World’s Preeminent Environmentally Responsible Chitin Plant Opens in Virginia, USA

Virginia chitin facility opens expected to usher in the chitin economy in the mid-Atlantic for medical, cosmetics, filtration, and food storage industries

The Ross Group (LSE:RGP)

Our sustainable, patented Ionic Liquid extraction process is free from the harsh treatment associated with caustic ‘pulping,’ the Chitin we produce has a higher molecular weight and greater purity.”

— John Keyes

RICHMOND, VIRGINIA, UNITED STATES AMERICA, January 7, 2019 / — Jan. 7, 2019 Chesterfield, VA – The world’s preeminent environmentally responsible commercial Chitin extraction plant is transforming shrimp shells (considered “waste” for landfills) into one of the most important substances for human and the planet’s health.

Mari Signum – Mid Atlantic (recently acquired by Premium Listed London Stock Exchange Company, Ross Group PLC) launched its unique operations on December 27th and promises to showcase the Richmond, Virginia and USA area as the global leader in both “green” chemistry and the source for high grade Chitin and its many diverse derivatives.

Traditional Chitin extraction, called “pulping,” uses a mix of caustic acids and bases whose runoff is environmentally toxic. “Pulping” is largely forbidden throughout the Western Hemisphere.

Mari Signum’s technology uses environmentally benign Ionic Liquids in a recirculating system – a pioneered process developed at the University of Alabama and now licensed to Mari Signum exclusively. This incomparable processing method replaces many industries’ reliance on toxic petrochemicals. The company’s patented technology earned a “Green Chemistry Challenge Award” October 15, 2018 from the American Chemical Society.

“Because our sustainable, patented Ionic Liquid extraction process is free from the harsh treatment associated with caustic ‘pulping,’ the Chitin we produce has a higher molecular weight and greater purity. It’s ideal for the most pressing human health, bio-tech, agricultural and environmental applications today,” said John P. Keyes, Mari Signum’s CEO.

The innovative plant takes shrimp shells once destined for coastal landfill “dumps” and separates out their two structural compounds: Calcium carbonate and Chitin, one of the Earth’s most abundant bio-polymers and biodegradable compounds.

Chitin is non-toxic and has potent anti-fungal, antibiotic, anti-microbial, anti-bacterial, and antioxidant properties. In its many forms, Chitin is key to innovations in medicine, pharmaceutical sciences, agriculture, and mitigation of water pollution. Chitin contributes to a far-ranging spectrum of beneficial applications in human health and environmental benefits.


First identified in 1811 and applied more than a century later to water purification, Chitin-based applications in medicine are at the vanguard of wound-treatment, surgical and organ repair technologies as well as cancer drug delivery vehicles to name a few. In agriculture, the use of Chitin is at the forefront of non-toxic bio-pesticides, bio-fertilizers and efforts to enhance crop yield. Consumer product applications are as wide-spread as biodegradable plastics production, non-toxic and non-allergenic cosmetics’ preservatives, to wine-making and the extraction of uranium from seawater.

“We believe Mari Signum offers a viable, environmentally-responsible means of producing Chitin,” said Victoria White, chairwoman of the company. “At this stage, we may not immediately change the world, but we certainly plan on showing the world how to change.”

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