a medium a question about most any topic. This of course depends on the person that is reading the energy.

For centuries, psychics have been speaking to the dead. It is okay to ask a psychic a question about the future or what may happen later on down the road for a person in love, money and career.

Psychic mediums today do psychic readings through chat, phone, email and video. It is possible for someone to get a psychic reading in person as well. It all depends on where the psychic medium is working.

For centuries, clairvoyants have helped people to find calmness after someone that they know has died. It is hard to imagine never speaking or seeing your loved one again. Author Twin Flame Writer says that mediums can make some people feel like they can still go on with their life.

Losing a loved one can be more devastating for some and not others. It is important to address a person’s needs individually. Psychic mediums often pick up on names, dates and locations. They often can tell the living person of a particular trait that the dead person had or perhaps a hobby that they had. In this way, the client can determine if they are really talking to their dead loved one.

Mediums are often surprised that they only get questions about dead people. Many psychics feel that they are not fully understood or that their job skills are not entirely understood a lot of the time.

It is important for a medium to feel that they can connect with the person that is sitting in front of them. Today, psychics around the world are finding that the internet is a great place for them to work.

In the 21st century, many psychics are feeling less ashamed of their work. It was hard being a medium in past centuries. Mediums were often bullied and called evil by the general public. Today, psychics are often being called helpers and people that soothe the hearts of the living.

Thehelpfulpsychic.com covers the topic of mediumship entirely. They have written numerous articles about how mediums live and what they do best. Anyone can learn a lot from this website because it educates the public about everything from soulmates to metaphysics.

Getting help from a medium today is not that hard. All that someone must do is search for a medium online and book a reading with them. It can take only a matter of minutes.

The internet today makes it easy to connect with readers because anyone can access a website and get help. It is not like the “old days” in which a person would have to travel in order to get a psychic reading.

Today, the world wide web is making it possible for anyone to get help. Author Twin Flame writer of soulmatetwinflame.com says that she enjoys helping people to learn more about mediumship because she gets readings herself and has been studying mediums for years.

Thehelpfulpsychic.com has writers that carefully research information about soulmates, astrology and psychics. Anyone can learn more about spiritual workers through their website.

The authors of the website all come from a metaphysical background and are experts in their field of study.

Soulmate twin flame is a website that is open to anyone that wants to read a story and educate themselves about the topic.

Mediums around the world are helping people to learn more about the art of spiritual help. It is not every day that a person can learn more about a dead relative. It is important to get a psychic reading when the timing is right says the author.

Getting a psychic reading takes careful planning and know how. Everyone can use a little extra help when it comes to consulting with the dead. Mediums are now helping men and women with love questions as well.

Thehelpfulpsychic.com says that it is important to keep a journal of the reading after someone receives it. Often, a person will not remember what the psychic told them a few months after receiving advice. If someone keeps a journal of their encounter, they can always refer back to it if the psychics words come to pass. In this way, a person can know if they are dealing with a real psychic or not.

Clairvoyant is a gift that is often overlooked says author Twin Flame Writer. The idea of being able to speak to the dead is often ignored. However, the ancient world used to do a lot more mediumship type readings than we do today. At one time in history, a great majority of the world believed in talking to the dead. In today’s world, it is not as common.

We live in a world today that is complex and often misunderstood. Having a medium close to your side can assist in getting through rough times.

Denise Harshmzlk
The Helpful Psychic
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A new creative year starts after Russian Creative Week


14 industries
300+ events
700+ speakers
10,000000+views online
Russian and foreign sources media coverage – 700 000 000

