Croptimistic and Climate FieldView Launch API: Full Release Now Available

SWAT MAPS viewer in Climate FieldView

NAICAM, SASKATCHEWAN, CANADA, November 30, 2020 / — An Application Programming Interface (“API”) between Croptimistic Technology Inc. (“Croptimistic”) and Climate FieldView™ (“FieldView”) has been developed to facilitate file sharing between the FieldView platform and Croptimistic’s software platform, CropRecords. The full release is now available (see bottom of page for connection instructions).

Croptimistic is an international AgTech company that provides SWAT MAPS, a turn-key variable rate process that prioritizes Soil, Water, and Topography factors of fields for the creation of management zones. The CropRecords software is the development platform for the entire SWAT MAPS brand and all maps are accessible in the app.

The FieldView platform allows farmers to collect, stream, and analyze operational data across farms and equipment. Their digital maps interface allows viewers to collect and visualize data in real-time as well as import and export maps from other platforms, such as what is now available with SWAT MAPS through the CropRecords API.

Maps found in the CropRecords app, including Croptimistic’s patented Soil, Water, and Topography Maps (“SWAT MAPS”) can now be viewed in FieldView as imagery files. With a user’s consent, the API allows Croptimistic to pull as-applied/yield maps from FieldView, which will be accessible in the CropRecords app. This API is extremely valuable to joint users of FieldView and SWAT MAPS.

Jack Seitz, VP of Sales at Croptimistic, says, “This API gives our clients and partners who use FieldView maximal flexibility in viewing SWAT MAPS and sharing data between CropRecords and FieldView. It also provides a tremendous opportunity for FieldView users to acquire the world’s only high-resolution soil foundation map without the friction and hassle of having to operate in multiple platforms independently. We’re excited to launch this API and know it provides great opportunity and convenience to SWAT MAPS, CropRecords, and FieldView users around the globe.”

To learn how to connect CropRecords to FieldView via API, visit Please contact with any questions.

Denise Hockaday | Canada Climate Business Lead
Climate Corporation

Trevor Friesen | SWAT Technology Specialist
Croptimistic Technology Inc.
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Source: EIN Presswire