The indoor air at LuminFire offices in Minneapolis are protected with the ISO-Aire RSP750, a portable filtration model with HEPA filtration and bipolar ionization.

ISO-Aire launches the right-sized commercial RSF500 model for smaller-sized office spaces, spas, studios, and agencies. ISO-Aire features unmatched medical-grade filtration technology built for commercial and home applications.

New Compact Model Effectively Purifies Conference Rooms, Agency Space, Spas and Salons, Flexible Work Settings, Labs & More

Customers can breathe easier knowing our clean air technology delivers proven mitigation strategies that exceed the minimum requirements for indoor air quality established by ASHRE and the CDC.”

— Chuck Albers, owner of Ducts & Cleats, St. Paul, MN

SAINT PAUL, MN, UNITED STATES, October 19, 2020 / — ISO-Aire™ clean air technology introduces a breakthrough commercial RSF500 model that is right-sized for mid to smaller office spaces and business locations. With a 500 CFM output (cubic feet per minute), the portable RSF500 houses the same unmatched medical-grade air filtration components as the ISO-Aire 2,000, 1,000, and 750 CFM models.

Housed inside each ISO-Aire unit are up to three levels of proven filtration protection to help capture and destroy 99.99% of potentially harmful airborne pathogens and indoor pollutants:
• A HEPA (High Efficiency Particulate Air) filter captures 99.99% of airborne particles up to .3 microns; effective in removing viruses, bacteria, pollen, dust, VOCs, and mold to help offer relief especially to those managing respiratory conditions such as asthma and allergies;
• Bipolar ionization works in two strategic ways to capture and destroy microscopic pathogens and contaminants; helps reduce odors;
• UVC sterilization inactivates the DNA/RNA of pathogens, reducing their ability to infect human cells.

“Unmatched ISO-Aire is well-suited to effectively protect any business, school or home as we continue to look for solutions to safeguard against harmful COVID-19 transmission and other airborne pathogens,” explained Chuck Albers, developer of ISO-Aire and owner of parent company Ducts & Cleats. “Customers can breathe easier knowing our ISO-Aire line of clean air technology delivers proven mitigation strategies that exceed the minimum requirements for indoor air quality established by ASHRE and the Centers for Disease Control.” Developed in early 2020 to provide sanitized air in hospital rooms, ISO-Aire launched into commercial applications last June and debuted its residential product line in September.

Albers noted his experienced team of HVAC and air quality experts work closely with customers to assess their needs and their workspace to ensure the most effective ISO-Aire solution is installed to protect occupants with clean air 24/7. Two recent customer examples include:

At LuminFire, a Minneapolis software engineering company, CEO Tim Cimbura is looking forward to the day he can fully reopen his office and once again work shoulder to shoulder with talented employees and host clients for special gatherings. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the LuminFire team has adapted well to a remote work style, but Cimbura notes that nothing compares to connecting in-person to collaborate and innovate.

"We value providing a healthy and safe environment for our employees, clients and guests, and this has never been more important than during a global pandemic," Cimbura explained. "While many of our employees have chosen to work from home, protecting those who still need to work from the office is important. In order to offer our employees and guests the protection they need, we’ve installed the ISO-Aire RSP750 in our Minneapolis office."

Learn more about the ISO-Aire RSP750, a portable, low-profile ISO-Aire unit perfect for mid-size office spaces here .

A strong sense of community and compassionate care differentiates the day-to-day living environment for senior residents and staff at Millers Landing in Minneapolis. So, when the facilities and community development teams were looking to add a layer of indoor air protection in the building's popular Activities Room they installed an ISO-Aire RSF1000 for larger spaces. Having safe, purified air circulating throughout the area where residents congregate to enjoy meals, play games, and watch movies offers peace of mind, enables resident interaction, and sparks deeper engagement.

"Our tight knit community prides itself on fostering a strong sense of proactive support and togetherness. During COVID-19, the ability for our residents to gather safely for meals as well as movie and Bingo nights in the Activities Room has been a welcome and reassuring addition," explained Cheryl Locke, Community Director, Millers Landing.

Millers Landing is the first senior living facility to proactively purify the indoor air with ISO-Aire clean air technology, utilizing a RSF1000 model.

ISO-Aire RSF500 New Product Specs:
ISO-Aire RSF500 – developed with performance and convenience in mind – is floor set and built on wheels for mobility. The powerful unit can be engineered with up to three levels of medical-grade components including HEPA filtration (99.99% to .3 microns), ozone-free bipolar ionization, and/or UVC sterilization to help capture and destroy 99.99% of microscopic airborne contaminants. The RSF500, manufactured with a quiet and compact design, measures 22” by 22” by 40” and can be plugged into a standard electrical outlet. Suggested retail pricing starts at $3,495.

Emerging evidence and recommendations by public health officials and scientists is urging leaders to invest in further research to understand how COVID-19 can be transmitted by airborne particles. Albers noted, one of the most important safeguards during the pandemic is protecting the indoor air quality and removing any trace of harmful contaminants to protect one another.

For more details on model specifications, pricing, and to determine which ISO-Aire unit is the appropriate solution for your business, school, or living space please email, or call 651-265-0605.

About ISO-Aire
The inner workings of ISO-Aire include reliable and proven filtration components that help to eliminate 99.99% of potentially harmful airborne contaminants. ISO-Aire includes a HEPA (High-efficiency Particulate Air), bipolar ionization and/or UVC sterilization. ISO-Aire continues to expand its presence in a variety of applications across the U.S. where clean, filtered indoor air is essential, such as senior living centers, hospitals, child-care centers, places of worship, restaurants, fitness studios, hair salons – and homes, apartments, and dorm rooms.

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LuminFire software engineering utilizes an ISO-Aire RSP750 to purify the air inside their Minneapolis location.

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