Nucleus Network begins dosing for third COVID-19 vaccine trial

Nucleus Network today commenced dosing for the Phase 1/2 COVID-19 Vaccine trial with Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd and the local sponsor, Accelagen Pty Ltd.

MELBOURNE, VICTORIA, AUSTRALIA, September 1, 2020 / — Australia’s largest Phase 1 Clinical trials specialist, Nucleus Network, has today commenced dosing the first human participants for the Phase 1/2 COVID-19 Vaccine trial in collaboration with the vaccine’s developer Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd in partnership with the local sponsor, Accelagen Pty Ltd.

30 healthy participants, aged 18 to 59 years of age, have been screened to take part in Phase 1 of the trial under the guidance of Nucleus Network’s leading expert in infectious disease, Principal Investigator Assoc. Professor Paul Griffin. Phase 2 of the trial will include 250 participants and is expected to commence in October.

Victorian Parliamentary Secretary for Medical Research, The Hon. Frank McGuire said today, “Medical research is the key to discovering therapies and hopefully vaccines to fight this new, mysterious virus. Melbourne is the beating heart of Australia’s internationally acclaimed medical research, highlighted by another overseas specialist conducting its trials here.

“From small investments, big ideas can grow. In 2003, the Bracks Government invested $1 million through a Victorian Government Science and Technology Innovation grant into Nucleus Network, which has evolved into an international company, coordinating trials in the global challenge to find a vaccine for COVID-19. The Andrews Government’s last budget invested $116.5 million into medical research to drive new life-saving and life-changing breakthroughs,” says Mr. McGuire.

“Victoria, and Melbourne in particular, is a renowned international epicentre of medical research and this latest trial by Nucleus Network on behalf of the Serum Institute is further evidence of our gold standard biopharma capabilities and the international collaborative effort to find a vaccine,” says Mr. McGuire
Nucleus Network is now administering three of approximately 36 in-human COVID-19 Phase 1 and 2 vaccine trials globally, with The University of Queensland and Novavax also selecting Nucleus Network to conduct their trials. This makes Nucleus one of the only Phase 1 clinical trials specialist entrusted to undertake multiple COVID-19 vaccine trials anywhere in the world.

“Nucleus Network is honoured to help Serum Institute and our other clients work towards a vaccine for the current pandemic,” says Nucleus Network CEO Cameron Johnson. “Nucleus launched 17 years ago and we are now an international company with clinics in Melbourne, Brisbane and Minneapolis, playing a major role in the race for a COVID-19 vaccine.

Serum Institute, which is also the largest vaccine maker in the world by volume, has engaged with the Australian based Contract Research Organisation (CRO), Accelagen Pty Ltd, to determine the optimal clinical trial solution, who in turn selected Nucleus Network as their preferred trial administrator.

“We chose Nucleus Network to conduct the clinical trial due to their reputation, expertise and ability to handle the Phase 1 cohort,” says Greg Plunkett Managing Director at Accelagen. “By working with Nucleus Network, we expect 250 people to take part in the Phase 2 trial of this COVID-19 vaccine.”

“We see this as a promising vaccine candidate for COVID-19,” says Mr. Plunkett. “One of the world’s largest vaccine manufacturers has entrusted Accelagen and Nucleus Network to conduct this very important trial in Australia. If the study successfully meets the objectives and shown to have a positive benefit, this may be a candidate vaccine that could potentially save countless lives around the world and help billions of people return to daily living.”

With the global impact of COVID-19, it is a reflection of the international collaborative effort that Serum Institute is conducting trials in Australia, as well as the expertise and capability of the medical research sector in this country.

Nucleus Network will be leveraging its considerable expertise in delivering clinical trials by recruiting and supporting participants in the trial at the company’s Melbourne and Brisbane purpose-built facilities. Volunteers are recruited from the general public, and the studies would not be possible without their participation.
Nucleus Network Principal Investigator Assoc. Professor Paul Griffin is equally heartened by the latest COVID-19 vaccine trial in Australia and the public’s willingness to participate.

“With this level of support from clients, funding groups, government, and with the willingness of the general public to participate, we can ensure that the trials proceed as soon as possible, without shortening the actual trial process,” he says.

“We have had thousands of people of all ages put their hand up and register to join the clinical trials of this and several other potential vaccines. We could not do this without them, and we appreciate their enthusiasm to participate.”

