WIMI Hologram AR Achieves International Model Show in Every Mall Through Holographic Projection Technology

LONDON, UNITED KINGDOM, June 21, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ — What is the audience most looking forward to about a fashion show? Long legs, tall and slim figures, "waist fairy" with lots of flesh on the chest and hip, long hair, etc. are all what the audience wants to see. In particular, the annual Victoria's Secrete Show not only make the audience to feast their eyes, but also brings more surprises. WIMI Hologram AR's holographic cloud advertising release system has enabled hundreds of international holographic models to enter the mall for global show. The Victoria's Secrete Show that is too high to reach in the legend relies the holographic black technology to enter ordinary life.

The biggest highlight of the advertisement is the adoption of holographic projection technology. The stereoscopic images are directly projected onto the stage by using a combination of "holographic scenarios + live performances", so that the audience can feel the shocking visual effects without wearing 3D glasses. On the stage, the petals fly as if they are within reach, and with the cool stage sound, the performance of holographic models is integrated with the stereoscopic images, resulting in beautiful and vivid visual experience.

The holographic projection principle is simply to present a three-dimensional effect by floating the images in the air by the optical principle. The holographic space projection screen is a new generation of display equipment, which has many unparalleled advantages such as high definition, strong light resistance, ultra thinness and aging resistance. With the molecular level of nano-optical components: holographic color filter crystals as the core material, the holographic space projection screen is produced by fusing the nantechnology, results of multiple disciplines such as materials science, optics and polymers, and the preparation processing technology with organic materials, inorganic nano-powder and fine metal powder as the raw materials. It is light in weight and contains advanced precision optical structures to achieve a perfect image of high definition and high brightness.

At present, the most commonly used light source for holographic projection is from the projector, because the brightness of the light source is relatively stable, and secondly, the projector also has the function of magnifying the image, which is very practical as a holographic projection display. The holographic projection technology brings magnificent images to the audience and introduces the audience to another world. The holographic projection technology breaks through the traditional limitations of sound, light and electricity. It has the characteristics of bright spatial imaging colors, high contrast and definition and strong sense of space and transparency. It not only produces stereoscopic illusions in the air, but also enables illusions to interact with performers to complete the performance together, producing shocking performance effects.

Holographic projection technology is a high-tech technology popular in recent years. The holographic stereo projection is realized by principle of polarization of light, that is, using two projectors to simultaneously project images and polarization directions of the polarizers in front of the two projectors are perpendicular to each other, making the polarization directions of two polarized lights produced are also perpendicular to each other. The polarization direction must not change when the polarized light is projected onto the dedicated projection screen and then reflected to the position of the audience, and the audience can only see the corresponding image of polarized light through each of the polarized glasses, thereby generating a stereoscopic feeling in the visual nervous system. This new interactive display technology integrates decoration and practicality. The display is completely transparent when there is no image, and gives users a new interactive experience. It has become the most fashionable product display and marketing means today. Nowadays, people use the holographic projection technology to show the integration of culture and technology.

The traditional entertainment is currently facing the issues such as the convergence of models, high degree of homogenization, the need for new technical means and the introduction of new gameplay, while the new technologies are bound to enrich the possibility of player interaction in the game. In recent years, with the maturity of AI technologies such as gesture recognition, face recognition, speech recognition, the ability of hardware environment perception has been continuously enhanced, and more interesting gameplay has gradually become a reality. WIMI3DAR holographic entertainment combines a variety of audio-visual technologies to solve the practical problems in the industry.

Since WIMI holographic cloud launched the online advertising, it has been upgraded iteratively in technical output. The coverage of WIMI holographic cloud Internet advertising is becoming wider and wider, and there are advertising cases in the industries such as medical care, automotive, finance, real estate, catering, games, home, and fast-moving consumer goods industry.

WIMI Hologram's offline entertainment theater system application is mainly for concerts, song and dance performances, comic dialogue, children's theaters and other places where there are live performances, which also faces opportunities to upgrade. Under the background of the scarcity of the resources of top artists in the country, the WIMI holographic cloud theater system can break through the limitations of time and geographical conditions to meet the spiritual needs of the masses and entertainment culture; at the same time, the holographic restoration of concerts or performances can realize the permanent recycling of data collection, give full play to the copyright value of cultural entertainment programs, and promote the revolutionary changes of cultural communication means.

Digital technology seems to be increasing the dominance of Hollywood's global entertainment video production and sales, and on the basis of exiting advantages, it further expands the distance and gap between it and other video producers through the leading digital technology. Faced with digital technology. The gap between Hollywood's rivals and Hollywood seems to becoming more and more irresistible. Before Hollywood used digital technology to take advantages, the winning ideas and strategies of Hollywood's rivals were to arouse consumers' cultural identity psychology with the logic of "truth" through the artistic expression and depiction of local history and reality, and to resist Hollywood's entertainment consumerism through this kind of psychology. "Avantar 2" is about to renounce the world splendidly, and the naked eye holographic technology will once again make the public amazing. In China, this effect can only be experienced in the theatre in line with the holographic light field. WIMI Hologram AR will surely take the wave of this "Avantar 2" to make the holographic technology even more stunning.

In fact, the holographic technology has been applied on a large scale internationally. China has a high degree of urbanization, and the holographic IP concerts have great potential: based on the price of 100 yuan per ticket, it can be played for 100 years and even 1000 years if it is played for 365 days per city in 31 provincial capital cities with 1000 audience per concert. It has a huge profit compared to the development cost of holographic IP. As a professional holographic content production and development company, WIMI Hologram AR mainly focuses on the holographic development of the intellectual property (IP) type in the entertainment industry, among which, the holographic concerts of deceased singers such as Deng Lijun, Zhang Guorong, Chen Baiqiang, Zhang Yusheng, Mei Yanfang and Chen Jiaju are also with the planning scope. The construction of modular holographic stage with WIMI Hologram AR's technology has become a trend in this field.

The imagination of human beings is endless, and the potential of such technologies is even greater. Holographic images not only can be used for entertainment, art and education, but also has limitless potential for the application in media science, technology design and augmented reality. In any case, the holographic AI technology will change the ecology of concert & theater advertising together, and a more technological era of commercial performance will soon come.

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