The Sage Group Announces Sage Real World Intelligence (“Sage RWI”), A Unique Resource for Product and Market Assessment

Sage RWI is a resource for product and market access to identify unmet needs and value, assess competition, and optimize product profiling and product.

NEW YORK, NEW YORK, USA, September 10, 2018 / — New York, London and Tel Aviv, 10 September 2018 – The Sage Group (, leaders in the provision of strategic and transactional services to healthcare and life science companies, in cooperation with Data2Life (, a leading patient-voice analytics company, is introducing a groundbreaking business intelligence service for the healthcare industry. Sage RWI is a unique resource for product development and market access assessments and analysis to identify unmet needs and value, assess competition, and optimize new product profiling and product positioning.

Sage RWI ( offers our clients the opportunity to trade “guess work” for competitive market intelligence gathered using advanced artificial intelligence and machine learning. Sage RWI’s collaboration with Data2Life builds on their existing market intelligence services to offer “Patient-Centric Digital-Health Analytics”. Data2Life’s expertise relates to the ability to apply machine learning and Natural Language Processing (NLP) algorithms in order to understand and normalize textual inputs issued from a set of medical and social media sources, creating a large scientific ground of factual data-points. This plays a key role in the Sage RWI service offerings.

The surge of patient level data following mandates to adopt and demonstrate meaningful use of electronic health records (EHR) and the emergence of the patient voice on social media are transforming the healthcare industry. The anticipated transition to value-based care requires critical context to measure and apply actual healthcare data in the form of Real World Intelligence (RWI) for a knowledgeable and ‘real’ dialogue with providers and payers.

A key component of Sage RWI is their relationship with Data2Life, leaders in Patient-Voice RWD Analytics. Sage RWI applies advanced algorithms, Artificial Intelligence/Machine Learning technologies, to analyze electronic health records from around the world (EHRs), distill the patient voice in social media, and scan the literature. Exclusive access over 20 years to this longitudinal, real world data (RWD) across all treatment settings (inpatient, ambulatory, diagnostic) produces unique perspectives for Sage RWI clients.

The Main Sage RWI Service Offerings
The RWD report and literature profiles
Exclusive, customized, rapid turnaround, economical RWD report on client’s target competitive arena providing real insights about healthcare practice and outcomes in multiple measures:
– Population Cohort and Patient Characteristics
– Adherence and Switching Patterns
– Concomitant Therapies
– Distribution of Serious Adverse Events
– KOL Map (influencers, publications, digital presence)

In-depth interviews, survey research, and direct corporate contacts
The Sage RWI report, compiled with Data2Life, is a comprehensive, moderately priced tailored-to-need “critical context research” that incorporates RWD insights in the development of advanced research tools to conduct professional interviews and surveys.
● RWI Brief a ‘passport’ to engage industry leaders and experts.
● Topic Guide for in-depth discussions with KOLs, practicing specialists, medical directors and gatekeepers to obtain insights on market dynamics
● Internet Questionnaire for survey of professionals in the field of interest

Strategic Assessment
Offering therapeutic area expertise and decades of experience in medical marketing and business development, Sage RWI provides comprehensive value creating strategic assessments and recommendations including Executive Value Propositions which clarifies business opportunity for investment decisions, Medical Needs Analysis which drive development priorities for best market entry, Breakthrough Strategy which defines competitive advantage for differentiation and positioning, Market Access which determines the ‘value messages’ necessary to overcome gatekeeper hurdles, Portfolio Value which establishes the value/risk contribution of various pipeline strategies, and Go-to-Market anticipates sales and marketing resources for optimal reach and penetration.

Leading this endeavor for The Sage Group are highly experienced industry executives:

Harris (Jeb) Gollin is a Health Economist with over 30 years’ experience in the pharmaceutical industry. Jeb has attained senior management positions with major companies in strategic business intelligence and portfolio management.
Bob Nance is an experienced sales and marketing executive and a consultant in market research, strategic planning and strategic transactions with over thirty years of experience in pharmaceuticals, diagnostics and consumer products.
Data2Life founded in 2014 is powered by professional and technical teams across the Machine learning and Data science spectrum. The company is led by its two founders with a track record of success in Health IT entrepreneurial endeavors and know-how to make sense out of the BigData.

Jeb Gollin, Director of Sage RWI stated, “We are delighted to announce the Sage RWI program. Our collaboration with Data2Life based on our mutual experience over 20 years is highly innovative and able to deliver the data and tools to make strategic product and market decisions. We believe this offers our clients and partners a great opportunity for market leadership based on real world intelligence.”

Bob Nance, Head of Sage RWI’s Client Services Team, stated, “Our new Sage RWI service has been developed in response to strong market interest and demand in real world data analytics to enable strategic decisions in an increasingly complex market. We believe our work with the Sage RWI platform provides an excellent opportunity for our clients to gain competitive advantage in the fast moving field of healthcare intelligence.”

About The Sage Group and Sage RWI

The Sage Group is a senior-level health care, technology oriented, strategy and transaction advisory firm formed in 1994. The team of highly experienced healthcare executives has substantial strategic, analytical, and hands-on operating experience in the clinical, regulatory and product development disciplines as well as extensive backgrounds in licensing (in and out), corporate partnering, and M&A. The Sage Group Principals have worked on more than 300 transactions with its clients over its existence
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