About Nucleus Network (
Nucleus Network is the only multi-site Phase 1 clinical trials provider with facilities located in Australia and the USA. We provide high-quality, first-in-human and early-phase trials for biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies across the USA, Europe and Asia. Located within cutting-edge health precincts, our research expertise, accelerated clinical development solutions are supported by advanced technology and clinical excellence.

About Serum Institute
Serum Institute of India Pvt. Ltd. is now the world's largest vaccine manufacturer by number of doses produced and sold globally (more than 1.5 billion doses) which includes Polio vaccine as well as Diphtheria, Tetanus, Pertussis, Hib, BCG, r-Hepatitis B, Measles, Mumps and Rubella vaccines. It is estimated that about 65% of the children in the world receive at least one vaccine manufactured by Serum Institute. Vaccines manufactured by the Serum Institute are accredited by the World Health Organization, Geneva and are being used in around 170 countries across the globe in their national immunization programs, saving millions of lives throughout the world.

Serum Institute of India is ranked as India's No. 1 biotechnology company, manufacturing highly specialized life-saving biologicals like vaccines using cutting edge genetic and cell-based technologies, antisera and other medical specialties.

About Accelagen
Accelagen is a world-leading Contract Research Organisation (CRO). Accelagen has been a preferred vendor to a number of large pharmaceutical companies in gene-to-protein contract services, specializing in recombinant protein expression and purification. Since 2006, Accelagen has completed Accelagen is a world-leading Australian based, full-service Contract Research Organisation (CRO), with a focus on clinical research and

Mari Ericksen
Nucleus Network
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Tight cost controls, improved margins and stronger inventory management credited with turnaround

BioNeutra Global Corporation (TSX:BGA)

Our progress is the result of tight cost controls, improved margins and stronger inventory management along with a significant reduction in the spend on trade shows and travel.”

— Dr. Jianhua Zhu, President & CEO, BioNeutra


BioNeutra Global Corporation (“BioNeutra” or the “Company”) (TSXV-BGA) announces financial results for Q2, 2020 and the first half of 2020 ended June 30, 2020 and the related Management’s Discussion and Analysis, the details of which have been filed and are available on SEDAR (System for Electronic Document Analysis and Retrieval.

BioNeutra is pleased to report that despite a challenging business environment brought on by COVID-19, BioNeutra posted a profit for Q2, 2020 of $168,000 – a sharp reversal from a loss of $4 million for the same period in 2019 continuing a trend commenced in this year’s first quarter.

BioNeutra President & CEO, Dr. Jianhua Zhu says, “I’m very proud of the turnaround the BioNeutra team has executed in Q2 including significant cost adjustments in light of the Pandemic. Our progress is the result of tight cost controls, improved margins and stronger inventory management along with a significant reduction in the spend on trade shows and travel.”

Dr. Zhu added, “Despite a decrease in our sales, we still showed a profit. We’ve stabilized our costs against our revenues in a decisive way beginning in our first quarter. We made remarkable progress in our second quarter. It hasn’t been easy, but we’ve taken the right steps and we’re now going in the right direction.”

The Company’s revenues declined to $6,339,000 in the second quarter of 2020 compared with revenue of $9,023,000 in the same period of 2019, still BioNeutra’s net income for the period is a substantial increase over the previous year. In 2019 we posted a loss of $4,661,000 in Q2, 2019 compared with a profit of $168,000 for the current quarter.

BioNeutra’s debt has also shrunk further during this period, and our liabilities have been reduced by over $4.5 million since year end of 2019. Our cash balance at the same time has increased by over $1.9 million.

Since the Pandemic hit Canada, we have been able to continue to operate our Edmonton production facility uninterrupted and are ramping up its output and our other departments, which had been operating from at home, have now returned to work. We remain vigilant and on guard and employ best practices to protect our employees.

Dr. Zhu concludes with this remark, “We are all working together to face the challenges posed today while making progress on several business opportunities that are focused on adding significant shareholder value.”

About BioNeutra

BioNeutra is an award-winning, sector-leading Canadian company in the business of research and development, production and commercialization of ingredients for nutraceutical, functional and mainstream foods and beverages with a focus on its lead product – VitaFiber® IMO.

