Educated Singles are seeking new exclusive online communities after COVID-19

The Educated Singles Club

Educated Singles Club

3 purposes of The Educated Singles Club - Dating, Socialising and Networking

3 purposes of The Educated Singles Club – Dating, Socialising and Networking

My owner needs a day - help her

My owner needs a day – help her

Educated singles opt-out traditional dating sites when looking for social life online. Many fake profiles and too much focus on appearance are the reasons

It is a top priority that The Educated Singles Club has the highest level of authenticity so that all members can feel safe”

— Finn Majlergaard

NICE, FRANCE, October 20, 2020 / — COVID-19 has closed down social life as we knew it in many parts of the world. Educated Singles who traditionally work a lot want to spend their free time with likeminded individuals.

Swiping through thousands of photos in the search for the next date appeal to many people but not the well-educated singles. They are far more demanding.

The thrive for authenticity, quality and exclusiveness has led to a surge in members in The Educated Singles Club, which is very different from a tradition dating site. For many members of The Educated Singles Club finding a date is not the first priority. Instead, it can be finding other singles with common interests, views on life or similar profession or education. That unique approach opens the opportunity to become attracted to another person both intellectually and emotionally and not just physically but looking at a photo. Furthermore, the members have all the time they need to develop relations in their preferred way in a safe environment.

All members are carefully screened before they are accepted. You need to have at least a masters degree and a mature LinkedIn profile where credentials can be verified. 9 out of 10 membership applications are rejected because the requirements are not met.

Members have to pay a membership fee to cover the costs of running the club. Maintaining the highest level of authenticity and safety for the members is the top priority. That can only be achieved if the costs are covered by the members themselves.

Educated singles are well aware of all the risks of joining free dating sites. Nothing is course free, but the price you pay by joining a free dating site is both intransparent and often very high. You will often see a lot of fake profiles and some dating sites have robots sending messages to members pretending to be people interested in dating, etc. Of course, you can respond to these messages without upgrading to a paid profile.

From the very beginning, The Educated Singles club decided to be very different. No fake profiles, no hidden costs and making sure that all the members can feel certain that all other members are real genuine people who are who they appear to be.

That has been a successful approach, especially after the COVID-19 outbreak where it has been challenging for well-educated singles to find substitutes for their quality social life.

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