MOSCOW, RUSSIA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — This year the Russian creative week was attended by:
• First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation Sergey Kiriyenko
• Head of the Presidential Administration for Public Projects Sergey Novikov
• Minister of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation Valeriy Falkov
• Mayor of Moscow Sergey Sobyanin
• President of the Russian Book Union Sergey Stepashin
• Chairman of the Board of the PJSC Novatek Russian gas company, Chairman of the board of leading Russian petrochemical holding Sibur Leonid Mikhelson
• CEO of Gazprom-Media Holding Alexander Zharov
• CEO of the National Media Group Svetlana Balanova
• Director of the Information and Press Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Russian Federation Maria Zakharova
• President of "Eksmo-AST" Publishing Group Oleg Novikov
• CEO of VAC Foundation Teresa Iarocchi Mavica
• Managing partner of ZVONKO GROUP, Dmitry Konnov
• Psychologist, scientific director of the Laboratory of Neurosciences and Human Behavior of Sberbank, Andrey Kurpatov,
• science fiction writer Liu Qixing and many others.

More than 700 speakers took pard in more than 300 events of the festival forum, including 40 international speakers: Liu Qixing, DJ Imanbek, Matthew Ball, Lars Doucet, Frederic Schreiber, Greg Tkachenko, Guillaume Pitron, Andrew Pettigri, Elke Schmitter, Francesco Forte and others.

The curators of each section were the leading companies in their fields.
• MY.GAMES (Mail.ru Group international gaming brand) – Game Development and Computer Graphics
• Yandex – IT
• National Media Group and Gazprom-Media Holding – Cinema and Television
• Gazprom-Media Holding – New Media
• "Prosveshenie" group of companies – "Education in creative industries"
• ZVONKO GROUP Russian music companies group – "Music and sound design"
• "Exmo-AST" – "Publishing and journalism"
• Russian Design District – "Architecture and urban studies"
• Ministry of Science and Higher Education of the Russian Federation – "Science and Technology"

The organizers of the Russian Creative Week are: Federal State Budgetary Institution "Roskultcenter" and the Russian Book Union. With the support of the Presidential Grants Fund and the Moscow Government. The partner of the Russian Creative Week is PJSC Novatek. The general partner is Sber. The official telecommunications partner is MegaFon. The sponsor of the "Fashion" section is the "GUM Torgoviy Dom" joint-stock company

Marina Abramova, Director of the"Russian Creative Week” fest-forum and FSBI "Roskultcenter":

"The second Russian Creative Week has grown a lot in terms of the number of speakers, awareness and quality of the agenda. Federal brainstorms format turned out to be in demand. The number of visitors was limited due to COVID protection measures. More than 10 million people watched the broadcasts on various media. We are grateful to the Presidential Administration and the Moscow Government for their support and trust. Many fundamental decisions have been made at the forum — the creation of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, the development of creative industries register and design solutions in the field of special banking products for the creative sector. Exports was also discussed, because the Russian Creative Week has become an official event of the International Creative Economy Year. And most importantly, we are happy to give thousands of people the opportunity to present their projects freely and for free, find partners, to meet each other in an incredibly warm atmosphere and jointly design our creative future."


The key event of the entire Russian Creative Week was the "Russia in the Year of the Creative Economy" plenary session. Representatives of the creative industries and the authorities spoke about what further steps the state, regions and business need to take in order for Russia to become one of the leaders of creative changes in the world.

Sergey Kiriyenko, First Deputy Head of the Presidential Administration of the Russian Federation:
"A lot has changed since the first Russian Creative Week — attitude to the industry, there is now clarity in the wording and an idea of what support measures are needed. Thanks to the creation of the Presidential Fund for Cultural Initiatives, new investments in the Institute for the Development of the Internet, the ANO "Russia — the land of opportunities", the Cinema Fund, state support for creative industries amounted to 35-40 billion rubles. Almost everything that we agreed on at the creative week last year has been implemented by this moment. It is clear that this is a process that will never stop, so now there are new tasks."

Sergey Sobyanin, Mayor of Moscow:
"What can the authorities do to attract creative and active people to the city?
We like to talk about direct support for some of the important industries. Sometimes it works. But much more often, the less help the industry gets, the better it develops. But the authorities can (and should!) create space for life and creativity in the city. And then people will not go anywhere, but will implement their ideas in Moscow. We are ready to give creative industries platforms, create public spaces. We have started a project to reorganize 400 hectares of industrial zones, which opens up a huge range of opportunities for the creative industries. Here we can develop spaces and create technoparks."