VitaFiber® IMO is made using a patented process that naturally transforms starch molecules from agricultural crops such as pea or tapioca into healthy, functional molecules. The VitaFiber manufacturing process is based upon a natural enzymatic conversion of the molecules without any chemical modification involved making VitaFiber® IMO a natural food and beverage ingredient. VitaFiber® IMO is also non-GMO, vegan friendly, gluten-free, Kosher and Halal certified and available as certified organic.

VitaFiber® IMO has been approved for sale by the world’s top three health regulatory bodies – GRAS approved by the US Food & Drug Administration; the European Food Safety Authority and Health Canada (approved as a novel food ingredient). VitaFiber® IMO is a naturally sweet, low calorie alternative to sugar and is a natural source of dietary fiber and prebiotic for human digestive health. It is also helpful with weight management.

The Company’s customers include a mix of small and medium businesses as well as a number of high-profile food and beverage manufacturers on four continents.

Further information about BioNeutra is available on the Company’s website at and the SEDAR website at
Neither the TSX Venture Exchange nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSX Venture Exchange) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this release.

For further information on BioNeutra, please contact:
Dr. Jianhua Zhu
President and Chief Executive Officer Tel: (780) 466-1481 (Ext. 132) Email:
Forward-Looking Information

This press release may include forward-looking information within the meaning of Canadian securities legislation concerning the business of BioNeutra. Forward-looking information is based on certain key expectations and assumptions made by the management of BioNeutra. Although BioNeutra believes that the expectations and assumptions on which such forward-looking information is based are reasonable, undue reliance should not be placed on the forward-looking information because BioNeutra can give no assurance that they will prove to be correct. Forward-looking statements contained in this press release are made as of the date of this press release. BioNeutra disclaims any intent or obligation to update publicly any forward-looking information, whether as a result of new information, future events or results or otherwise, other than as required by applicable securities laws.
This news release does not constitute an offer to sell or a solicitation of an offer to buy any of the securities described herein in the United States. The securities described herein have not been and will not be registered under the United States Securities Act of 1933, as amended, or any applicable securities laws or any state of the United States and may not be offered or sold in the United States or to the account or benefit of a person in the United States absent an exemption from the registration requirements

Dr. Jianhua Zhu
BioNeutra Global Corporation
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Whether Distance Learning or Learning in the Classroom, Academic Decline Could be a Sign of Hearing Loss

Children with hearing loss may struggle with distance learning

Unfortunately, we continue to see children identified as having a learning disability when they actually have untreated hearing loss.”

— Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., president of the American Academy of Audiology

RESTON, VIRGINIA, USA, August 31, 2020 / — As parents and children across the U.S. get back to education, whether that will be in-person, virtual, or some mix of the two; the American Academy of Audiology recommends that parents and teachers pay close attention to children’s hearing ability. Education is primarily delivered through auditory input, whether in person or virtually, and even a mild hearing loss can impact a child’s success in school. Children with untreated hearing loss use more cognitive energy to understand what is being said or may appear to not be paying attention because they are missing what was said. A drop in academic performance could be a sign of hearing loss. According to the National Institutes of Health’s National Institute on Deafness and Other Communication Disorders, about two to three out of every 1,000 children in the United States are born with a detectable level of hearing loss in one or both ears. The total number of children with some type of hearing loss is unknown and many cases may go undiagnosed.

The American Academy of Audiology recommends that any parents concerned with an otherwise unexplained decline in their children’s academic performance or any sign of hearing loss should take them to an audiologist to have their hearing tested.

While most infants’ hearing is tested within hours of birth, hearing loss can be progressive and start in early childhood. In addition, ear infections and exposure to loud sounds as well as various illness can cause hearing loss.

“A child with minimal hearing loss may be missing a significant amount of the classroom discussion,” said Catherine Palmer, Ph.D., president of the American Academy of Audiology and professor, University of Pittsburgh and director of audiology for the UPMC Health System. “Unfortunately, we continue to see children identified as having a learning disability when they actually have untreated hearing loss. Hearing loss should always be ruled out when there are academic and speech and language issues. We want to treat the hearing loss first since untreated hearing loss can disrupt all aspects of educational success.” Palmer continued, “Virtual education is a new challenge. Parents and teachers will want to make sure that the auditory signal coming through the computer is good quality. The child’s audiologist can assist in connectivity from the computer audio signal directly to the hearing aids. For some children with hearing loss, the virtual environment may be preferable at this time because the teacher and other students don’t wear masks when interacting virtually.” Masks block the visual signal that assists a person with hearing loss in understanding speech. In the in-person environment, it will be ideal if teachers wear masks with a clear piece that allows visualization of the mouth.

