CEOCFO Magazine Interviews Ergosuture CEO Claude Nogard on How the Drive’N Roll Is Revolutionizing Suturing Capabilities

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Ergosuture CEO, Claude Nogard

Claude Nogard, CEO, Ergosuture

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Ergosuture CEO Claude Nogard on providing surgeons with Advanced Suturing with the Simplicity of a Regular Needle Driver across all Surgical Platforms

The Drive’N Roll was designed by a surgeon for surgeons.”

— Claude Nogard

ARLINGTON, MASSACHUSETTS, US, January 20, 2021 / — CEOCFO Magazine, an independent business and investor publication that highlights important technologies and companies, today announced an interview ( with Claude Nogard, CEO of Ergosuture, an enhanced suturing device company headquartered in Arlington, MA. “Our technology does not take away from the suturing technique but empowers surgeons to do more than they were doing before. It provides users advanced suturing capabilities with the simplicity of a regular needle driver across all surgical platforms, from open surgery to minimally invasive surgery, including laparoscopic and robot-assisted surgeries.” Asked by CEOCFO’s Senior Editor Lynn Fosse what Ergosuture has developed that makes the difference, Mr. Nogard said, “ErgoSuture’s first product is the Drive’N Roll, an advanced suturing system. The Drive’N Roll was designed by a surgeon for surgeons. Contrary to commercially available needle drivers, including the Endo-Wrist of the Da Vinci surgical robots, which have flat tips creating a static relationship between the needle and the needle driver, the Drive’N Roll changes the relationship between the needle and the needle driver.”

Comparing the Drive’N Roll to current solutions Mr. Nogard told us, “Our innovation was to replace these flat tips with rollers. That creates, for the first time, a dynamic relationship between the needle and the needle driver. This allows surgeons to drive the needle in very hard to reach locations, without having to twerk the wrist to drive it through tissues.”

Asked if there is a learning curve or special training needed Mr. Nogard said, “In terms of the learning curve, what we have found out from working with surgeons, is not so much about how to handle the device, but how to understand how much they can do beyond what they were already doing before. This device is enhancing and going beyond what they are already doing today.”

In the interview Mr. Nogard explained why he feels their product will be recognized and adopted, "Our customers have backed us financially from the beginning, convinced that the Drive’N Roll would make a difference in their surgery practice. They are our customers, and they are the reason we are here. Every time we presented the product to surgeons, not only were they seduced by its simplicity and potential, but they also agreed with its value proposition, to the point that many invested in the company. When your customers agree to invest to develop a product they would like to use, you are doing something right. That is a great feeling. That is what keeps us going, because we have not met too many surgeons that have actually looked at this product and said they do not have a need for it. They realize very quickly, when they see and try the product, that it fulfills an unmet need that has not been addressed thus far. That is the reason we believe that we will succeed where others have failed.”

Mr. Nogard told us about their efforts for funding and how surgeons have expressed their interest by becoming investors, “Many surgeons have invested at the seed level. We are now preparing for and raising funds towards commercial launch. We are currently raising $7 million in Series A.”

Explaining the need for their technology even with robots now in the marketplace, Mr. Nogard told CEOCFO, “I think that the perception in the marketplace is that with the advent of the robots, namely the Da Vinci, the market is somewhat satisfied. At a time of cost containment, there is a room for more cost-efficient solutions, between the low-cost needle driver and a $2 million robot. We aim to offer surgeons a cost-effective solution enabling them to do their work effectively and with less pain, both physical and monetary.”

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