One of the key outcomes of the forum was the consideration of the list of creative industries. The working Group of the State Council together with leading industry experts recommend taking this list into account for all regions when writing regulations, concepts and targeted support:

1. Research and development, including in the field of organization of social, technological and economic systems (R&D)
2. Architecture, urban studies and public spaces development
3. Design, including graphic, industrial, and digital systems design
4. Fashion
5. Cinema production, animation and other video products
6. Music and sound design
7. Performing arts, theater and festival activities
8. Literary and publishing activities
9. Fine and visual arts (art, fine arts, folk arts and crafts, decorative and applied arts)
10. Software development, computer

Official website of the Russian Creative Week: creativityweek.ru
More photos — link.

Russian Creative Week
Russian Creative Week 2021
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Innovative Y-90 SIRT Cancer Treatment Offers Hope to Liver Cancer Patient

Dr. Geschwind in procedure room with his team getting ready to treat a liver cancer with Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy.  patient

Dr. Jeff Geschwind, Director of Oncology, USA Oncology Centers, and his team get ready to treat a liver cancer patient with Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy.

Dr. Jeff Geschwind, Director, USA Oncology Centers

USA Oncology Centers Offer Office-Based Procedure in Fight Against Cancer

These state-of-the-art procedures performed under image guidance are extremely precise in their ability to kill liver tumors and are immensely beneficial to patients suffering from liver cancer.”

— Jeff Geschwind, MD, Director of USA Oncology Centers

NORTHBROOK, IL, USA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — USA Oncology Centers is extremely proud to announce that a patient with Hepatocellular Carcinoma (HCC) was successfully treated with Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy. This innovative image-guided treatment infuses millions of radioactive (yttrium 90 or Y90) resin microspheres via a tiny catheter that is placed precisely under direct image guidance into the liver. Once in position, the microspheres selectively target liver tumors and deliver a dose of radiation up to 40 times greater than that of conventional external radiotherapy. What is truly remarkable is that this massive dose of radiation spares the healthy liver since the microspheres carrying the radiation are delivered selectively through the artery that exclusively supplies blood to the tumors.

This highly advanced, non-surgical treatment was performed recently on a Danbury, Connecticut woman with Hepatocellular Carcinoma in the background of liver cirrhosis, which is a chronic inflammation of the liver that ultimately can lead to liver cancer. The incidence of primary liver cancer has tripled over the past few decades in the Unites States, primarily due to the rise in hepatitis C viral infection and obesity, which both can cause cirrhosis. After several discussions with the patient’s family and her physicians, the decision was made to proceed with Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy.  

“This patient was an ideal candidate for Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy,” said Jeff Geschwind, MD, Director of USA Oncology Centers. “The treatment will prevent the tumors in her liver from growing thereby allowing her to remain eligible for a liver transplant.”

“These state-of-the-art procedures performed under image guidance are extremely precise in their ability to kill liver tumors and are immensely beneficial to patients suffering from liver cancer,” said Geschwind. “And these procedures are perfect for an outpatient setting. Not only do they provide hope for patients with liver cancer, but now such patients no longer need to even go to a hospital to be treated effectively.”

When a patient is diagnosed with primary liver cancer or hepatocellular carcinoma (HCC), the best option for a cure is to undergo a liver transplant. Unfortunately, most patients are not eligible for such a therapy because liver cancer is frequently diagnosed at an advanced stage.

“One way to maximize the chances a patient stays on the transplant list is to treat them while the cancer is still at an early stage to prevent its growth,” said Geschwind. “This is precisely what USA Oncology Centers has performed on this patient.”

Approved by the Food and Drug Administration, Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy can be used to treat both primary and metastatic liver cancer. These microscopic, radioactive microspheres offer ground-breaking results to control and even eliminate cancers in the liver that cannot be removed with surgery.