Lack of hearing can lead to behavioral issues, lack of focus, even depression in children. Children with hearing loss often don’t recognize that they can’t hear and parents may not know the signs.

Here are some of the signs parents and teachers should look for:
• Child has difficulty following through with assignments and often doesn’t seem to
understand the task.
• Child often doesn’t understand questions and either does not respond or doesn’t respond appropriately.
• Child’s speech is different from other children the same age. He/she may struggle to pronounce simple words or is unable to repeat a phrase. May have problems articulating or may have language delays.
• Child often asks you to repeat things or watches your face intently trying to understand what you’re saying.
• Child has difficulty hearing on the phone.
• Child speaks loudly when not warranted.
• Child has chronic ear pain.
• Child often complains of noises he/she cannot identify.
• Child cannot keep up academically.
• Child appears exhausted at the end of the school day (more so than other children.)
• With distance learning, children with hearing loss may turn up the volume on the computer or headphones louder than expected for typical communication.

“Often parents and teachers don’t realize that a child’s behavior may be a sign of hearing loss,” Palmer explained. “If parents suspect an issue, they should have their child evaluated by an audiologist. Audiologists have the tools and training to identify hearing loss, degrees of hearing loss, and can recommend solutions for children of any age. Hearing clinics are open and have detailed protocols and safety measures during the pandemic.”

The American Academy of Audiology provides a list of licensed audiologists on its website: Click on “Find an Audiologist.”

# # #

The American Academy of Audiology is the world's largest professional organization of, by and for audiologists. Representing the interests of approximately 14,000 audiologists nationwide, the Academy is dedicated to providing quality hearing care services through professional development, education, research, and increased public awareness of hearing and balance disorders. For more information or to find an audiologist, go to


Victoria Bendure
Bendure Communications
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Brain Health Initiative Launches Community Study

Featuring collaborative leadership from Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital and Academy for Brain Health and Performance

The current state of science and real-life experience demonstrates there is a global brain health crisis and most of the public is in the dark regarding its ability to take control of brain health.”

— Stephanie Peabody, Ph.D.

LAKEWOOD RANCH, FLORIDA, USA, August 31, 2020 / — An initial brain health study, part of the Brain Health Initiative, is being launched in Lakewood Ranch and the greater Suncoast region. The study is part of a larger initiative developed with the collaborative leadership of Massachusetts General Hospital, a Harvard Medical School Teaching Hospital. It strives to create brain healthy communities that promote brain health and fight brain illness, while optimizing brain performance at every age.

The approach includes a collective impact framework that seeks to engage community members in the full brain health promotion, research, and innovative process. Once fully launched and underway, the BHI is anticipated to be the largest brain healthy living laboratory in the world, and will have developed a replicable and scalable model to create other thriving brain healthy communities.

Jennifer Bencie, M.D., health officer for the Florida Department of Health in Manatee County, and Andy Guz, CEO of Lakewood Ranch Medical Center, are also working with BHI on this early step in the initiative’s effort to build brain healthy communities. Bencie and Guz and the Brain Health Initiative’s Founder and Executive Director, Stephanie Peabody, Ph.D., are encouraging randomly selected Lakewood Ranch residents to participate in the pilot study.

“After decades of neuroscience research, while science brings opportunity and hope, we’re in a crisis,” said Peabody. “The current state of science and real-life experience demonstrates that there is a global brain health crisis and most of the public is in the dark regarding its ability to take control of brain health and daily performance.” She continued, “Surveys have found that a majority of Americans consider dementia a natural part of getting older, while scientists say the opposite. Many experts consider brain health to be the biggest medical priority of the 21st century.”

“The Florida Suncoast region has a rare opportunity to participate in the pilot of what will become a world-class, comprehensive initiative of brain health,” said Guz. Randomly selected Lakewood Ranch adult residents will begin receiving invitations to participate in the brain health pilot study in the next several weeks.

