How Health-Tech Social Enterprise Kiipo is Helping XResearch’s Citizen Science Movement Gain Momentum.

Members from Harvard Medical School’s Center for Dynamical Biomarkers and Kiipo at one of XResearch’s Explore TCM events in 2018.

An inside look at the key developer behind the research platform empowering citizens to support meaningful health research.

BOSTON, MA, USA, January 7, 2019 / — Citizen Science is an area of scientific research that aims to generate notable discoveries by directly engaging with the general public. The XResearch Coalition, a nonprofit organization, utilizes Citizen Science to create important breakthroughs in the medical sector.

XResearch is a collaborative initiative between Harvard Medical School’s Center for Dynamical Biomarkers (CDB), a team who were finalists in the 2017 Tricorder XPRIZE global competition, and Kiipo, a Taipei-based health-technology company founded in 2016. Whilst CDB brings significant academic credibility and research expertise to XResearch, Kiipo has been invaluable in driving product development aspects like software creation and data processing.

“XResearch directly aligns with our company's core belief that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life,” says Kiipo’s co-founder Chris Peng. “At Kiipo we are interested in three broad areas; increasing access to emergency care, creating tools to increase the quality of care, and research and development initiatives to facilitate scientific breakthroughs. XResearch is an example of us pursuing our passions, particularly in regards to research and development.”

Having the opportunity to partner with a group associated with Harvard Medical School has been particularly inspiring for Kiipo. “We have been very fortunate to collaborate with such a notable institution,” says Chris. “It’s an honor to assist this high caliber group of researchers in conducting meaningful work. Both parties have the overarching goal of contributing to a healthier society and this shared desire is absolutely paramount to XResearch operating as effectively as it has.”

During 2018, XResearch has been largely focused on their Explore TCM project. This initiative involves partnerships with tech-giants Huawei and Largan and is aimed at gaining breakthroughs in the subject of Traditional Chinese Medicine through the creation of robust objective mathematical models. Explore TCM has exemplified XResearch’s focus on Citizen Science through the application of crowdsourcing techniques to connect participants with researchers. This focus is further demonstrated through the utilization of a cloud-based system syncing with wearable devices, such as ECGs and wristbands, to empower everyday people to gather and donate their own physiological data to research.

Explore TCM’s first group of participants successfully completing the study in December 2018 marked a proud milestone in a project adding credibility to the notion that Citizen Science is a worthwhile research strategy. “Citizen Science is a fascinating area,” says Kiipo’s other founder Jordan Masys. “Today’s technology opens up so many doors to expand the methodology options for researchers. Explore TCM’s progress shows Citizen Science has huge potential, justifying our plans to maintain this area as a significant focus of XResearch moving forward.”

Kiipo’s desire to pursue Citizen Science and health breakthroughs is further illustrated by their latest nonprofit endeavour, PhysioQ. PhysioQ’s first product is a user-friendly cloud-based data collection and analysis platform for researchers and physiology enthusiasts. It supports a range of wearable devices with the goal of making health research more accessible. “For us, it’s about continuing to explore ways that technology can be applied to assist medical breakthroughs,” says Jordan. “XResearch and PhysioQ compliment each other extremely well. It’s a very exciting time for us all.”

About XResearch: Led by Harvard Medical School's Center for Dynamical Biomarkers, the non-profit XResearch Coalition is a collection of forward-thinking scientists, technologists, and passionate citizens dedicated to furthering health and medical research through large-scale innovative projects. In the spirit of Citizen Science, the practice of public participation and collaboration in scientific research, they look to empower everyday people to contribute in moving health science forward.

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About Kiipo: Based in Taipei, Kiipo is a health-technology social enterprise that is founded on the principle that everyone has a fundamental right to a healthy life. They bridge the gap between cutting-edge medical breakthroughs and people, striving to make the most advanced health technology available to everyone in the world. Their current ecosystem of services includes projects to increase access to emergency care, tools to increase the quality of care, and research and development initiatives to facilitate scientific breakthroughs.

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