This Y-90 Selective Internal Radiation Therapy has given the patient, Vanessa Ananias, new hope and a second chance in a year that included not only her battle with liver cancer, but also a fight with COVID-19. The 49-year-old woman has had a life filled with unexpected health problems. Growing up in Brazil, Ms. Ananias has suffered from kidney stones since her teenage years. In her early 40’s she was diagnosed with diabetes and suffered a mild heart attack. After coming to the United States in 2008, Ms. Ananias still suffered from health problems, although she worked and exercised regularly. Ultimately, kidney stones led to her incidental diagnosis of nonalcoholic fatty liver disease (NAFLD) and, in turn, primary liver cancer or HCC.

“When my mom was finally diagnosed with liver cancer, she was offered no real options,” said Matheus Ananias, who helps his Portuguese-speaking mother navigate the medical system. “Because she is in the process of applying for citizenship and has no insurance, it takes longer for my mom to receive health care. We were utterly hopeless in a world suddenly impacted by the pandemic.” 

“Hope that was taken from us was restored,” her son said. “The procedure was performed the same day, and my mom felt well enough to return to work almost immediately.”

She will now be monitored closely with imaging to ensure her tumors have been effectively treated. If needed, patients can be re-treated to achieve complete tumor destruction or treat possible recurrences. The targeted nature and high level of precision of this therapy enable doctors to deliver more radiation to the liver tumors than would be possible using conventional external beam radiotherapy.

“The patient’s overall cancer care comes first at USA Oncology Centers to provide the best clinical outcomes and patient experience,” said Founder and CEO Yan Katsnelson, M.D. “Our world-class physicians offer the most advanced minimally invasive procedures that are transforming lives and making a real difference in the fight against liver cancer.”

About USA Oncology Centers  

USA Oncology Centers specializes in offering advanced innovative treatments for primary and secondary liver cancer. We provide a holistic approach to treating cancer with minimally invasive procedures that effectively target tumors, require no hospitalization, and improve patients’ quality of life. USA Oncology Centers is part of the USA Clinics Group, a national leader in outpatient care that has grown to include four specialties: USA Vein Clinics, USA Fibroid Centers, USA Vascular Centers, and USA Oncology Centers. For more information, call or visit www.usaoncologycenters.com, or call 855-870-4747.

News Center
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Corp Agency Announces Date of Largest Online Expo and Conference in Canada for the Data & Analytics Community

Big Data and AI Toronto logo

The Big Data and AI Toronto conference and expo is to take place virtually on October 13th & 14th, 2021.

TORONTO, ONTARIO, CANADA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Organizers of Big Data and AI Toronto, Corp Agency, are pleased to announce the highly anticipated data & analytics expo and conference will be held online on October 13th & 14th.

Since 2016, Big Data and AI Toronto has been providing a unique platform for IT decision-makers and data innovators to explore and discuss insights, showcase the latest innovative projects, and connect with their peers in the industry. The event is one of Canada’s largest for the data and analytics community and covers four different pillars: artificial intelligence, big data, cloud, and cybersecurity.

Each year, organizers of Big Data and AI Toronto work tirelessly to bring the most up-to-date and relevant speakers, exhibitors, and public tracks to ensure participants receive the most from the event and, despite the ongoing pandemic, 2021 will be no different. This year, on October 13th and 14th, 2021, the data & analytics expo and conference has been moved online and is free to anyone who registers. Most attendees will have access to the expo (3 public tracks, 50+ speakers, 20+ exhibitors), or can buy a conference pass, giving the access to an extra 3 conference tracks.

“We always strive to ensure the expo and conference is accessible and informative to anyone in the data & analytics community,” says Justin Pitois, Marketing Manager of Big Data and AI Toronto. “This year, we expect thousands of attendees, 70+ hours of content, 150+ speakers from the likes of Google, Facebook, Netflix, Telus, GM, EY, and Scotiabank, plus there will be 20+ leading solution providers, such as Dataiku, Talend, and Dell Technologies. Because of the success of previous expos, it’s touted to be one of the most exciting IT events of the year.”