“The pilot study is the next of many brain health projects initiated in and planned for the Suncoast region toward the effort of improving brain health and optimizing performance outcomes for people of all ages, while also decreasing the gap between life span and brain span,” explained Peabody. “The Brain Health Initiative will use data analyzed from the pilot to inform the identification of innovative brain health interventions to bring to the Suncoast region through the developing Brain Health Innovation Lab. This lab is being designed as an accelerator lab where solutions from a global explosion of brain health innovations can be brought and tested with the region’s residents, students, workforce and visitors—young and older—to participate in clinical trials that promote brain health, fight brain illness, and optimize performance.”

The program was created by Peabody and her colleagues who looked at the current brain health crisis and decades of advances in neuroscience, medicine, and public health as an opportunity to protect and enhance brain health and optimize brain performance outcomes. The American Heart Association states that 3 out of 5 of all Americans will develop a brain disease in their lifetime. “Understanding what causes brain health problems and how best to prevent brain illness remains one of the biggest medical mysteries of our time,” said Bencie. “Especially now—when discoveries related to brain health and brain illness, across the lifespan, are critically needed worldwide. I hope every community member who is contacted will step up to help this team of scientists and our region by participating in this study.”

The Brain Health Initiative officially launched in 2018 with a survey—the Lakewood Ranch Brain Health Community Stakeholder Prioritization Survey. The results of that survey informed the development of the pilot study. The pilot study will collect data specifically about how Lakewood Ranch residents function mentally, socially, cognitively and biologically. It will pay special attention to what Lakewood Ranch reported as brain health priorities. Epidemiologist and Research Director of the Brain Health Initiative, Erin Dunn, Ph.D. explained “adult residents of the community will be randomly selected to participate in a confidential online questionnaire and complete a series of cognitive computer games. The survey includes questions about health habits, medical conditions, social relationships, recreational activities and experiences during the COVID-19 pandemic. Those participating will also be asked to share information about health behaviors such as exercise, nutrition, smoking, alcohol usage, sleep patterns, as well as demographic information.”

The pilot study will help researchers capture risk and protective factors linked to brain health across multiple domains. They’ll incorporate key “lessons learned” from other successful community-based, population health projects including the Framingham Heart Study, The Blue Zones and Shape Up Sommerville to identify ways to protect brain health across the lifespan of an individual and at the community level.

In addition to establishing a robust brain health baseline of the community that will lead to greater opportunities for scientific discovery, the goal of the BHI is to recruit brain health scientists, innovators, and entrepreneurs from around the world to also support the brain health of the region. “This program is a multi-generational living lab,” said Peabody. “We hope to gain significant insights into learning the best possible ways to positively impact brain health. After decades of neuroscience research, we have an opportunity to bring hope to this crisis so that the public will be able to use ‘prevention and early detection’ as a viable path to significantly reducing incidence of brain illness.”

Victoria Bendure
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Bendure Communications

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Biodol Therapeutics receives EUR 4.5 million to progress its novel pain medication in a Series A led by V-Bio Ventures

Belgian life sciences VC V-Bio Ventures invests in French Biodol Therapeutics to develop FLT3 inhibitors for the treatment of chronic and neuropathic pain.

GENT, BELGIUM, August 31, 2020 / — It is estimated that 1 in 5 people in developed countries will encounter chronic pain (defined as pain lasting longer than 3 months) during their lifetime. This results in immense suffering and a significant reduction in the quality of life. Despite more than USD 20 billion spent on pain medication annually, efficacy is underwhelming and most patients only ever obtain partial relief from their pain. In addition to the limited efficacy of current treatments, opioid analgesics come with significant dangers of addiction and overdosing. In this context, the search for novel and innovative pain medications is more pressing than ever.

Biodol Therapeutics, a biotechnology company located in Montpellier and Strasbourg (France), is based on the seminal work of Dr. Jean Valmier, Professor at the University of Montpellier and the INSERM Institute for Neurosciences of Montpellier (INM), and Dr. Didier Rognan, Research Director at CNRS and Director of the Laboratory for Therapeutic Innovation (LIT) at the University of Strasbourg. Dr. Pierre Sokoloff, the company’s CSO, is the former director of the INSERM Unit of Molecular Neurobiology and Pharmacology at Hospital Ste-Anne in Paris and former Director of Exploratory R&D for Neurology-Psychiatry at Pierre Fabre Laboratories. Biodol was founded in 2015.

