Zorpro Releases New Products That Can Detect Fevers And Help Prevent The Spread Of The Coronavirus

Zopro Temperature Scanner

Zopro Temperature Scanner

Zopro Body Temperature Scanner

Zopro Body Temperature Scanner

Body temperature scanners have been produced by Zorpro to fight the spread of COVID-19

COTTONWOOD HEIGHTS, UTAH, USA, July 31, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ — Zorpro has developed new products that will help reduce the spread of COVID 19 by detecting fevers and keeping public places safer. Many government places and large companies have already purchased their products and have publicly praised them. Zorpro has quickly gained a reputation for being the number one place for Security Metal Detectors & X-rays amidst this pandemic.

Earlier today Zorpro released this statement "we are committed to helping businesses prevent the spread of coronavirus. During these unusual and quite frankly unprecedented times we have all needed to adapt, some more than others. Many of us have become used to taking our health for granted and this new world that has been forced upon us has been a real shock to the system. These machines, however, can bring some peace to people that their health is not only being considered but a top priority".

Are you an owner of a business that sees thousands of employees or customers come through the door every day? If the answer is yes to this question, the chances of someone amongst these people having symptoms of coronavirus are high. Not only can we not rely on the honesty of someone to report these symptoms or simply recognize their responsibility they should have towards other people. Not all symptoms are blatantly obvious. Such as a rise in temperature.

Zorpro's new body temperature scanners will help improve the safety of your organization dramatically. These are state of the art machines that are high in demand. So, what can you expect if you purchase one of these products?

The Zortemp 1000 integrates a professional IPS screen with an embedded high-precision infrared temperature sensor that can easily calculate your temperature. Users only need to position their wrist or forehead near the monitoring point and the machine will be able to identify their temperature easily and accurately. So after the temp-value is auto-distinguished, the gap does not fluctuate and the stability is excellent. To know non-contact estimation and screening, it should be aimed at large audiences in public areas.

Unexpected high temperatures can be identified and will be able to warn you promptly of any potential risk to assist the regulatory department in enforcing quick action and emergency steps to deter virus epidemics in public places.

You can make use of the Zorpro Thermometers to better spot people that are ill and have fevers.

It’s specifications:
-Colour Available: White
-Weight : 26kg

It’s Features:
-Non-contact Identification of 5 ~ 10 cm, immediately clean the hand
-7 in IPS Screen: Clear Temp counts for Check Alarm Passes. Temporary Warning
-Adjustable Temp Alarm. Speech / Visual Warning Level
-live data broadcast f/ standard-Abnormal Temp.
-Export Details via Excel Best Data Analytics File
-It scans easily in 1 sec
-body temp reads correctly to 0.5 Degrees (all alarms will be tested with the 2nd device)
-LCD monitor, showing readings, and scanning detail.
-Get a warranty of 2 Years

I'm sure you are wondering how accurate these machines are. The temperature gauge with a high-quality infrared detector and a customizable emissivity is most likely to provide a precise reading. The best IR thermometers are ±1 percent accurate, but something below the ±2 percent range is still very good!

-Readability: The thermometer will show readable and easy to understand values. When working beneath your vehicle, this well-lit monitor will make things very easy for you
-Warranty: You will be provided with a warranty policy that protects you against flaws in the workmanship.

These machines are also very easy to setup. You don't need to be an expert for sure. The Zortemp 1000 is a total machine, called "Stand Alone." Simply unbox the unit, extract all the packaging material and protective plastics; then plug the unit into the wall and use the power link cable provided. You can plug the Zortemp 1000 into any outlet which provides 110VAC-240VAC. This is very important as these are powerful machines so to avoid any problems make sure you are using the appropriate voltage.

The user interface of the Zortemp is a touch-screen with basic buttons. Click the "Setup" button in the bottom right corner of the screen to allow adjustments. Enter the usual 1234 password, then press OK. You will be then able to change such things like the language, temperature setting, and volume.

Data: The display indicates the number of people going by, and the number of people missing. By simply tapping the X on the right side of the board, you can clear a certain counter. Alarm threshold: Using the arrow keys up and down to choose the temperature at which an alarm will sound. The minimum threshold is 2 degrees above average temperature.

At the front of the Zortemp 1000, is mounted an automatic hand sanitizer dispenser. This handy function makes it easier for anyone who visits the facility to ensure that everyone in the building would have recently washed their hands, therefore helping prevent the spread of coronavirus. Just cup both hands under motion-activated sensors at the base of the dispenser and you will be given the correct amount of sanitizing gel onto your hands. When you have the sanitizing gel in your hands, rub your hands together in such a manner that delivers the sanitizing gel equally between each of your hands. The gel dries easily and there's no need to wipe your hands with paper towels. The dispenser is refillable and has a 1000ML size. It calls for 4 AA batteries.

Step up to the device and keep your wrist from the temperature sensors on the right side of the Zortemp 1000 about 1-2 inches apart. The computer shows body temp and provides an audible succeed or fail indication. It is necessary to remember that if a person has a fever that could need further medical attention, a secondary "scientific" thermometer should be used to validate.

The Zortemp 1000 is designed to operate indoors and in a controlled temperature setting. There is no calibration needed for the Zortemp 1000. At the plant, all temperature sensors are set to show the right temperature correctly. Changing conditions can, however, lead to small changes in how the sensor senses and displays temperature. A comparison of the Zortemp 1000 readings to a diagnostic thermometer is recommended from time to time. If there is a noticeable difference, simply adjust the Zortemp 1000 "alarm" temperature to show properly what you need.

Let’s be honest here. These are, to put it mildly, 'strange times'. These conditions we are living in even at the start of the year would have been unimaginable. I for one could have never imagined something like this would have occurred in my lifetime. The world being in lockdown has taught us many things and if one positive has come from it, it is that we should not take things for granted. These products are now completely necessary and will help keep the area you work in and the customers that use your services safe, and we all know that our health has never been such a priority. By purchasing one of these machines you will be proving to your employees and customers that their health is your priority!

Zorpro continues to work very hard to change the security industry from good to better. Their goal is to provide security equipment (namely metal detectors and X-ray scanners) at all-time low prices without sacrificing quality and performance. They are based in Provo Utah right under the beautiful Wasatch Mountains.

If you head over to their website you will see that they sell walk through metal detectors, Body Temperature Infrared Scanners, and X-ray Machines. Their reputation is unmatched and they have a great customer service team ready to answer any inquiries that you might have.

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