For more information about Big Data and AI Toronto, or to register, please visit https://www.bigdata-toronto.com/.

About Big Data and AI Toronto

Big Data and AI Toronto is a unique 4-in-1 tech event experience that offers attendees a 360o view of the industry to master the four dimensions shaping the 2020s, and to reach the next level of technological advancement. Each year, thousands of data and analytics professionals attend the tech conference and trade show, including those from the banking, IT, education, and Hi-Tech industries, just to name a few.

Justin Pitois, Marketing Manager
Big Data and AI Toronto
1-416-645-3756 ext: 3

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A-LabInsider expands and accelerates its life science software with two new products

UNTERFöHRING, BAVARIA, GERMANY, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — After launching their app in August 2020 to help connect businesses with all academic life science labs in Europe that need them and vice versa, A-LabInsider continues to make it easier for biotech companies and labs to share specialized scientific information with two new products, saving both parties time and money while also offering a catalyst for breakthroughs.

Formerly known for its software with deep analytics and founder's insight, including multiple parallel literature screening and live monitoring of website content specifically focused in the European continent, A-LabInsider has now expanded with A-Lab North America and A-Lab Companies. 

A-LabInsider has deduced that there is a demand for this type of platform based on their ongoing investigation of relevant, up-to-date information about the medical and SME market. People are more than willing to spend an adequate amount of money to achieve the outcomes they desire. Designed specifically to fit the needs and budgets of companies of various sizes, the company provides coverage for all life science needs. 

A-LabInsider has already licensed several biotech firms through their app and hopes to license more in the future. Both biotech SMEs and academic life science labs will benefit from this software in a variety of ways.

Their software makes it easy for companies and researchers to produce comprehensive factsheets from 5+ sources, use DeepLearning to have an automated and engaging conversation, and get an edge over the competition and stay ahead. Users can see all their data in one place with intelligent visual analytics combined in a comprehensive and user-friendly factsheet based on more than five sources to ensure it's as complete as possible. They can also get an offline version that includes detailed response data ready to display right away. They will be able to do up to 150,000 parallel searches from there, allowing them to swiftly and efficiently identify the ideal candidate for their situation. Additionally, once surveys and research have been done, there are no restrictions on companies' tools to export their survey findings. 

A-LabInsider’s advanced AI also generates the perfect conversation starter depending on the recipient's current research, guaranteeing that they receive a personalized message tailored to them specifically. Due to their research and time in the industry, the team behind A-LabInsider understands that a unique pre-written initial outreach can significantly boost conversion rates and reduce the chance of failed connections due to client disinterest. Streamlining their customer approach can save clients time and effort. Their software also gives companies the opportunity always to stay ahead of the competition. Its smart notifications will provide businesses an advantage over the competition by keeping them informed about any newcomers, whether they be potential partners or competitors. They'll be the first to know when a research group receives a new leader or project, and they'll be able to stay up to date on what's going on at facilities all around the world, allowing them to stay on top of global tech trends.

As mentioned previously, companies are not the only group that can benefit from A-LabInsider's software, and researchers can also help by getting data from thousands of labs in multiple countries to connect with leading experts in various fields to identify and tackle gaps together. Like companies, the software can help researchers find exciting new early adopters and fellow researchers who share similar values.

While their services and software continue to be unrivaled, A-LabInsider shows no sign of stopping when it comes to advancing its platform. To participate in their existing services and check out their future possibilities, click here for more information.

Inna Zaimenko
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Dr. William Harrell, Wins Best of Los Angeles Award – “Best Internist – 2021”

Dr. William Harrell

“We're honored to include Dr. William Harrell of Providence St. John’s Health Center into our BoLAA family.” ~Aurora DeRose

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Dr. William Harrell, acclaimed internist, wins Best of Los Angeles Award- "Best Internist (Santa Monica) – 2021", according to Aurora DeRose, award coordinator for the Best of Los Angeles Award community.