The company discovered that FLT3 (a known hematopoietic receptor) is expressed on sensory neurons and is instrumental in the generation and maintenance of a pain response. The receptor has been shown to integrate signals from both the nervous and immune systems to modulate pain sensation and is emerging as a promising target for drug development. Biodol has identified a novel class of allosteric, highly selective modulators of FLT3, without the safety limitations of classical RTKi. The company will develop these molecules as a next-generation treatment for chronic pain.
Thanks to the investment by V-Bio Ventures, the company now has the means of developing their novel molecules towards the clinic and confirm their first translational data showing the potential in humans. The investment will allow further optimization of the lead compounds and prepare the company for IND filing by the end of 2022.

Fabien Granier (CEO, Biodol):

“We are delighted to announce the investment of V-Bio Ventures. Their knowledge and advice will bring our company to the next level. Thanks to our IP portfolio and following our multiple discussions with pharma, we are now uniquely positioned to finalize the key set of data expected by the pain management industry. Biodol Therapeutics is without a doubt moving forward in providing patients struggling with neuropathic pain the safe and specific treatments they have been waiting for.”

Ward Capoen (Principal, V-Bio Ventures):

“The neuro-immune interface is an exciting new area for therapeutics, and we strongly believe that the next generation of pain therapeutics will come from this direction. We are very impressed by the work done at Biodol so far and look forward to help the company bringing their exciting new medicines to patients.”

About Biodol Therapeutics

Biodol Therapeutics (, founded in 2015, develops first-in-class compounds for the treatment of chronic pain (CP). Biodol Therapeutics has identified the Receptor Tyrosine Kinase (RTK) FLT3 as a key player for triggering and maintaining the chronic neuropathic pain (NP) state. The company is focused on the development of allosteric inhibitors of the FLT3 receptor for the treatment of chronic pain. Biodol Therapeutics already owns the exclusive rights on a portfolio of 4 patents. The company has been supported by BPIFrance, Satt AxLR, Inserm Transfert, Region Occitanie, the French National Research Agency, SEMIA Incubator and Montpellier Business and Innovation Centre.

About V-Bio Ventures

V-Bio Ventures ( is an independent venture capital firm specialized in building and financing young, innovative life science companies. V-Bio Ventures was established in 2015 and works closely with Belgium-based VIB, one of the world’s premier life science institutes. The fund invests throughout Europe in start-up and early-stage companies with high growth potential focusing on technologies that provide transformational improvements in the biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical, diagnostics and agricultural sectors.

Cabinet Carrel advised Biodol Therapeutics and V-Bio Ventures on this funding round.

Ward Capoen
V-Bio Ventures
+32 476 33 68 77
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Automotive Smart Key Fob Market Growth Report 2020 by Supply, Demand, Sale, Price, Revenue and Forecast to 2025

A new market study, titled “Global Automotive Smart Key Fob Market Professional Survey Report 2019”, has been featured on WiseGuyReports.

PUNE, MAHARASTRA, INDIA, August 31, 2020 / — Automotive Smart Key Fob Market

This report focuses on Automotive Smart Key Fob volume and value at global level, regional level and company level. From a global perspective, this report represents overall Automotive Smart Key Fob market size by analyzing historical data and future prospect. Regionally, this report categorizes the production, apparent consumption, export and import of Automotive Smart Key Fob in North America, Europe, China, Japan, Southeast Asia and India.

For each manufacturer covered, this report analyzes their Automotive Smart Key Fob manufacturing sites, capacity, production, ex-factory price, revenue and market share in global market.

The following manufacturers are covered:
ZF Friedrichshafen
Hyundai Mobis
Mitsubishi Electric
Calsonic Kansei

Request Free Sample Report at

Segment by Regions
North America
Southeast Asia

Segment by Type
Passive Keyless Entry Systems (PKES)
Remote Keyless Entry System (RKES

Segment by Application
Entry-Segment Vehicles
Mid-Segment Vehicles
Luxury-Segment Vehicles

View Detailed Report at

About Us:
Wise Guy Reports is part of the Wise Guy Research Consultants Pvt. Ltd. and offers premium progressive statistical surveying, market research reports, analysis & forecast data for industries and governments around the globe.

