Clinical trial offers hope to Asthmatics

An exciting clinical trial is about to begin, offering a potential new treatment for a serious condition that can affect asthmatics in Australia.

BRISBANE, QUEENSLAND, AUSTRALIA, December 4, 2020 / — An exciting clinical trial is about to begin, offering a potential new treatment for a serious condition that can affect asthmatics in Australia. Nucleus Network are seeking participants with a history of well-controlled asthma to test the effectiveness of this new application of an established treatment. Participants who are accepted will be reimbursed for their time at a rate of $100 for each outpatient visit, and between $300 and $360 per day for each day they spend as an inpatient at our Brisbane clinic.

People who suffer from asthma have sensitive lungs and airways. When exposed to triggers, they can become inflamed and restrict the ability of the person’s ability to breathe. Many things may trigger an asthma attack, such as pollen, smoke or mould. One very common mould that is present in many environments is aspergillus. It is often found on decaying leaves, compost, and most types of plants. This mould can have a lethal effect on asthmatics.

For people with a healthy immune system, aspergillus is rarely a problem. People inhale the spores and the immune system attacks and destroys them. For asthmatics, however, as well as triggering an asthma attack, the spores can lodge in small cavities in the lung, and grow. This can lead to a severe condition called invasive aspergillosis, where the spores spread rapidly to vital areas of the body, such as the brain, heart or kidneys. If untreated, this condition can be fatal.

Current treatments for invasive aspergillosis involve administering an anti-fungal medication through a pill or intravenous drip. Because the medication must circulate through the body, it may take some time to be effective.

This study is testing the effectiveness of administering the same medication through an inhaler, allowing the medication to be delivered directly to where it is needed, potentially offering benefits of a lower dose, and higher effectiveness.

Besides asthmatics, this treatment could also benefit people with other conditions that affect the lungs, such as cystic fibrosis, emphysema or even people with complications from influenza.

Nucleus Network is looking for healthy males and female volunteers with well-controlled asthma to participate in a clinical trial to test this medication. It has previously been tested on people without asthma and found to be well tolerated. If successful, this treatment could potentially lower the impact of this life-threatening disease.

Participants will need a letter from their doctor documenting their history of asthma and any medications prescribed to treat their asthma. If accepted into the study, participants will spend five nights in our Brisbane clinic, and attend a follow-up visit.

Nucleus Network is operating under heightened hygiene principles during the current pandemic, so please adhere to the current COVID-19 guidelines.

Over 25,000 people have participated in more than 1,000 clinical trials with Nucleus Network. Hundreds of treatments are now on the market, and millions of people are living with a better quality of life as a result of the contributions of participants in studies such as this.

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