The "Best of Los Angeles Award" community was formed four years ago and consists of over 7,600 professional members living and working in Southern California. It celebrates the best people, places, and things in Los Angeles with the slogan "No Ads. No B.S. Only the Best."

"The mission of the community is to celebrate the best of Los Angeles and allow its community members to connect with other members who share the highest standards of quality and integrity," expresses DeRose. "We're honored to include Dr. William Harrell into our BoLAA family."

Dr. William Harrell specializes in internal medicine and has been in practice for more than 20 years. The breadth and depth of internal medicine draw in only the brightest doctors, and Harrell has proven himself to be one of the best. According to the U.S. News, Harrell won the Patients' Top Choice Award.

He performs physical exams and treats a broad spectrum of illnesses found in men and women. Harrell's clients have consistently referred to him as a scholarly and kind doctor.

In 1987, Harrell graduated from the Keck School of Medicine of the University of Southern California. He then completed his residency at the LAC+USC Medical Center.

Aurora DeRose
Boundless Media Inc.
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Advocate Aurora Research Institute joins aiberry’s AI study to analyze audiovisual signs to detect mental illness

aiberry’s multi-modal AI platform integrates with telehealth to screen mental health conditions

aiberry’s AI platform analyzes a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions to detect mental health conditions and integrates with telehealth services

The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Newton Howard, one of today’s foremost experts in computational and cognitive neurosciences”

— Sangit Rawlley, aiberry’s President and Cofounder

BELLEVUE, WASHINGTON, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — Advocate Aurora Research Institute is one of just three sites to initially join a clinical trial studying an artificial intelligence (AI)-powered telehealth platform designed to analyze a patient’s words, voice and facial expressions to detect signs of mental health conditions, such as depression, anxiety and suicidal thoughts.

Declining mental health is a deepening crisis in the U.S. Even prior to the COVID-19 pandemic, one in five adult Americans reported mental illness. Episodes of anxiety and depression have increased up to four-fold during the pandemic, according to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

“The mental health crisis is particularly acute here in Wisconsin, with a well-documented shortage of practicing psychiatrists and mental health services,” said Mindy Waite, PhD, Research Scientist with Advocate Aurora Research Institute’s Ed Howe Center for Health Care Transformation and Aurora Behavioral Health Services and principal investigator for the study. “And in Milwaukee the crisis disproportionately affects Black and Brown communities.”

Black residents in Milwaukee County account for 47.5% of users of mental health services, despite making up just 27.2% of the population, according to the Wisconsin Department of Health Services and the U.S. Census Bureau.

"Scientists are researching whether new technologies can help screen for depression symptoms that may then lead to more accessible and timely mental health services,” said Michelle Simpson, PhD, RN, Director of the Howe Center.

The patent-pending technology that’s being evaluated in the study was developed by AI company aiberry, the study sponsor. The AI system takes a video of a patient during their interview with a mental health professional and analyzes multiple data channels – video, audio and speech content – both separately and in combination, to extract patterns specific to a particular mental health disorder. The system then assigns a score showing the likelihood the patient has a particular mental disorder.

“The aiberry platform is the result of more than a decade of research by our Chief Scientist Dr. Newton Howard, one of today’s foremost experts in computational and cognitive neurosciences, and his collaborators,” said Sangit Rawlley, aiberry’s President and Cofounder.

The clinical trial aims to train and validate the aiberry platform’s ability to detect depression in a diverse patient population. People who participate in the study will complete depression screenings and record a video interview. Researchers plan to enroll 1,000 participants ages 13 to 79 in the study.

“We are thrilled to have Advocate Aurora Health and Advocate Aurora Research Institute as one of our strategic partners in this multisite study,” Rawlley said. “Advocate Aurora’s focus on increasing effectiveness and access to mental health solutions by integrating mental health in a primary care setting is well aligned with aiberry’s vision.”

Researchers also aim to study the technology’s capability of assisting with the diagnosis of other mental health conditions.