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Dr. Tolu Adeleye, Executive Coach, has Relaunched New Patentable Leadership Podcast for Equipping Executives & Leaders

The New Patentable Leadership Podcast has relaunched

Patentable Leadership Podcast Logo

Host of Patentable Leadership Podcast- Dr. Tolu Adeleye

Patentable Leadership Podcast equips a new audience of STEM (Science, Engineering, Technology, Maths), biotech and pharmaceutical industry professionals

In the new normal world of today, professionals need to be able to retool their leadership and reinvent their professional brands on a continuous basis in order to experience fresh & sustained growth”

— Tolu Adeleye, PhD

VICTORIA, BC, CANADA, August 28, 2020 / — Wholesome Career Living Inc. is proud to announce the relaunching of its podcast- Patentable Leadership to a new audience of professionals.
The new format of the podcast will equip mid-career professionals and business executives in the STEM (science, technology, engineering, mathematics), biotech and pharmaceutical industries to maximize their unique leadership construct.

‘In the new normal world of today, professionals need to be able to retool their leadership and reinvent their professional brands on a continuous basis in order to experience fresh and sustained growth’ says Podcast Host Tolu Adeleye, PhD.
Patentable Leadership Podcast provides empowerment and inspiration for professionals to do this’.

The podcast is an educational-interview-case studies style podcast that provides practical strategies and actionable tips explained through engaging conversations and eye-opening stories.

Through featured interviews with leadership experts and movers and shakers of the STEM and biopharma industries, Tolu equips you the leader to use your unique leadership make-up in new ways through a process of recombination of pieces of your personal, professional and educational backgrounds.

You will glean insights on how to use these new combinations to create new career opportunities, new leadership positions, new business offerings, new partnerships and new profit vehicles. The ultimate goal is that you the listener will achieve astounding well-rounded success in your business and life.

New episodes of Patentable Leadership Podcast will air every Monday.
Leaders and professionals are encouraged to subscribe to the Podcast so that they do not miss any of the featured interviews or insight-filled teachings on timely leadership topics.
Listen to the New Patentable Leadership Podcast on Apple Podcasts and your favorite podcast portals.

About Wholesome Career Living Inc.

Wholesome Career Living Inc. exists to provide leadership development and career growth consulting to organizations and groups of career practitioners so that they can succeed in their mission whilst creating a
worthwhile legacy.

Dr. Tolu Adeleye
Wholesome Career Living Inc.
+1 250-744-2159
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Podcast Host Tolu Adeleye, PhD introduces the New Patentable Leadership Podcast

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Gravis Develops and Launches a 320 Character P2P Texting Platform For 2020 Political Campaigns

Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing

WINTER SPRINGS, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2020 / — The newly launched Gravis peer-to-peer texting platform makes reaching out to voters easier than ever with a simple solution for direct communication between campaign workers and the voting public. Strategically organizing a get-out-the-vote campaign requires a significant amount of planning and communication from the campaign, and peer-to-peer texting makes it easier to directly reach your targeted audience with the real-time messaging that you need to give your base the information they need to take action.

The new Gravis P2P texting platform features a 320 character peer-to-peer texting capability, giving your campaign the space necessary to send out single messages that are packed with as much information as possible.

Having real people texting real people matters in today’s campaigns. While there are plenty of campaigns that utilize bots to get out messages and imitate communication, those who are interested in helping the campaign are not going to fall for those tricks. To mobilize your base you need genuine connection and communication between those who are organizing and those who can get out and do the work, and peer to peer texting platforms helps to preserve privacy while encouraging direct communication between campaign workers.

The Gravis P2P messaging service makes it simple to set up a streamlined two-way communication between your campaign and the public, giving people the option to reply to text messages and ask questions to help mobilize your base. This means that there are real people who are sending real messages to other real people, using real phone numbers that are generated on the spot to prevent personal information from being shared unwillingly. This level of personal communication is likely to help your audience engage, rather than dismissing messages as spam and sending them to the trash. With the Gravis peer-to-peer texting platform, you can feel confident that your base is getting reached, that your organizers are getting support and that your campaign is getting the publicity it needs to move forward.

About Gravis Marketing

Gravis Marketing is a 10-year-old company with an A+ rating with the BBB. Gravis is a full-service political advertising company specializing in public opinion polls and P2P texting. For further information or comment Gravis Marketing 920 Belle Ave Suite 1330 winter Springs Florida 32708 Contact Doug Kaplan 800-371-3229 or via direct email

Douglas Kaplan
Gravis Marketing
+1 800-371-3129
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Integral BioSystems Charitable Hand Sanitizer Project Completed

Integral BioSystems, Fisher Scientific and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council teamed-up to supply hand sanitizer to local non-profit organizations.