About Aurora Health Care
Advocate Aurora Health is one of the 12 largest not-for-profit, integrated health systems in the United States and a leading employer in the Midwest with 75,000 employees, including more than 22,000 nurses and the region’s largest employed medical staff and home health organization. A national leader in clinical innovation, health outcomes, consumer experience and value-based care, the system serves nearly 3 million patients annually in Illinois and Wisconsin across more than 500 sites of care. Advocate Aurora is engaged in hundreds of clinical trials and research studies and is nationally recognized for its expertise in cardiology, neurosciences, oncology and pediatrics. The organization contributed $2.2 billion in charitable care and services to its communities in 2019. We help people live well.

About Advocate Aurora Research Institute
Advocate Aurora Research Institute is a not-for-profit, limited liability company of Advocate Aurora Health. Advocate Aurora has emerged as a national destination for patient-centered bench, translational and clinical research, and the Research Institute unifies the innovative research efforts throughout the health system. Advocate Aurora researchers focus on rapidly translating new discoveries from the scientist’s bench to the patient’s bedside and into the community we serve to improve options and outcomes that change not only the lives of individuals, but transform the health of populations.

About aiberry
aiberry’s vision is harness the power of deep tech and artificial intelligence to promote mental wellbeing. aiberry’s patent-pending multimodal AI platform analyzes conversations to screen for mental illnesses such as depression, anxiety, and suicidal ideation. aiberry’s platform offers providers and care managers rapid, objective, and evidence-based mental health assessments virtually (in telehealth scenarios) and at the point of care, offering unique outreach and scale opportunities. For more information visit www.aiberry.io.

Sangit Rawlley
Aiberry Inc
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Gideon Informatics Partners With Flysheet Med-Informatics to Bring Advanced Epidemiology Data to China and Taiwan

Partnering with Flysheet Med-Informatics is an important step towards delivering quality data on infectious diseases to Taiwan and the Greater China healthcare systems.”

— Uri Blackman, CEO of GIDEON

LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — GIDEON Informatics (Global Infectious Diseases and Epidemiology Online Network) is proud to announce a new partnership with FlySheet Med-Informatics. This exciting collaboration empowers hospitals, universities, and public health agencies all over Greater China with access to GIDEON's comprehensive epidemiological database.

GIDEON Informatics is a one-stop reference shop for data on infectious diseases. The GIDEON platform provides detailed interactive maps of 25,000+ current and historical infectious disease outbreaks since the 1900s. Updated daily, the database offers epidemiological and clinical insights on over 360 infectious diseases, 2000+ pathogens, and 30,000 drugs and vaccines. There are 23,600 country-specific notes on zoonotic diseases and details on events leading to the cross-country spread of infections. The GIDEON platform also allows frontline clinicians to perform differential diagnoses and review treatment options. The company recently released an efficient way to retrieve data from the GIDEON database using a free R wrapper.

FlySheet Med-Informatics offers medical information systems consultancy and development services, library resources integration and space planning, comprehensive electronic medical resources, and ERM technology. Their network includes over 500 universities, hospitals, government agencies, and pharmaceutical companies in the Greater China market. FlySheet's user-friendly information platform contains a wealth of information, including medical references, medical education tools like advanced 3D anatomy tutorials, research matrices, research networking, institutional repositories, and drug check and management resources. The company also represents 50+ international biomedical-related publishers in the market.

About the partnership, Uri Blackman, CEO and Co-Founder of GIDEON Informatics, said, "In the past two years, we have observed a heightened interest in infectious diseases, especially from researchers focusing on Southeast Asia. Partnering with Flysheet Med-Informatics is an important step towards delivering quality data on infectious diseases to Taiwan and the Greater China healthcare systems."

Daniel Su, Product Manager at FlySheet, stated, "This partnership brings together GIDEON Informatics' global leadership in infectious diseases with FlySheet's extensive sales network to enable mass distribution of GIDEON's valuable data and platform to the local healthcare community."