It was a real pleasure doing this project to benefit non-profit organizations.”

— Dr. Shikha Barman

BEDFORD, MASSACHUSETTS, US, August 28, 2020 / — Bedford, MA – August 27, 2020 – With Boston-area Integral BioSystems LLC supplying the technical know-how and production capability, Thermo Fisher Scientific, through its Fisher Scientific division supplying all of the ingredients, and the Massachusetts Biotechnology Council (MassBio) offering planning and logistical support for the project, 420 liters of hand sanitizer were produced and distributed to local non-profit organizations in need.

The Integral BioSystems staff, led by CEO Dr. Shikha Barman, started working in May 2020 to produce 400+ liters of hand sanitizer and distribute it to local non-profit organizations in need. This goal was achieved by August 2020.

Special thanks go out to Jason at MassBio, Jane at Fisher Scientific, and Anne-Marie, Helice, Akshita, Grace, Fei and Koushik at Integral BioSystems.

About Integral BioSystems
Integral BioSystems is a specialty drug delivery contract research organization that offers an integrated, practical approach to formulation development projects for both small molecule and large molecule drug candidates. Offering contract services to pharmaceutical companies to develop drug products through its CMC offerings in analytical method development, formulation development, process development, scale-up and technology transfer, the company also partners with pharmaceutical companies to co-develop products based on its proprietary pharmaceutical delivery systems.

With Dr. Barman’s guidance, the Company has developed numerous dosage forms for many delivery routes. Integral BioSystems has a translational approach to drug development, customizing delivery systems to achieve the biologically effective objectives of the therapy. Dosage forms are customized to achieve sustained release or targeted, tissue-focused delivery or fast-release/instant delivery, depending upon the desired product attributes.

For those seeking to develop a formulation for a new drug substance, a 505b2 product or a generic drug product, Dr. Barman will be happy to answer questions about the suitability of Integral’s recently patented drug delivery platform technologies, NanoM™ and OcuSurf™, for your particular application.

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Jeff Hawks Explains the Latest Tech Available to Farmers

Jeff Hawks Nebraska

Farmers Have Access to More Tech Than Ever, as Jeff Hawk Explains

LINCOLN, NEBRASKA, UNITED STATES, August 28, 2020 / — The farming industry hasn’t evolved dramatically over the past few decades. While many industries were quick to get updates due to the technology, the farming industry continued the way that it always has – through manual labor. Now, there are new technological innovations that are helping farmers manage their land and yield more crops. Jeff Hawks is an engineer that has focused a significant amount of time on robotic systems for farming applications.

Jeff Hawks received his bachelor’s, master’s, and Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Growing up on a farm, he has always had an interest in how to deploy robotic technology that is capable of assisting agriculture and farming needs. He understands the scope and requirements of robotic systems so that it offers the desired level of assistance.

Over the years, Jeff Hawks has helped to develop autonomous and semi-autonomous robots. Wheeled robotic systems can be used to help farmers navigate the land. It makes it easier to analyze what’s going on without an individual having to walk the property on their own. Further, through the use of various sensors, it can identify the level of moisture in the ground, the amount of heat that the crops are getting, and more. Even photos and videos can be generated so that farmers know what they’re dealing with, Jeff Hawks explains.

Robotic systems are the future of agriculture. While they can be an initial investment, the information and analysis that they are capable of are well worth it, Jeff Hawks explains. Currently, farmers may spend thousands of dollars working with professionals who can analyze irrigation needs, drought conditions, pest control issues, and more. Those professionals will use drones and other tech to provide the information.

Using the latest tech with wheeled robotics and autonomous sensor platforms, farmers are able to get the data that they need on their own. The robotics can be programmed to navigate the property, collect samples, and show farmers what they need to know. It allows farmers to take greater control of their property. It allows for a higher level of self-reliance, Jeff Hawks explains.

In many instances, Jeff Hawks explains that the investment in wheeled robotics can actually save money. The cost of having professionals come out and analyze a farm can be expensive. If a farmer is having similar issues repeatedly, it can lead to multiple visits and more expenses. Or, as Jeff Hawks suggests, the robotic systems can provide the analysis so that a farmer can take care of the problems on their own.

Dr. Jeff Hawks continues to explore new ways for robotic to have a positive impact on the farming and agricultural industry. With his background in farming, he is uniquely qualified to consult on an array of projects.

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