The way we diagnose, treat, and research infectious diseases, is changing. In our hyper-connected world, a small outbreak can turn into a pandemic in the blink of an eye, like COVID-19. Incorporating comprehensive epidemiological data into frontline clinician diagnoses and research helps us understand zoonotic transmissions, improve cross-border knowledge transfers, and train future global experts on infectious disease management.

For more information, contact info@gideononline.com

About GIDEON Informatics

GIDEON Informatics exists to advance the global effort against Infectious Disease. The company was founded in 1992 and produces the GIDEON web application and an ebook series for health professionals and educators.

GIDEON toolkit helps protect society by providing reliable, timely epidemiological data. The application saves doctors precious time in diagnosing and treating infectious diseases and provides state-of-the-art tools to train the healthcare workers of tomorrow.

Hundreds of customers from around the world, including educational institutions, hospitals, public health departments, and microbiology laboratories, have chosen GIDEON as their diagnosis-and-reference tool for Infectious Diseases and Microbiology. GIDEON Informatics is managed by an experienced executive team and maintains a distinguished medical advisory board.

Kristina Symes
GIDEON Informatics
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RMDS Lab is Launching its Data Science Competition: Developing an Analytics Dashboard to Improve Restaurant Performance

A great opportunity for data scientists, data science students, and restaurant analysts worldwide to create positive social impacts.

PASADENA, CA, USA, August 31, 2021 /EINPresswire.com/ — RMDS Lab is announcing its next data science competition, Developing an Analytics Dashboard to Improve Restaurant Performance. Digital technology and data-driven decision making have dramatically changed how restaurants stay competitive and survive. As food delivery and online reservations become more and more popular, restaurants can hardly operate without using digital and data technologies. This quarter’s contestants will be challenged with collecting important data sets and then creating an analytics dashboard that will help restaurants to boost their businesses and improve their overall performance. First place winners will receive a grant of $1,000 and second place winners will receive $500. Other non-cash awards include internships with RMDS Lab. Additionally, whoever completes and submits to the competition will receive a FREE TRIAL membership to grmds.org, including admission to the IM Data 2021 conference.

RMDS is a leader in community-centered data science ecosystem services. It successfully organized a 2019 data science competition in partnership with a NASA JPL research group to predict hurricanes, and it created a 2020 data science competition in partnership with the City of Los Angeles for scoring COVID19 risk.

Contestants will receive support from RMDS’s large pool of experts and data science professionals, training resources, plus a special forum at GRMDS.org for contestants to get questions answered and interact with other participants.

RMDS Lab established a distinguished panel of judges, including:

• Dr. Joseph Lema (Professor and Chair – Food & Beverage and Event Management Department, UNLV)
• Richard Fox (former VP of data science of Qdoba Restaurants)
• Dr. Cervantes Lee (former executive assistant to the chairman of Panda Express, adjunct faculty at UNLV College of Hospitality)
• Dr. Richard Tang (professor at Loyola Marymount University College of Business Administration)
• Dr. Jane Zhang (former professor of Cal Poly Pomona College of Hospitality Management)
• Dr. Alex Liu (former Chief Data Scientist at IBM)

Our judges seek to highlight projects that restaurants can use to inform their business decisions and improve customer satisfaction.

Registration is now open, and datasets will be available on September 17, 2021. The competition will end on October 10, which is when all contestants need to submit their solutions. An award ceremony is planned for October 27.

Follow us on LinkedIn and RMDS to receive information. You may learn more about the competition at https://grmds.org/competition/Analytical-Dashboard-to-Improve-Restaurant-Performance
If you are interested in sponsoring the event, please connect with RMDS.

About RMDS
RMDS Lab is a leader in community-centered data science services, creating a global ecosystem that enables people to meet, learn, and collaborate with fellow data science professionals to solve today's most pressing issues. RMDS was founded in 2009 by Dr. Alex Liu, who was a Chief Data Scientist at IBM and is a globally-recognized data science leader. The organization is headquartered in Pasadena, CA, and serves more than 40,000 members and affiliates worldwide.

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